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Touche Bioware :P

well i temporarily canceled my subscription to Star Wars. I'm just a little busy with work and when i play games i've been playing other ones - namely Battlefield 3. Though i do 100% want to return to this MMO, as i am actually enjoying it.

well i got this message today that made me laugh and put a smile on my face.

"NeoGuardian, you've already gone through a lot together so don't let Aric Jorgan down. Log back into the game to continue your discovery of the galacy with Orachul or another hero"

Now for those of you who don't know, Aric Jorgan is my first and main companion for my Trooper character. I've gotten other companions but Aric is the one i travel the most with.

I've always liked Bioware's companion characters (at least the vast majority of them), so them emphasizing this does tickle a bit of amusement for me.

Of all the MMO's i've played in the past Star Wars has been the best one, but i got PS Vita, Syndicate and Mass EFfect 3 coming up. but when i finally hit the duldrum period i'll break out Star Wars and continue on my quests in a galaxy far far away.

Back to Being Single... Again


still on this trip, another 24 hours and i will be back at my college campus dorms. For some of you who follow my blogs and posts, i've been in a relationship for little over a month now - for the first time - with another guy.

well it came crashing and burning yesterday in a pretty ugly way, part of it my fault. but at the same time not feeling sorry at all.

Let me take you back for as second.

Anthony and I and one of our mutual friends, Lyn, decided to go on another group tour together, this time in California and Nevada for 10 days. Something you should also know, Anthony and Lyn are both Chinese and speak it fluently.

Now things between him and i came to a snag about 5 days in on the trip, basically made a really s-hitty comment about the relationship that put me off. That night i was still in the quiet upset mode and just decided to hit the bed early.

The next day went, with very little said between him and i, but we had a rather long chat that evening. It SEEMED to me we had made up, it seemed like we were doing really well for about two days. For two days it was like we were back to our old habits.

Now yesterday was a day our tour was scheduled to go out to the Grand Canyon, a 5 hour drive - one way - to the canyon and then back to the same hotel in Las Vegas. Anthony and I decided it was a great idea for us two to just spend another day in the city.

we slept in, woke up, had a bit of fun and then as we were laying there doing light chit chats, I asked him what his future plans were. and this is where he f**** up.

so he tells me he plans on studying abroad in Holland for a year with Lyn. He also then tells me, Lyn asked him why i was acting so quiet that one day and they both agreed that they he could do much better than me. Telling him that they're are much cuter guys to be had there. (remember he tells me this).

Now I ask him, "When was this exatly?" and he tells me it was that same night I thought we made up, while i was in the room with them.

Now you see... when Anthony or Lyn speaks to me they speak in English, when they speak to each other it's always - and i mean always - in Mandarin. often little jokes and giggles over things. and up until now i never thought anything of it, opting to think the better of my friends.

i freeze up, a mixture cocktail of flared anger and shame, and I pushed him away from me. Seething, and barely looking at his face, i regain my composure and tell him its best we just spend the day seperately. We still HAD to meet up for the tour as we had a Las Vegas show to attend, and because i'm part of their group i am assigned seating with them. All the while they're chit chatting and having their laughs.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, Anthony asks me what is on my mind. I reply "you really wanna know?"

Anthony -"yes"

Me -"I think everytime your talking to Lyn in Mandarin, i can't help but think your having your little laugh on me, at least for part of your conversation. Maybe i'm paranoid, but tell me... am i wrong?"


Anthony - "Lyn did say somethings... i really shouldn't say...but she is concerned that you hate her now.... it was my mistake for being honost"

*i give him a 'wtf are you saying' look*

me - "i'm not two faced... i don't crack jokes about you behind your back, or right in your presence in another language"

From that point on his demeaner changes and he begins to hum a little Hmong folk song to himself. I ask for the room key, they go up to the room together, and i went to let loose my stress. Was gone for nearly 3 hours, came back at 1 AM at night.

Rode the crazy ass rides on top of the Stratosphere, had dinner at the fancy Italian restuarant, took a walk around the casino checking out the machines. had a nice fat cigar even - and i mainly only smoke cigars to relax.

When i came back, we (me talking to either Lyn or Anthony) spoke very little, Anthony made mention they were concerned if i was even going to come back. I made mention, if it were anything worse, i'd of taken my things and left.

It's just been one day, still licking the wounds. it's not so much just a break up, but add the sense of betrayal, the sense of just being a joke.

I have barely spoken a word to Lyn, and Anthony and I are chit chatting a little bit. He obviously has something on his chest he wants to say, but if he's looking for an apology for my cold behavior.. umm not happening. but while things seem to be improving, any sort of verbal or physical show of affection is completely gone. Even my words now are strategic and keep the discuession shorter then usual. In a small strange sense i still really like him, but now it's just at arms length. keeping my distance.

So there it is. Do you guys think i'm over reacting or what?

My GOTY for 2011

well.. the big games of 2011 are all out and i've played more then a few amazing games this year. And i thought it was going to be Batman : Arkham City. but it turns out my GOTY is easily.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This has to be the most - great - content filled game i've ever played this gen. and it cought my totally by surprise.

This year has been full of surprises for me. and with regards to this game. The past few months, my friends have been hyping the hell out of Skyrim. and having only played Oblivion, and gotten bored with it on like 3 different attempts. I was nowhere near hyped or excited at all.

Due to some gaming-friend peer pressure, i obliged and picked up Skyrim. But.. But i did not want to start it until i had a good chunk of time.

Last week Thursday i managed to finish up my last college papers.

I figured i would get bored..

and what happened?

5 hours became 20 hours.

and right now my save has 50 hours play time. and all i've finished is only one quest line, and i have done several... several smaller side quests. Things that have no main story line to them. Like going into each city and trying to be the Thane in that city. So far i've achieved the title of Thane in Whiterun, Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold.

While i think the graphics and gameplay fixes are a nice upgrade. I think what is drawing me into Skyrim more then ANY Elder Scrolls game in the past, is the sense of ambience of the world. There is so much content in the world, so many places and things going on. It is a treat to just wonder the country side.

I love that the cities actually feel like cities. and the way they are varied from one another.

Now this is not a spoiler but rather it is a testament to the flexibility of the games design. In my run - where i usually make choices based on what i'd choose in that world - I sided with the Empire.

The first region and city you take is Dawnstar. Now previous to taking Dawnstar i was partially done with getting the title of Thane. After i helped take over the region in the name of the Empire, the old jarl - king - flees the city and is replaced by a new jarl. Now i was worried for a moment. Would this new Jarl just go with it. Turns out yes.... All previous quests you were doing here still work.

And this is just one very small detailed aspect.

Now i got some papers to correct and i'm going back to run around Skyrim some more.

Since i got on PS3 i'm experiencing stuttering lag but it comes and goes. On rare occasion the game will freeze, forcing me to restart the PS3. The worst glitch though is one dragon that is stuck flying backwards - yup i got that one. Hopefully the patch will come soon and fix that up.

Gonna go help out those mages in Winterhold and fight for the Empire. Legionnaire's!

A Good Thing

Just gonna keep this as a short little blog comment.

I think for the last month i've completely avoided the religion topics on Off Topic.

Maybe it's my age, maybe it's where i'm at in my life, and maybe its that this whole "argue religion" has - for the most part - run its course.

Every knee jerk anti-religion or anti-athiest commentary or rebuttal is expected and the same sort of counter-arguements are made. and so on and so forth.

In any social commentary or topic that could lead to social commentary there is the "get rid of religion" comment. Usually fairly early on in the thread, and without fail as well. and chances are because of it - will derail the thread. At least it has a good chance of doing that.

and in terms of my enjoyment of this site, it has greatly elevated recently. Just avoiding it all together.

In fact MOST of what i've chatted on this forum in a long while now has just been fluff topics on Off topic, and games related.

Just got much more interesting things going in my life right now then waiting for the next religion/politics rebuttal to keep an arguement going.

so what have a been doing with my time then?

As far as my non-fiction reading has been i've been reading two large books. One on the history of the Arabs, and another going into details of Islamic life during Midevil times.

fiction reading, i got the first four Game of Thrones books and i'm still reading through the first book.


  1. Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword
  2. Battlefield 3
  3. Batman : Arkham City
  4. Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
  5. Assassin's Creed : Revelations

and lastly, but not least of which is something going on i'd like to save for my next blog.

Russians Are Behind It All

Thought i'd write this blog with a different angle on it

(It's always lead by this guy)

Seriously now, in the realm of modern day action day or modern day first person shooter's. Am i the only one getting sick and tired of having the Russians be the enemy. Let me just list off a partial list of games where the Russians are the main antogonists in the game. Game doesn't have to be a story driven one iether, just the Russians are the bad guys:

  1. Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
  2. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
  3. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
  4. Call of Duty : Black Ops
  5. Battlefield : Bad Company
  6. Battlefield : Bad Company 2
  7. Battlefield 3
  8. Battlefield Play4Free
  9. Vanquish
  10. Ace Combat : Assault Horizon
  11. Ghost Recon
  12. Splinter Cell : Conviction

and i'm sure i'm forgetting others.

Now i should mention i know WHY the Russians are always pitted as the enemy. These games are generally aimed and marketed towards the Western audience, and the Western World knows it's muscle and strength is the United States. hence the US will play the protaganist good guys. Russia is the only real-world existential threat that the West has had to deal with since the end of WWII. Hence they automatically get placed on the bad guys.

I wouldn't have a problem with this if it were not so overly used in so many modern day setting war games. Not to mention in games like Ace Combat Assault Horizon the primary motive behind the Russian bad guy is idiotic and childish.

Remembering the first time i played Vanquish i literally rolled my eyes and laughed a bit when i figured the bad guys were the Russians. " it's Russians In.... Space!!".

I actually miss the days when game developers would TRY to make it interesting. Battlefield 2 didn't have a story to it, but the fact that the two other opposing groups were not Russians or simply "Terrorists" i found refreshing. In Battlefield 2 the two other sides were the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition - which was basically all the Arabs and Iran joining together.

I understand that it may seem really insignificant to complain about such a thing, but after a while it makes the genre feel very tired. And the reason i love modern day shooters over most other time-periods, is that you can have a realisitc experience while having some fun making your own history.

It reminds me of that whole fuss over Medal of Honor, when Danger Close went and renamed the Taliban into "OpFor" - which is short of Opposing Force. the medium feels it can't dabble in anything but continuing to play on Cold War feelings. and it shows in the stories, the motivation behind Russian villains actions are so cliche and tired. No imagination, no good reasoning for the war. In just four of the games i listed off Russia experiences a coup.

Like i said i feel really tired over it.

I still have not finished Battlefield 3's campaign yet, but even in that one i see exactly why people criticisized it's story. It definently feels like the campaign was written by a focus group.

  • "ok. we are making our first serious modern day shooter, what do we need?"
  • "well... we need to be in the Middle East, help keep the viewer engaged that this is the REAL WORLD"
  • "got it. Iraq, Iran, and terrorists. what else do we need?"
  • "well nukes need to be involved, we need to raise the stakes for the player"
  • "check, anything else?"
  • "the Russians have to be behind it all"
  • "fantastic, this will be the best modern day shoote ever!"

and that is where i will end this little rant.

anyone else tired of it as well?

Fighting the Wii urge.... again

God damn... lately the urge to just pick up a Wii has hit again.

I really need to just pick on up for cheap, there must be a cheap one out there.

I would treat it as a retro console, but of all sort of characters i miss, it's Nintendo and friends.

I mean here is a list of games i'd love to play, new or again:

Wii Games:

  1. Super Mario Galaxy
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  3. Donkey Kong Country Returns
  4. Epic Mickey
  5. Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
  6. Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword


  1. Luigi's Mansion
  2. Star Fox 64
  3. Donkey Kong Country
  4. Super Mario World
  5. Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time
  6. Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask


I seem to just be in a hardware bug lately.

Looking into some new hardware, whether it's saving up for the Vita. Which by the sounds of the pricing for the memory sticks sounds like a terrible entry price. A 3DS, looking into picking up the Wii again, or saving up for a good set of new headphone mic set up for the PS3.


For anyone who follows my blog. what do you think? is a Wii a good addition, granted it probably won't be the main game machine.

Need Recommendation

I just want to ask for recommendation.

I'm in the market for some gaming headphones and mic. Comfortable ones at a decent affordable price.

Just wondering if anyone on here who reads this what would you recommend.

Been meaning to get a better mic and headphone, and Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Assassin's Creed : Revelations multiplayer are good incentives.

Too many damn good games out!


so many damn good games out.

I am currently playing two games:

I finished all the things to do in single player short of the New Game Plus, which i'm going to save for last to get to platinum. Been playing the combat challenges, and while yes they are challenging and frustrating, i really enjoy the fluidity of it. and i am actually really excited for the DLC. sure it's more challenge rooms, but the Nightwing and Robin DLC look pretty sweet. totally picking those up.

Battlefield 3 i have yet to even start the singleplayer or co-op. I jumped straight into the multiplayer. my initial impressions are... it's intense. the tweaks they've made to the game have definently made me have to relearn the tools of the trade. But really... this game is my multiplayer shooter for a very very long time. No other FPS MP i think will do.

In my first round i took a T-90, blew up a GRAWLR truck, and THREE Abrams. two of those Abrams i fought at the same time. I was shouting "WOO!!" at the excitement i was getting. Since the days of Battlefield 2, I have excelled in engineer c.lass (take out and fix tanks) and using the tanks.

Yes there are moments of frustration, but i just started, and i don't have the best equipment either, nor know the maps all that well. so i'm still getting my bearings straight, but there are still those amazing moments i get.

and i do eventually need to get into the habit of actually using my mic.

I must agree with Chris Watters review though, i really wish there was a training simulation for the helicopters and jets. Would really like to be able to fly them. It's part of the reason i really loved Onslaught mode on Bad Company 2. rather then actually PLAY the mode, i just picked up the apache in the base and flew around tried to get my bearings a little bit.

Oh and one other thing. I freaking love that i can choose which server i can go into on the PS3 version. I can filter out the servers and pick a certain map that i wanna play on. That is almost always a benefit of the PC version. I greatly commend DICE for adding that function. I missed it when i was playing Bad Company 2, where it just seemed to drop you in whatever closest server available.

But these two games.. oh man... These two games with maybe Assassin's Creed : Revelations and the PSN games i've gotten recently can hold me over for a few months till Syndicate and Mass Effect 3 hit the ground.

I was planning on picking up the MGS HD Collection and i still am totally gonna play them. and i am hesitant with Skyrim seeing how i didn't really like Oblivion. and i am more then content with these two. I see no reason to spend anymore money.

I do plan on picking up the Uncharted 3 and the next Assassin's that is for sure. but Batman and Battlefield 3 will liekly still be the big main games i'll playing for a long time to come.


That Was... Unexpected.

Ok. Just for the record it is 4:30 AM as i begin typing this.

So lemme tell the story and see what you guys think.

It is 12:00 AM and i'm heading over the cafeteria to pick up some late night food, as i'm walking this taller skinny asian with rather long hair follows up behind me. Now i only catch a glimpse of the person and then i do a double take. it looks like one of the cute Asian girls i'm friends with.

Turns out he's an exchange student from Hong Kong.

Continue on, get in line to make my order when he is right behind me. Doing what i sometimes do, i start up a chat starting off "you look familiar, like a friend of mine here" and he responds "no don't believe we've met". but he says it in a very soft kinda effeminant voice (note not stereotypical). so I start a conversation between him and I.

Now here's the thing, usually i'm just get the food and go back to my place, but i've talked to him long enough and he seems like a really cool guy i ask if i can join him.

We talk about each other's countries, our lives and histories. At one point though i go into sharing my past relationships - just sharing stories and experiences. I ask him about his and come to find he is gay Get to know how is his relationships have gone and in the process get to know what type of person he is.

Before we know it, the time is 2:30 AM. We've been talking non-stop for almost 3 hours. Mostly about relationships.

The thing is, he has a very feminine looking face, and it's kinda reinforced by his long hair, voice, and even his sort of manners and the way he sits. He's not transgendered but he certainly behaves very feminine. and in retrospect i'm sure i was blushing at points in our conversation.

At the end we exchanged numbers and facebook info. Even got a few texts from him before he went off to sleep for the night.

Here's the thing, i have never ever ever felt this way about another man before, and i'm still sorting out the feelings. but my heartbeat rose in the same fashion my heart beat raises when i'm talking to a girl i really like. In a totally unintentional way.

But to surmise my long conversation with him in a phrase. and I have never uttered these phrase in this way before.

Found him to be very cute.

I'm writing this down to collect my immediate thoughts and feelings. But i think i might have developed a first crush.... on a guy. :?

Don't think i'm gay I really do love the women, and maybe one of the reasons i'm liking him is for the femininity of his behavior.

I mean gosh.. even the way he laughs. Think of the Japanese anime chick giggling - yeah.

k feeling a bit weirded by this. like i said - has never happend before to me.


Gonna try to get some sleep, see how i feel in the morning.