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Movies i saw in 2012

well 2012 is just about done. and i'm looking back on 2012 on what i saw and what i thought of them.

well in 2012, I saw with grades...

  1. Avengers - A
  2. Men In Black 3 - B-
  3. Brave - C+
  4. Ted - B-
  5. Amazing Spider-Man - C-
  6. Dark Knight Rises - A
  7. Total Recall - C-
  8. The Campaign - B-
  9. Argo - B
  10. Cloud Atlas - A-
  11. Wreck it Ralph - A
  12. Lincoln - A+
  13. The Hobbit - B+
  14. Les Miserables - A+

my grading really is based on looking back, the emotional impact and experience of watching the movie. Really i wasn't expecting Les Miserables to knock me off my socks that hard, i've been to musicals (both contemporary American, and classical Italian) before but i've never seen Les Mis. and Anne Hathaway's performance of I Dreamed A Dream, goes right up there with Frida, and Across the Universe, and very very few others to have ever made me shed tears while watching. The next the play is in theaters i'll make sure to go see it.

My favorites of this year have to be Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Wreck it Ralph and Lincoln, Cloud Atlas, and Les Miserables. each group for very different reasons. nonetheless really really enjoyed them a lot.


Looking towards 2013, i can only think of the big movies that i know i wanna see, but i wonder what movies like Cloud Atlas, and Les Miserables are coming along that will surprise me that i wasn't thinking about a year before...

For me - right now - i'm looking forward to:

  1. Pacific Rim
  2. Iron Man 3
  3. Thor : The Dark World
  4. Great Gatsby
  5. Star Trek : Into Darkness
  6. Man of Steel
  7. World War Z (and i don't even like zombies but it's got me interested)
  8. Elysium
  9. Ender's Game
  10. Frozen
  11. RIPD
and i'm sure i'm forgetting a few others.

So what movies you saw this year, and what did you really like? and what are you looking forward to next year?

I'm so tired today

In my very very long search for work. i've been pushing a lot harder in the past 5 days.

I recently figured out exactly how Linkedin works when it comes to connections. Yesterday i had 52 connections, As of right now i have 123 connection. With 252 pending connection requests. In trying to reach out and talk with recruiters in the oil/gas industry i've fully fleshed out my profile as much as i can despite my limited real world experience. I've had just over 200 profile views and climbing. I've sent over 50 messages to recruiters around the world discussing job opportunities and what strengths i have.

See how well that route works out.

At the same time, i've sent out over 122 job applications. I recently had my resume and cover letters critiqued by some engineer friends, recruiters and HR people. The end result was 3 very different resumes, and one primary cover letter emphasizing things that i DID in my studies and internship. the many job applications were sent out all around the world, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, USA, Canada, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, South Africa, etc. etc. Some of the positions i could easily do and was within my ability even if the job requirement said "12 years". Companies such as - so far - Chevron, Cameron, SABIC, BP, Brunel, Schlumberger,Kintec Recruitment, Orion Group, G2 Recruitment Solutions, Spencer Ogden, Worley Parsons, Laking Aran Moorhouse, Progressive, Omega Resource Group, NES Global Talent, Velosi, Qatar Petroleum, Petrolio UK Limited, and many others.

i'm really sort of at my wits end here, it's been almost a year and nothing. where does someone begin in this industry?

All i can do is just keep plugging away.

Q1 2013 Must Buys

Well it's the end of the year, and i'm looking forward to next year in games. As many of us who still play and in the know 2013 is pretty chalk filled with games. Part of me really thinks this is in anticipation of PS4 and Next Xbox in the fall of 2013.

Anyways these are the games that - as of this writing - we know are coming in the first three months of 2013.

Must Buys:

Sly Cooper 4 : Thieves in Time - Recently at the Black Friday sale i picked up the Sly Collection, a series i've been told repeatedly by friends and gamers online to play through. Having just finished the first game, and about half way through the second game. I am having a blast, i just love the cartoon asthetic and feel to it, and it's something that really stands out to nowadays in a sea of real-gritty type games. I really wish we had more of these types of games, fun games set in a light maybe cartooney universe.

Bioshock : Infinite - I loved Bioshock 1, freakin' loved it. Bioshock 2 i liked, but didn't love. i've tried to go into a media blackout on Infinite, but the more i hear, and read, the more excited i get. I love where Irrational is taking the game, adding in aspects of religious fanaticism, xenophobia, nationalism, and racisim. Things that it appears Irrational does much better then most. and it's the one triple AAA action-shooter game that is on my absolute must buy for Q1 2013.

The Cave - Last year i picked up Stacking and Costume Quest and i loved them, i picked up Iron Brigade and Psychonauts on Steam recently. and while i haven't finished Psychonauts yet, i'm sold. Double Fine has that je ne sais quoi about them. There is heart - as it were - in their games, there is in video-game-land this sort of Pixar-story-telling quality to Double Fine, and The Cave looks about just as off beat and just as good as their previous smaller games.

Tomb Raider - I've never really liked Tomb Raider. when i was a kid i got it that she's a sexy chick, but i never played the games. recently i picked up two of the remastered games on Steam sale but haven't gotten around to playing them yet. Yet, i really like where this is going, and really look forward to playing and adding this reboot to the series.


SimCity - Initially this was a no-brainer pick up, but the more i read the more i am turned-off, the always-online, the insistence on building a specialized city (industry, casino, tourism, commercial, etc) really isn't doing it for me. might change my mind if it comes around.

Crysis 3 - I love Crysis, i love the asthetics, the gameplay, it feels like a universe that can be really good. but it feels a little like Killzone and Resistance. a cool barely fleshed-out realized universe. I had a blast with the multiplayer, the only other multiplayer i'll play for a long time - the other primary is Battlefield series.

Metal Gear Rising : Reveangence - This past summer i'm proud to say i finished and enjoyed ALL the canon Metal Gear Solid games. and not surprisingly Raiden is not my favorite. I would love to play this though, but i'm worried about the PS3 version being buggy as hell given the comments about the demo.

Will Wait for Discount / Rent :

Dead Space 3

God of War Ascencion

The thing i can say about these games is this, Dead Space, is a game series where i've only played story like once through and never touched it again. God of War i really like, but i really feel like i'm done with the series, and all they keep talking about is the mulitplayer aspect, which tells me the story - and God of War is a singleplayer franchise - will be nothing to write home about (more so then in previous titles). Granted i will play these, might even buy God of War when it's cheap, but i will likely just rent them first.

Rest of 2013 Must Buys:

  1. The Last of Us
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Remember Me
  4. Company of Heroes 2
  5. Tear Away / Killzone Mercernary (Vita games)
  6. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Patriots
  7. Metal Gear Solid : Ground Zeroes & 'Phantom Pain'
  8. Watch_Dogs
  9. Metro : Last Light
  10. Tales of Xillia
  11. Prey 2 / Last Guardian / Agent (game with no release, might be 2013 surprise)

Lets Connect! P.S. not an innuendo.

EDIT: just realized how wrong my title can come off. i've been using Linkedin a lot. still working at getting some job in a field i want to get in.

i was thinking about throwing my hat in the sexism arguement again, but a few others on editor-picked blogs already said some good things. Also not after my long angry rant blog-entry i wrote earlier this year. Was really hot under the collar when i wrote it, just infuriated by the nitpicking, meta-arguement, and jumps to conclusion of some characters.


Anyways, i figured i'd see who wanted to add me on their PSN and Steam account. perhaps play together if we are playing the same games at the same time.

I primarily play on PS3, PC, and PS Vita. I got a 3DS, Wii, and 360 but i don't play multiplayer on any of them, just solo-experiences on them.

That said, without further ado.

my Steam ID is : Ghostinshell86

my PSN ID is : NeoGuardian86

just make a note, i won't accept blank request, please let me know in a short message what your screen name is on Gamespot, and i'll make sure to add you.


Make Sure to Vote!

Just a reminder


makes sure to vote! if your an American citizen your given the right to do so. so whether your liberal, conservative, independent or other, get out there and spend a little bit your day to vote. today is the day to make your voice be heard!


As for me, for the first time since i voted in 2004, i'm voting straight Democrat ticket. don't like any of the Republican nominees on the ballots and there are no worthwhile convincing independents that i want to vote for.

so Obama, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Obermueller, Voting No on Voter ID, and Voting No on Banning Gay Marriage.

but whatever your politics may be. again, get out there and vote!


Off tomorrow

Well i'm off to a career fair back at my undergraduate school, really on late notice. I was chatting with a friend who was the community manager at the college on Facebook, and he told me about the career fair happening on Thursday. about 180 companies showing up.

can't miss that. so i'm off.

right now editing up my resume, got my clothes packed and rental car pick up for tomorrow. see what happens.

been also reading the booklet about each of the companies that are showing up.

Holiday Gaming Season and other more important stuff

Alright something besides religion and politics.

It's october, the gaming holiday season has begun. to be honest it's a bit of slim pickings for me this year. But this is what i'm planning on picking up.



Dishonored (already pre-loaded on Steam)


Borderlands 2 (soon gonna buy it) + Mechromancer character class DLC


Spec Ops : The Line (soon)

PS3 & Vita:


gonna take advantage of the 120 Steam deal and snap up Assassin's Creed 3, and Assassin's Creed 3 : Liberation, along with the AC3 gold season pass for all their future DLC


Persona 4 : Golden


Little Big Planet Vita

Those are at least the for sure buys and what i can afford this holiday for my entertainment dollars.


As for more important things, job hunt is really running a lot longer then i'd i've liked but i've finally gotten some call backs to do some engineering temp work, got an interview soon for a 9 month contract. See i got the degrees, some certifications, but i am limited in experience, but i refuse to just take a job outside either of my fields (mechanical engineering or safety) for an important reason. At this stage of my life what job i get, what field i get into will be more of a determinant as to where i go in my career then my degree's will.

'entry' level jobs is a bit of a joke really, it's not really entry when they expect 3-5 or more years of private sector experience, or they want a very specific checklist of speciality licenses. it's an abuse of the term 'entry' really.

in the meantime though, i've opted to also focus spending a few hours each day either sending applications, or studying for the FE exam, fundamentals of engineering exam, also known as Engineering-in-Training exam. It's often suggested to do it in the last year or shortly after graduated, at the time i seriously had my plate full in terms of academic workload and what i needed to focus on. then i went into graduate school. In any case i'm gonna study for it, hopefully take the test in mid-april. An 8 hour long exam to get my self a crucial license that can distinguish myself from my peers.

If i can achieve the FE exam, i'll for sure take the PE exam (Professional Engineer) which can not only make difference in pay, but that i can work almost anywhere nationally in the US or internationally, and offers a lot more push for upward mobility.

Top that off, there are a number of licenses i can work for in safety, such as the CSP - Certified Safety Professional, exam which i can study for and take.

Even as i'm struggling to find a job i'm hoping i can keep up adding more and more licenses and certifications towards my two disciplines.

Persian Poetry

Wanted to share this Sufi Muslim poetry from Omar Kayyam. Who was also a mathmatician, astronomer, and philospher, who also wrote treatise in mechanics, Islamic theology, climatology, mineralogy, and geography.

Kayyam died in the year 1131. Kind of remarkable that such things were written.

so hopefully you find it interesting and get something out of it.


The bird of life is singing on the bough
His two eternal notes of "I and Thou"
O! hearken well, for soon the song sings through,
And, would we hear it, we must hear it now.

The bird of life is singing in the sun,
Short is his song, nor only just begun,
A call, a trill, a rapture, thenso soon!
A silence, and the song is doneis done.

Yea! What is man that deems himself divine?
Man is a flagon, and his soul the wine;
Man is a reed, his soul the sound therein;
Man is a lantern, and his soul the shine.

Would you be happy! hearken, then, the way:
Heed not To-morrow, heed not Yesterday;
The magic words of life are Here and Now
O fools, that after some to-morrow stray!

Were I a Sultan, say what greater bliss
Were mine to summon to my side than this,
Dear gleaming face, far brighter than the moon!
O Love! and this immortalizing kiss.

To all of us the thought of heaven is dear
Why not be sure of it and make it here?
No doubt there is a heaven yonder too,
But 'tis so far awayand you are near.

Men talk of heaven,there is no heaven but here;
Men talk of hell,there is no hell but here;
Men of hereafters talk, and future lives,
O love, there is no other lifebut here.

Look not above, there is no answer there;
Pray not, for no one listens to your prayer;
Near is as near to God as any Far,
And Here is just the same deceit as There.

But here are wine and beautiful young girls,
Be wise and hide your sorrows in their curls,
Dive as you will in life's mysterious sea,
You shall not bring us any better pearls.

Allah, perchance, the secret word might spell;
If Allah be, He keeps His secret well;
What He hath hidden, who shall hope to find?
Shall God His secret to a maggot tell?

So since with all my passion and my skill,
The world's mysterious meaning mocks me still,
Shall I not piously believe that I
Am kept in darkness by the heavenly will?

The Koran! well, come put me to the test
Lovely old book in hideous error drest
Believe me, I can quote the Koran too,
The unbeliever knows his Koran best.

And do you think that unto such as you,
A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew,
God gave the Secret, and denied it me?
Well, well, what matters it! believe that too.

Old Khayyám, say you, is a debauchee;
If only you were half so good as he!
He sins no sins but gentle drunkenness,
Great-hearted mirth, and kind adultery.

But yours the cold heart, and the murderous tongue,
The wintry soul that hates to hear a song,
The close-shut fist, the mean and measuring eye,
And all the little poisoned ways of wrong.

So I be written in the Book of Love,
I have no care about that book above;
Erase my name, or write it, as you please
So I be written in the Book of Love.