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i got it yesterday and its pretty fun and the track editor is fun to mess around with.

worth the small amount of money it costs really.

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Looking forward to play the whole game, looks like it will be on the online shop to, and thats good.

I think the setting and the general feeling of the demo was great, controlls was good and the boss fight was fun.

Ive heard a few complaining on the frame rate and I cannot see what they are talking about.

Im usually very picky with such problems but I cannot see any stuttering in the framerates at all.

Alot of good games comming to the 3ds now it seams.

Castlevania and Monster Hunter is what Im looking forward to play in the near future.

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Im willing to sell my soul if they release it outside Japan.

I love monster hunter tri on wii, one of the best games iv ever played.

Anyone in here besides me who love Monster hunter series and is really excited about the (hopefully) upcomming MH 4 for 3DS :D

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Nile - Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame

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Bought resident evil bundle with the circle pad pro and its amazing.

Did test the demo for Kingdom hearts 3d tho and I think I will have to buy that to hehe... :P

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I have way to many games, but i want more mohaha.

Now, should i get this or resident evil.... Thats the question.

Totally different types of games but hey, i think they both look great.