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Off of violation

Well, I got suspended for some violation (which they didn't let me see, I was just told I had violated, somehow), and now I am back. Odd...

Starting up a more week-oriented blog, question 1

If that makes any sense, grammatically.

But yes, I am going to try to update my blog more often. I've decided to sort of base it on a more question and answer style, such as reviewing a topic, doing this and that, and then using the information, giving all of you, my readers/friends a question to answer. It isn't going to be boring stuff, or at least, I won't purposefully make it so. Sort of like an editorial, but with a little -zing!-, if you understand that at all.

So, I'm not too much in the mood to go into detail, so let's start it off light.

Topic: Commercials.

Commercials. I hate them. They inturrupt shows, bore me, and try to be funny where they obviously are not. Cutting to the chase, commercials really suck. Recently, I've been finding them on youtube. I had to watch a 15 second commercial before an 11 second video. Is it really that important? Commercials should stay off of places like youtube, and in fact, many people I know would rather watch a video on youtube than hulu because of the lack of commercials. Now, the commercials are everywhere. On tv, on youtube, on the sidebar of this website, and hell, sooner or later they will be popping up while I'm reading a book on my Kindle. What's the deal?!

Now here's the question:

Do you believe that commercials should be on websites which we use for recreation, such as, in the middle of youtube, or during a page load on gamespot? Or should they be used sparingly, perhaps being more important each tiny showing instead of being forced down our throats every 5 seconds?

Edit: I wrote this in a short time, and I guess it wasn't too too interesting. I promise next time will be better, I mostly ad libbed this.

Long overdue update

Man-oh-man did I forget about this website. I haven't logged in since last school year!

Well, cutting to the chase, I'm back for now, hoping to be a part of this community again.

Skipping ahead, I've recently found myself becoming an addict of sorts. Not an addict of drugs or alcohol, not even videogames. I just seem to have become attached to things more easily, it kind of creeps me out. Like, for example,

World Of Goo,

World of Goo

Above: Quite possibly the most addicting game ever invented.

Gundam 00

Above: Left to right: Dynames, Exia (blue) Virtue (white) and Kyrios Gundams

and for some reason, Maccaroni. I love it. I can't live without it.

In gaming news, I need a Wii, I don't need WoW, Guild Wars 2, I am still waiting for Huxley, I loathe Nazi Zombies, Halo ODST will be good, CODMW2 will kick gluteus maximus, I need a new GoW 2 copy, and I am the walrus.

Edit: On another note, I'd really like a name change, Sasuke is a piece of crud, and I don't exactly like One Piece the way I used to... a shame I can't change it.

I'm back/new games/whatever

So, I came back... I guess. Not that I was really gone or anything, or that many people give a damn, but hey, here I am.

So, over the last few months, I've been having fun with a lot of games that I don't consider as mainstream as most.

Recently, I picked up Tales Of Vesperia, which from my 4 hour session, is okay, but as of now, just doesn't seem as engrossing as Tales of Symphonia. Though, hopefully it will change.

Alongside ToV, I picked up Skate2 It's pretty fun, but kind of challenging, and I'm too used to Tony Hawk's button mashing.

Also, I got a spectacular DS game, The World Ends With You, which, I just finished the first act, and I'm already loving Neku and his awesomeness.

Then, there's the good ol' Wrath of the Lich King, which has been strikingly boring as of late, though, perhaps PvP will satisfy my utter boredom. Who knows. I'm debating taking indefinite hiatus, but I'm also not.

On another, non game related note, my guitar got trashed, and I can't get it fixed until exams are over, around June 1st. Egh.


wow, hooray WoW (and more stuff)

Good news to anyone that actually reads my blog (Frowny face here)

the honor will NOT be wiped when WOTLK comes out! w00t. all well, too bad my main is more pve specced >.>

On another note, i downloaded the XBLA game "Castle Crashers" and i must say, it is giving me one heluva ride. 26 characters, most with their own little playstyles, and addicting gameplay has torn me away from WoW for some time (WoWname- linaris on dragonmaw, though she isnt too far in raiding, she kicks ass!) and if only they would fix the internet bugs on CC, it could destroy any other arcade game on the market. Multiplayer is the highlight of the game, best played with 4 people, for exhillarating times.

Also, G36C+Silencer+UAV jammer+Bondollier+Dead Silence = win. Major Win

Add me on XBL, ElLanier (dont ask, it has to do wit my last name >=O)