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Halo 3

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Does anyone know when Halo 3 comes out if you do plz tell me and has anyone pre ordered Halo 3.

Obivien & Halo 3

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who plays Oblivien and who can't wate for Halo 3 to come out

well i do and i can't.

i am back

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hi i am back i just could not remem my pass and my dad would not let me on so what have i missed?

Getting more friends

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i have 40 friends now

if you have a AIM and/or a my space plz post them or

my AIM is Legulus5

Rune Scape

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Have you played rune scape? Plz tell me if you know a Legulus5, I own that account and it has been hacked if you know hackers change the passwords to the accounts that they hack and that is what they did to me so now i need to know if you have seen Legulus5 online on 7-16-06 plz i need my account back:cry::cry::cry::cry:

Favorit Soda

by on

what is your most favorit soda or pop in the world:|

Dont you just hate it when a resturont or fast food stor just does not have the drink you want or they have the type that hase the name but a difrent word like Dr.Peb,"i hate that":evil:


my favorit soda is Root Bear

and yes i hate it when that happens  i still get it:P

Future Weapons

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did you know that they are making a weapon that can shoot 1600 bullets in just 1 second and its bullets are like mini grenades ,and are making a tank that lodes itself and everything,and they already made rockets with a air burst mode and a delay mode.The AIR BURST mode is when the rocket blows up in the air about 3-5 feet above the ground, see what it does is whet it blows up and tones of metal pieces shoot out killing basically anyone that is hit but if they are not hit they will die from the heat and pressure.The delay mode is for bunkers and it can destroy a bunker that is really good and then boom gone with anyone in it.
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