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4th game in 3 weeks, Gears 2 now mine.

Yeah, even though im broke i still managed to pick up the Gears of War 2 limited edition. I have to say its the coolest limited edition ive bought. Fallout 3's was allright, but this one takes the cake.

As for early impressions of the game it is very entertaining, its like playing through Die Hard, an all out action blockbuster type of game, so really damn good in other words. The only problem now is deciding witch games to play. I think i'll alternate. But first i'll focus on finishing fallout 3, moving onto Gears 2, and then finishing Fable 2 and far Cry 2 later.

And for the members of the fps and rpg watsee, can someone tell me why everyones been suspended???

Witnessing History

Im happy that ive got to have seen that in my lifetime. Well done Obama, you did well. And well done America for making the right choice.

3rd Blog of the night.

One last blog people. Id like to say good luck to Obama. The man is great, and even though im not American, i think he's great. So good luck Obama, and good night all.

Somewhat Surprising.

Well that was cool i guess, my parents just walked through the door with a new dog in their hands. I dont know if i told many people this before but my last dog died earlier this year when my friend accidently hit him in the head with a cricket bat. I must say that was one of the worst things i had ever seen, and one of the saddest moments i can remember, since i had that dog for 8 years, it was just a horrible thing. But now i have a new dog, called Monty. He's a King Charles Spaniel Cavalier or some s*** like that, but either way, its made me pretty happy. I must admit i was pretty angry this afternoon, i had been sick all day and wasn't in the mood for anyones s***. But now i feel allot better.

Now i'd put a picture up but im just too damn lazy. Im sure i will one day. Anywho im off to play fallout for the night, stay strong.

Got Fallout 3 Early.

Well technically America got it the other day, but its supposed to come out 2moro in Aus. Even EB rang me up yesterday to say it was coming out Friday, but after school today i swung down the street with some mates - we walked past Eb to see it sitting on the "out now" section. So i picked up my collecters edition of Fallout 3 one day early. Ive only been playing it for about 4 hours this afternoon, but i must say first impressions - its one of the best games ive yet to play. Sure some people say it ruined the formulae, and i was a fan of the original games but i think its brilliant. If i'd have to say so - i think it should be GOTY. It wont get it (GTA4 will - even though it doesnt deserve it), but i think its just fantastic.

Anywho, in other news i got my rego papers in, i have to pay the government $750 on november the 27th. Fun.

And in final news, my friend thought it would be funny to get out a pocket knife and play old handy knifey (where you stretch your fingers and you put the knife through the gaps faster and faster). He was only joking, and meant to do it only a couple of times - i didnt want him to, but he had my hand down and went ahead. Of course he stabbed me and now ive got an injured middle finger (at least its funny when they ask witch finger it is). So yeah, bit of a on and off week for me - chow.

2 new games to the collection, and 2 more in the next 2 weeks...2.

Yeah, so yesterday i purchased Far Cry 2 and Fable 2, for a worthy price of $80 (would have been $210 without the EB deal). So now i've got two new games to keep me very busy untill next week when i'll be getting my limited edition fallout 3. And then the week after that gears 2 comes out so i'll be very busy for the next few weeks i guess.

As for Far Cry 2 and Fable 2 i must say they are instantly some of the coolest games i've played. Fables great, and very fun while farcry is a blast, and possibly one of the best games ive ever seen visually.

In lesser great news i got my green slip for my car since i have to pay rego on the 27th of November. It was supposed to be $380, but now the Australian government has decided to add a $100 levi on top of that (yay...). SO now it looks like all up i'll be paying probably $600 - $700 on myy cars rego.

Well 2moro ive got the house to myself as my familys going away for various reasons - sounds like its time for a party.

Well im off to have a great dinner, and just relax, it's friday afternoon, friends is on tv, and i aint got anything to do on the weekend.

Games, AC/DC and more importantly stuff about me.

Okay so reviews are coming in fast and well, so far so good. Firstly fable 2 is getting great reviews, and averaging 9.4. The worst review it's gotten was 8.5 from gamespot. So this is looking very very good. Which got me thinking i have to buy it, but i want to buy far cry as well. Luckily theres a deal at EB, stating if i trade in GTA 4 and Ninja Gaiden 2 (or any high profile game ive got) i can get any game for $20. So that will allow me to get far cry 2 and fable 2 on the same day. As for far cry reviews its averaging 9's, looking great as well. And in the distance fallout 3 has been reviwed by one source, getting 100 out of 100, so that is definately looking good. Anywho thats enough about that.

On Saturday i bought AC/DC's new album and i must say it's there best stuff since the razors edge. it's really great to hear an aussie band still going strong after all these years.

And finally i got my pshyics results back today. I actually didn't go too bad. And since i beat most of my friends i get to bag the s*** out of them untill the next test i fail.

Thanks for dropping buy, c u around.

MGS4 confirmed for 360!!!

No not really. In fact the last rumour was somewhat erased (for info check ravens post in my last blog). So it seems its no (again). But it was a fun period of time. Once again the 360 and sony fanboys got out the pitchforks and went at each other over the net. But alas good times must end and we'll just have to wait for the next rumour for another war.

Anywho in actual news, i worked my a** off today so i'll have some money for the up and coming weeks. Im buying far cry 2 on thursay, fallout 3 when it comes out the week after, fable 2 the week after that, and gears 2 and left 4 dead a couple of weeks after that. That plus my cars bloody $600 rego due in november, ive had to stop wasting money on c*** and save, which has got me in the right direction (saving money wise).

Anywho that was another useless blog, but i was bored - im sorry for wasting your time, good night.

MGS4 to 360 rumours start up (again)...

Yes it's been going on for a while now but a new report from IGN is stating that there is a possibility of MGS4 going to the 360. You can check this out on IGN, it's on the front page, or you can check it out below as follows:

MGS4 on 360 Rumors Gain Ground

A positive report comes out of Japan.

by Erik Brudvig

US, October 14, 2008 - According to a Tokyo Game Show report from Japanese investment research firm Morningstar, Metal Gear Solid 4 may find its way to the Xbox 360 after all. Morningstar published a general article covering multiplatform trends that features a quote from a Konami public relations representative that should fuel rumors for months to come. The rep is quoted as saying, regarding MGS4, "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360." While this isn't a confirmation of it coming, it does lend hope to those Xbox 360 owners who haven't plunked down money on a PS3.

However, this little quote doesn't clear the major hurdle Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has listed for the title coming to Xbox 360. He has been quoted in several interviews saying a port was likely impossible due to the game being optimized for the PS3 hardware, specifically Blu-ray discs.

IGN has contacted Konami's US representatives for a comment and is awaiting a response. The original Morningstar report can be found here.

This sounds a little rumourish at the moment, but with rumours of a blu-ray attachement coming for the 360, things may be closer to the truth than first percieved. Now i'd post what the original report was but it's in Japanese so i doesn't really matter. I'd be quite happy if this was true. I haven't spent long with MGS4 yet, and i didn't really settle into it, so this would give me the chance to fully induldge in the game.

so i didn't really leave and a good day for MS.

Okay so when i came back to say goodbye, i stuck around for a while, and enjoyed myself. So i've decided that im not quite quitting gamespot, and that im gona poke my head in around and then - you'll find me in the unions. So yeah, im back... sort of.

Oh and some good news for MS fans. Bungie finally revealed their plans for a Halo 3 expansion called Halo 3 Recon. Looks to be some sort of griity halo experience, sounds good to me. So new maps, new characters, achievements things are looking up yet again for halo. And i realised i dont really care what halo haters think, to be honest - i love halo and i dont care what you think, its truely a great game.

And more good news. I won't have to miss out on my fav fighter game because tekken 6 has been confirmed for the 360.

So yeah, pretty good day - and im enjoying my holidays, things are looking good these days. Anywho i might see you around.