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Halloween :)

hey everyone, it's been a very long time since I've written a bloggy. But I just wanted to say how much fun I had on halloween. I got dressed up in a hand-made dress a friend made of the priestess in Heroes VI. I went out with some friends to a dress party. Before I went though, I handed out candy for the kids. I was feeling kindof low earlier that day, but the second group of kids that came to the door were so cute. One of them was a sheep, one was a cow and the other was a frog. Probably the cutest costumes I've ever seen. So that made my night and put me in a wonderful mood. After that the night was completely fun and perfect. :) Thanks for reading. Hope everyone else had a good night.

Valentine's day; Worst idea ever.

I figured this valentines day wouldn't bother me. I've been single for about a month now and I'm very happy and comfortable by myself finally. But I'm just feeling like crap today. One of my best friends was talking about how lame this day is. Makes single people feel like crap and makes people in relationships uncomfortable quite often. There are tons of people who have breakups on valentines today. Anyway, that's my rant, I'll be glad when today turns into tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Taking things to personally.

Why are people such jerks? I make a forum about the difforences between FF14 BETA and the official release. I get ATLEAST 4 smart ass comments about how I should "look it up myself". Then when I respond with never having much luck at looking stuff up, I get some more smart ass remarks. What's everyones problem? Anyway, I'm just fed up today. I just don't get what everyones problem is. Maybe I'm just taking things to personally. That's how it normally is. Anyway, that's my rant for today. *turns on diablo 2 tristram music*.

Resident Evil 5

Arg, so I'm house sitting at a mansion playing my friends ps3. I've been playing on his account (RE5) and he suggested us moving in together so I said yes. I figured, well since the ps3 is kindof mine now, I might as well make my own account and play resident evil. Well I can't find many people to play it with. When I go into a game to play, they're always so pushy and you can't even talk to each other and there's barely any voice commands. If anyone is interested in playing it with me let me know!!!! I found out 4 of my friends have the game but... they all have it for 360... what a shame! I loss on both sides :p.

and remember guys... do it like the old spice man.


Ok so. My lease here is up. I'll be moving out tomorrow, packing and everything is such a pain. I'm moving into a really nice, beautiful house with 3 room mates. luckly two of them are girls about my age and the guy is an older creepy guy. Apperintly he's not around much. And hopefully my room mates are into the same kindof stuff I am. But get this, I'm house sitting in a MANSION for 3 and a half weeks. Can you believe that? I know a guy who's Godparents owned it and they asked me to take care of it. One of the reasons is because the cat really liked me. Now you may think that sounds like a crazy reason, but listen to this: I have to wake up every morning at 7am and take the cat for a walk around the gardens. He's on a harness so i put in on a stake after the walk, t hen change where he is every hour or so. Taking him in for lunch and a nap then putting him back out for afew hours. This cat is like a $500 cat, but does he really need to be pamperd this much? Anyway, I don't mind. I have a GIANT room with chandeliers (sadly they're not those old candle ones haha). But I'll have all the lights off and be playing Resident Evil on wii and ps3 with surround sound. I look forward to it :D. The owners are pretty old and don't know much about computer or networking... so they don't know if there's a password on their internet. He doesn't think there is but if i make it there and don't have internet... i can't live 3 and a half weeks without internet!!!! But yes, sometime later in Sept. I'll be moving into my new place, it's gona rock. I get the master bedroom which is as big as a pool almost, no joke, it's REALLY BIG. Well hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Till next time,

Lexine Belmont

Wyvern Slayer!

I've been playing Monster Hunting 3 so much lately. I've talked 5 people into buying it :). I just wooped the Barroth in rank 3 missions. Time for the urgent. A fat fish... now, I've fought this creature online and we've beat it once and failed it once. I think I might have a tough time fighting it. Hopefully it goes alright.

I've decided to have 3 difforent equipment sets. :for Gathering I have the Bone set with the Ludroth's Nail. For intence fighting I chose the Alloy set with the Knights lance. Now this site is excellent. I have some amazing Active skills including "Trap Master, Speed Sharpening, Auto-Guard and Critical Eye+2" Then I have another set which is the Qurupeco Set, which includes the Azure Crest.

Anyway, hopefully you've enjoyed reading this blog. byebye.

Looking for the right people!!!

I've been playing Guildwars and i'm having a horrible time finding people who would want to join... all my friends are lame and don't play games... I got a good friend to join and he's having a lot of fun with it. If anyone wants to try it out totally download it and try the free trial, It's free to play all you need to do is buy the game. Our guild is pretty big on PVP, it's only me and afew close friends, but like i said, we're looking hard to expand and find good loyal members who will have fun with us :). Anyway, I look forward to hearing from anyone who reads this... please give the game a try, i'll help you out as much as i can :)

Happy Easter

Easter is here and it's time to relax with friends and/or family. I wanted to thank everyone for being so nice on gamespot. I've been on for two days and already i've had people post lots on my forums and even on my blogs. When i was a little girl i used to go on Gaia, but people we really mean and rude, so i was a little hesitent about joining gamespot. but everyones been so nice, I really enjoy it here. Anyway thanks again to every and again: Happy Easter.

My first blog! (EVER)

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site starting today April 12th 2009. Ok so I'm playing the first Atelier Iris game and i'm thinking to myself... I miss all those good old day RPG's on the ps2 that i used to love so much. So i figured i'd go on Gamespot, remember all the names of those games, then maybe buy them on Amazon, or Ebay or something. While i'm looking at Phantom brave and Growlanser Generations I figured... Why don't i start my own account so i can do some reviews, because i know a lot of those "Underground" game titles That not everyone knows about. As i logged on i tried to enter a review about Atelier Iris but... as things turn out, i can't do that till i'm level 3, or i pay for an account, Luckly,... the account is really cheap, so i'm thinking about possibly getting one on my birthday. I'm a real big RPG fan. I also love Mario, I've been playing Mario since the NES, like a lot of gamers, But my favorite was always Mario 3, I spent lots and lots and LOTS of time playing that with my friends. Anyway, Like i said i'm just getting used to everything on here... So if you have any advice or would like a friend go ahead and PM me, i look forward to hearing from you guys and talking about games.