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Goodbye all

I'll miss some of you guys.

Haziq, Jayson, Ag, bob, lolag, rcignoni, jordan.

thanks to you guys for being cool.

I'll be taking a leave of absence.

Lately, all I really wanna do is fool around on the forums and not be serious. This site is getting really boring, so I figured to take 5-10 days off. I'll officially be back when I post pictures of my new setup with my X360, my gamertag, and new Tv in my room and everything. I've also been thinking of discontinuing Game Release Countdowns V2.0 and passing it on to someone else. Anyway, so long until then.

-Supreuph, I'll be logging in once everyday to check my inbox about information for the tourney.

Oh btw, 360>>>>>>PS3

Kicked back to level 20.

Hahahaha it was so worth it. Those fad threads were hilarious! It's only a stupid level anyway :P.

rcignoni, alexh, and lolag are my partners in crime!

C'mon Jordan we're pals, you coulda at least let me stay level 21!

No, my God, no this can't be happening.

It... it looks like my Commordore 64, my first ever system, decided to call it quits. :cry:

I still play this an hour a week and now.. it's finally gone. I was really starting to get into Carmen San Diego too.

This was my childhood, memories, and all of that stuff, now gone. There still a few in that case that I haven't even gotten to yet.

I guess all now I can say is, "Rest in Peace, Commodore 64."

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There it is, right there.

What would you do if you won the 10k gaming package?

Okay, so what would you do if you won the 10k gaming package advertised around this site. I believe this gaming package comes with a Wii, Xbox 360 elite, PSP, and a 80 GB PS3. (there are games and a new home theater, but I'm just going to cover the consoles for now.)

Well, since I have a Wii already I would either sell it for around 400$ to some stranger or maybe just give it to my cousins at a cheap price (150$). Unlike Duckman who sold his friend a last gen console for 125$ :P.

Okay with that said, next thing in line is an Xbox 360 Elite. I'm dying for a 360 so I would keep that and stick it right next to my wii, the games and everything are great and it's been the best console (arguably) of this gen so far. I've played Bioshock, Halo 3, CoD 4 at my friends house and they are all amazing. I also want to play Mass Effect.

I'm not really into handhelds so I'd get rid of the PSP for about 150-200$.

Last is the Playstation 3. To me, the Playstation 3 is a useless console this generation with the 360 around. They're both HD and the 360 has better games and better online. Blu-ray would also be usless to me, with all my favorite movies being on DVD and the 360 already offers that. I wuld get rid of the Ps3 for about 350-400$.

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Unbelieveable pain and discomfort. /Kinda a gross blog.

So, I wake up this morning to find out there's no school on account of 8" of snow covering my city. Great right? Let's go back to last night..... I have unbelieveable pain in my right ear. I didn't wanna do anything except lay around, which I did. I went to bed, I woke up 4 times at night because the pain in my ear. In each of my 4 dreams I was playing MoH: H2 which was weird. But that's besides the point. I get out of my bed and walk around. Go to my couch flip on the Directtv and (by this time it's about 3:10 a.m.) and whatdayaknow? HBO was the last channel someone in my family visited. Now, this is HBO at night and when i flipped on TV there was some killer porn on, nothing I haven't seen in real life before 8th grade so wasn't too fascinated. Laughed a little bit, changed the channel. Okay, back to sleep.

*Take caution before reading this section, some nasty stuff man.*

Woke up this morning stoked that there was no school. But this pain in my right ear! Ah, it feels like glass is in my ear! I ignore it for a little while, go on the computer. I feel something itching and tickling in my ear so I stick my finger in it to itch it. Pull out my finger and there was all kinds of nasty liquid on my finder. After I saw this, I ran and took a shower. Came out, cleaned my ears like usual. Pull out the Q-tip and look at it. Blood! And some other liquid stuff! Damn I thought to myself.

So, I go back on the computer and look up why my ear is draining. What came up was that I have a punctured eardrum. I read the sympthoms and causes. All the sympthoms were correct: ringing in my ear, terrible pains, leaking of blood and pus. Next, I went to the causes. None of these causes applied to me. They said people with a punctured ear drum have probably got smacked in the head or fell while water skiing. They said it can heal itself in 2 months or less, but the pain and leaking should die down.

Then, I came down to the last cause on the page. It said, "Sticking a cotton swab up your ear too far." I immadetly know that was my problem. After I take a shower, I usualy stick the cotton swab up my ear canal cause it makes me feel more clean and know I'm not walking around with funk in my ear.

Lesson learned here: Listen to the box of cotton swabs when it says, "Go around the outside of the ear rather then going into the ear canal because this can cause severe injury."

-Oh and on a side note, I'm still in huge pain at the moment.