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Wow! Such a wide variety of games. I personally love the old Commodore 64 days and remember games like Boulder Dash and even this great game I loved called Jumpman Jr. How about some early PC games to like Corridor 7... that was an awesome game... or even the original Doom and or Wolfenstien 3D. I love those old games and even still have some of them here on my desk! :)

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That's the final level, yes? I remember that being quite a doozy. Hated it so much.

There's not much advice to give other than to keep trying, though. It's very specific on the timing of the jumps, so you have to play it until it all just sort of clicks suddenly.


YES!!!  I did and finally tonight, umm I mean this morning after 2 hours or so...  IT IS DONE!!!  The game is finished!  Now to get the rest of the Skull Teeth!  Only two are left to get! :)

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Is anyone else out there having a super difficult time getting thru The Chase?  I have tried that level over 300+ times and it simply is the worst.  I really liked this game until that level...  but it so scripted that it makes it so painful to even try.  I am putting this away until later on down the road...  but for now...  I simply cannot pass this level! :roll: 

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Just curious as to when the Rocket Launcher becomes avaliable to purchase. I have unlocked all three islands and am currently at the Museum Piece mission... and I still cannot purchase it and a few other weapons from any of the ammunition dealers.

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I only play with family and friends on XBox Live... all others have been avoided since I first started playing, simply because I don't get into people thinking they need to swear or talk trash while they game... it simply ruins it for everyone else in my opinion! :roll:

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Darn it! The only game I don't have in my collection from this series and I so wanted to play! Oh well, enjoy all who can play! :)

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Also, heard Catherine is a very difficult game.


Catherine is an awesome game and yes, it can be quite difficult depending on the level you are playing. It requires very quick decision thinking, and problem solving.:D

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61,891. Never thought I would have a score like that... but kinda cool! :)

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I can see this from both sides. For instance I completed a certain game and had it in my completed list with all of the achivements. A few months later I went to play it for fun and it said there was an update... so I got it... and my game now was removed from my completed list because of the newly added DLC. I must be honest that it did frustrate me at first a little. After thinking about it for some time... I realized two things... first of all I did complete the game fully as it was shipped and was very happy about that. Most importantly to me now though, for me I realized playing to get achievements is not actually playing a game. I still love to get them, but now I am back to my roots of gaming, which is I simply love to play games. If I get the achievements, great, if I don't, so be it. Some games I will try to complete if I get close... but I don't make them my sole reason for gaming. :)

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Very good to hear as I have pre-ordered it! I will be getting my copy later on this week for sure! :)