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Been very busy... but...

So very quick and sweet, I have been very busy at work and not had alot of time for gaming. Sad but true. Now is my company's busy time and for me that equals 4 weeks or so of loads of work... but at the end of it all it will be worth it and very calm. I just need to relax at home and work hard at work. Anyhow... a couple of updates and then back to bed I will go.


Yep! I got it too. I have not done any of the missions but the first one as of yet... but I will say this. The graphics are amazing, and that is a good thing, because the language is quite too much for me. Realistic? With today's world? Probably... but just a wee bit over the top for me. Neither here nor there... still all in all... it is GTA 5 and I look forward to doing all I can do in it! :)


Yes! Another sign on my wall in my apartment. I have not gotten to play this game as much as I really want to... again because of how busy and tired I am from work, but I was promised the sign by my friend at Gamestop... and it is a very nice addition to my home! I think a couple of my friends on here are going to really be jealous of me having this! :)

That's it! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! God Bless! :)

122 days left... it is all so simple now!

So most of you know my goal this year was originally to make it to 80K. Well that happened back in April of this year... and that is when I looked at my neice and said "What the heck... I am going for the 100K!!!" Well as of last night I am on my way out of the tunnel and heading to the station! :D


Now with only 8, 122 points left to go... it all seems so darn easy! This is my last goal on the XBox 360 ever. I currently have no plans of upgrading to the new XBox One or the PS4 at this time. Once I get this "Personal Achievement" finished, I will simply just go back to playing games but at a much slower pace. I really pushed very hard this year to make this happen. Having almost gone up 20K from last year already... it has been fun but kinda tough too. I really am going to miss the old XBox 360 community when the new one comes out but will take with it all of the fond memories from my 5+ years of being on there. I will when I get to my 100K do a special blog all about the funnier and not so fun moments that made me the gamer I am today. :)

I did pick up this game last night because, well I was going to go on a trip somewhere, but instead decided to stay home... and because I saved over $200.00+ on that... this was my gift to myself...


I thought this would be an awesome game and you know what... I was right! Different in alot of ways, but in alot of good ways. The gameplay is all about the girl on the cover, Nilin who is a Memory Hunter who is trying to find out about herself as well because they drained her of most of her memory in the beginning. Very interesting plot, with great 3rd person fighting that is very, and I do mean very fluid, that comes along with alot of cool add on's to make the fighting even better. It kinda reminds me alot of Mirror's Edge crossed with Tomb Raider. Very awesome graphics, music, storyline and all make this a very nice game to play. I purchased it new and don't regret that at all... but you can get it used for about $10.00 cheaper if you look around. :P

I really need to get back into Tom Clancy's Blacklist... it also is a must have in my opinion. Too many great games to play, I simply need more time! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead. God Bless You all and stay warm and safe! Happy Gaming!!! :D

And with that

So last night was the last time I will probably ever do what I did in my life again. I went to my very last Midnight Release Party at Gamestop. For what you ask... ummmm... you shouldn't have to if you know me well!!! :P


Oh Yeah!!! I have it as of this morning at 12:01 A.M. My most wanted game of the entire year!!! I actually slept for 5 hours before getting up at 11:00 P.M. to go and get it. I chatted with my friends some there and then came home and installed it on my XBox 360, but didn't even play it yet. Now is that time... after work... a nice cool soda to drink and some food... and off I go to save the world!!! :P

I do have 3 other games still on reserve, (*Call of Duty : Ghost, GTA 5, Assassin's Creed : Black Flag ), but really am not uber excited to get them and now have nothing but this game and my backlog left to work on. There might be a game I find here or there I am still looking for... but aside from that... I am done shopping for the year.

I still have not decided to go into one of the new consoles... and if I do... it will be a PS4 for sure... but I am still on the fence even about that. Why? Simply because I don't feel the need to start from scratch, rebuilding a new game collection that will be outdated in a few years. I am not saying that they are not going to be good... just that I kinda feel like not investing in that area in my life anymore. I have really enjoyed the last 5+ years of playing on XBox 360 and the PS3 and still have alot of great stuff I can play and need to finish... but until that is done... there really is no need to purchase more stuff just to lay around and become a new backlog. :D

Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week ahead. Stay safe and warm, and may God Bless You all!!! :P

Simple Update.then...

Not much to say this week. I got all of the achievements in this game...


Simply one of the bestest games ever for the XBox 360 Kinect in my opinion! Now back to bed I go!!! I have been working 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hour days for the last couple of weeks and am so darned exahausted! God Bless and see you all soon! :)

Weekly update : Thanks Alli!!!

So keeping up with my weekly blog, and yours alls as well bestest I can... let's GO!!!

Sleep Depervation??? Oh Yeah!!! That is what was caused by this little gem right here!!!


Now never having played this game before... I have spend the last week learning as much as I can about it. I finally have a house after searching high and low for things to sell, now on to my new tasks as mayor! First new law... EVERYONE SLEEPS FOR 8 HOURS A DAY!!! That includes Alli when she comes to visit my town!!! Thanks again for the recommendation... I simply love the game... but it is so addictive!!! :)

How adictive... look what I got told is mine on my trip to (the bad place) Game Stop today...


Yup!!! I got offered the sign at my local Gamestop for this awesome game! Oh Yeah!!! My walls are going to be looking upber sweet when I add this new one to them very soon!!! :)

Why did I go to Game Stop you ask??? Sharon... don't you already have enough games to play??? Well one more or two won't hurt right?


I saw a video for this game on You Tube over the last week and am like... I really love that game!!! So now... it has been added to my, hmmmm, moving on!!! :)


As I was getting ready to leave I saw another person purchase this game for only $3.00! I know, it is free on XBxo live right now... but I love to own a hard copy... and so it ended up coming home with me as well. Oh my backlog is growing slowly again!!! Help... PLEASE!!! :P


Who is that sitting on my steering wheel? Well he doesn't have a name yet... but I got him for only two tries at my favorite plushie machine tonight! He is so cool and has a very soft fluffy tail as well!

So I officially took a week off from my XBox 360 and now... it is time to hit it hard again! Overy 90K by tomorrow... left turn at Albuquerque and down the straight and home stretch road to 100K I go! I am so excited and am looking for a special achievement to take me over 100K when I get there... and think I might just have the one I want to use!

God Bless you all and have a wonderful rest of the weekend. See you all on XBox Live, PS3 Network or maybe on the 3DS too! Add me if you like... all of my codes are now posted for everyone and all friend invites on all platforms are welcome! Happy Gaming!!! :P

Getting ready for the last stretch!!!

So how is everyone? I am doing pretty good myself! I had a very busy week but have been relaxing all weekend. Ironically I have not been on my XBox 360 at all simply because of what is coming up... the Home Stretch!!! :)

Each year I like to give myself a goal of a gamer score I would like to obtain for that year on it... and this year was no exception... but I passed that score over 4 months ago. That goal was to get 80,000 gamer score by the end of the year. With it having come and gone... I decided to simply just go for it... the BIG ONE... 100,000 Gamer Score! Yup... I figured it wouldn't hurt to try... but really didn't think i could do it because of the time and amount of gaming involved. That seems to be not the case now. Here is my current gamer score as of today...


I have already gone up 16,307 points since the beginning of the year so now I have only 10,552 left to get! It just seems so easy now. Mind you I still have my backlog I am working on, well kinda, if I could stay away from Gamestop and other things as well... then I could make a huge impact into it. There is only two games left coming out this year I am looking forward to, GTA5 and more so... Tom Clancy's Blacklist!!! Oh yeah! On the countdown for that one... only 16 days to go! :P

In other gaming news I have made another purchase, but for my 3DS this time... and I am so glad I finally got this title! No Alli, I didn't get Animal Crossing yet... but you will be the first to know when I do! I got this other awesome title...


Oh my gosh!!! This is such an awesome game, that I have not been able to put it down since I started playing it two nights ago!!! If you have a 3DS... you owe it to yourself to get this game! I read the review on here and let me tell you... you need to play this game... it is far better than the review tells it is! Great exploration, awesome graphics, I love the soundtrack and effects too! I am very happy to have it in my collection now! :)

In other gaming news, I have not as of yet gone back to The Last of Us as of yet... but plan to give it a "Fresh Set of Eyes" here in a week or so. Usually that works for me as far as if I didn't care for the game or like what I first saw. I so hope so because alot of my friends are so loving it... and I simply have not gotten on that wagon... as of yet!

Finally I have made a decision that I am simply not going to be upgrading to either of the new systems that are coming out in the next few months. Maybe down the road a year or so... but not at the launch or after. Why you ask? Well for a couple of reasons. First of all it is going to cost alot to purchase either of them and secondly, I simply am not looking forward to investing into building an entirely new library of games for those proprietary systems. I have spent alot of money over the last 5 years on my XBox 360 collection, my small but nice PS3 collection and my even smaller Wii and 3DS collections. That coupled with another fact that I now am facing as well. Retrirement.

No not now... but I have 11 to 14 years to get myself ready for that and in these final years I am making some sacrifices that need to happen for the planning of my future. I am very happy with the gaming systems I have and very blessed even more so to even have all that I do... but I don't feel the need to keep purchasing more of them. I have always been a pretty much live within my means type of girl and I like that... but tightening down the screws a little more here and there will definately pay off in the long run! Remember kids, live for the day BUT plan for the future! Here it comes... one step closer each day!!! :P


I just went and got this at the AWESOME RECOMMENDATION by my AWESOME FRIEND ALLI!!! :)


It is certain now... between this and Luigi's Mansion : Dark Moon... I am not going to get any extra sleep for the next few weeks!!! :P

Have a wonderful week ahead, stay safe and warm, and have alot of fun gaming as usual!!! God Bless!!! :)

Quick Update!!!

So something cool happened this weekend for me... I got a very cool Gamer Score on my XBox 360 Card...


Pretty cool eh??? Actually I was at 88866 and needed 22 more points to get this to happen. Dontcha know I had one achievement that would make that happen for me... and one that is pretty uber tough to get... but after about 1 hour, patience and persistance my friends... and I got it...


Anyone who has ever played Ultimal Mortal Kombat 3 will tell you that to beat the game in a single player tournament is quite difficult. The first few rounds are pretty standard but then the last two bosses are really uber, and I do mean UBER TOUGH to beat! I was so happy to get this achievement... but more so happy to make my Gamer Score 88,888!!! Once in a lifetime and I did it! Now... back to the task at hand. 90K is right around the corner... and I can feel my goal of getting to 100K by the end of the year becoming a reality now! I want to hit 90K by the end of this month... and that gives me 9 days to make that happen. :D

I keep track of my yearly advances of my Gamer Score and I have already surpassed my score for the entire last year in the first 6 months this year. I have already gone up 15,797 this year alone from last year. so it all seems so easy now. Once I get to my goal of 100K... I will slow down on playing but for now... pushing hard, cutting down the backlog, cleaning up old achievements, and simply having fun too! I love being a gamer!!! God Bless and have a wonderful rest of the week!!! :D

Such a great game!!!

So last week I showed you some of the new games I got... well I really fell in love with one of them...


When this very first came out I thought... that is kinda a cute idea... but like most of the original XBox 360 Kinect Games... it had a nice price attached to it. So I opted out to not get it until later. Then I tried the demo... and more times than less... I have found the demos are not always the best. This was the case here. If I had stuck with the empty flawed version the demo gave me... I probably would have never got this game... but it went on sale for $22.95 and I thought, being it was used and a good price... I'll give it a try! Am I SOOOO GLAD I DID!!!

I love the interaction you get with the animal you choose. Getting up off the couch and playing frisbee or ball with them is alot of fun. I chose to have the Black Panther with green eyes! So pretty!!! I named him Cuddles and he is so fun to play with... but sometimes a little too demanding. Feeding him carrots (boy he loves them as much as I do if not more) playing ball, and his favorite is to drive that RC Car! He brings it out of the toybox regularly. :D

I have often thought of getting another pet but after my real life friend Tsunami passed away almost 2 years ago... I just couldn't bring myself to it. Living alone and having not many friends I really missed her companionship... but this seems to fill the void a little and not make me feel as guilty by getting a real live replacement for her. Being I could never do that because she is simply unreplacable!!! :)

So now you will see me on XBox Live playing with my new friend Cuddles, the Black Panther. We have an entire island to explore together... so I think we will be speinding alot of time together in the future. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!! God Bless!!! :)

AAAARRRGGGG!!! What is wrong with me???

I don't understand... but something happend today... I don't know how... but here is a rundown of the events leading up to the picture below...

So I woke up this morning rather early... and started playing on my XBox 360. After about an hour or so... I started to feel kinda weird... like sick but not going to get sick... just a quesey stomach and dizzy. Well I won't keep you in suspense any longer... I fell down and collapsed. When I woke up... I found these at my feet...


I have no idea of where they came from... but my backlog has gone back up!!! What is wrong with me??? MUUUUSSSTT SSSSTTTAAAYY AAAAAAWWWAAAYYY FFFRRRRRROOOMMM GGGGGAAAAMMMMMEEESSSTTOOOOPP!!!! :P

Actually I got the game Open Season from a seller on and have been wanting it for sometime now. It is so cute and alot of fun. I also wanted to re-add Punch Out back into my Wii Library. Now that it was only $17.00... I thought that was a great deal. Metroid Prime Pinball, in mint shape from over 7 years ago... and it is a must have for any DS owner for sure! Now I used to play the Sims and Sims 2 on my pc and sometimes still do... but I found the Sims 3 on sale used today for only $17.00 at Gamestop. Here is the kicker... it was used but actually mistagged as such and actually a new copy. So I made a major score there! I also have wanted Kinectimals for the longest time and it also went down by $10.00 too... so I finally got a copy of that. Now... I really have to get to playing as I think I might have just passed my friend Pokecharms backlog with these purchases!!! :P

Yes... yet another new plushie this week... getting better at the claw game...


He is so cute! I actually had another cow... but it dropped out of the claw on the way to the chute!!! Darn it! Maybe Next time! :)

Finally, here is something that puts a smile on my face any day of the week...


I gave my Mouse Plushie I won last week to my 84 year old mother! It really made her smile! She sat there in her chair and petted it and cuddled it and said now she has someone to sit with each day and watch the world go by! So sweet! I am so glad I made her day! :)

God Bless you all and have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Game on Dudes and Dudettes!!! :P

New Games??? Not Video Ones Either!!!

So in my spare time I like to bounce around the internet and look at stuff. I think we all do... and I seem to spend alot of time on You Tube watching videos. Well I ran across this one person who has his own You Tube Subscriber Channel and it really sparked an interest in me. His name is Matt and he spends his days and money playing this type of game...


We have all seen them... yes... the "Claw Machine"!!!

Now I know alot of people out there, myself included feel that they are rigged and yes... some of them can be... but there is actually skill to winning at one of these... and I can tell you... it takes time... and money... but learning is the key... and you can actually win!

I have spent over $40.00 over the last few weeks... so basically $10.00 a week playing on different ones... but hey... I would much rather do that than spend it on junk food (working on my weight loss anyhow... and it is working!!!) or some other stupid thing. I mean... we all have our things we like to do and this just seems to be alot of fun to me. Anyhow... so I will say this... the very first thing you need to learn when playing these is to learn to go for what you can get... NOT what you WANT!!!

After watching a ton of Matts videos (link here to his You Tube Account) I have learned that and alot more. Learning what is gettable (is that even a word), and then how to get it, studing the machine, dropping in a 50 cents to see how the claw works or watching another person play is even cheaper, and alot of other awesome tips as well! So now... I have started to win. and my wins are comming out with using less money to get them... which means I am slowly but surely mastering the Claw Machine. :D

Here are my wins in order...


This was my very first win... and she is so awesome! Again it was not what I was wanting... but more so what was gettable. I got so excited when I saw her in the claw and drop in the chute! I was like... oh yeah... that was me. Mind you this was after spending $20.00 over 3 weeks of learning... but hey... I had alot of fun!!!


So if you know me... you know I love Elephants!!! Well I saw this little one a week after I started but it was so not gettable. I stopped by on the 3rd of July after work... and $2.00 later... it was mine!!! Now that is a better win for sure! :)


This one was a tough one because the machine I played on was definately set to pay out every 10th win or so. They have these dials inside that set the claw strength and also how often it should pay out. Not all machines have them... but this one did and it ran me over $5.00 to get him... but I was in for the haul because I had moved it over to the chute on the first or second try. I couldn't leave it there for anyone else to get... so I just played until I got it! It is over 12 inches tall and so cute!!! :)


I really love this one alot! I saw a brown version of it a couple of weeks ago and really wanted it but it was so buried and so ungettable. Well this one had its bootie sticking up and that is one of the best ways to get them out! Well after $1.00 (two tries) it came out to me! Best win yet... and I am getting better each time! :P

So my friends at work asked what I was going to do with all of them... being I plan to play some more each week. I found out from Matt that he donates them to different things and feel I would like to do the same. I think that is a cool idea. So I plan to play and get some saved up... and then take them down to the local toy donation station and give them to the kids who will really appriciate them most! I will definately keep these 4 and maybe a few down the road... but for the most part... I am going to donate most of them!

Have a great week ahead... oh... and play some video games as well. I will update you on that part of my life next week!!! God Bless!!! :)