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#1 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
sorry man but looks like you got ripped off. if u've got one of those majorly overprotective parents don't ever let her see any of the ads, gameplay or even box cover. if you do have o convince her first, don't lie --- just sugercoat the truth a little. don't go out and say, there is no sex, drugs or violence cause u'll get sliced - just say it's about life in the USA. nd but be smart bout when you tell her, i.e. near ur bday. g'luck m8, d/w in a few yrs u'll b old enough 2 buy it urself
#2 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
damn i feel sorry 4 u man. ripped off!
#3 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -

I own a ps2, Gameboy colour, GBA nd i sold my old ps1. yeh i'm jus a lil behind the times these days. Might get a wii

#4 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
i have a bone to pick with EB. i've always gone to EB cause they're just my local video game store but recently i've been noticing how crummy they're stock is. more often than not they seem 2 be sold out nd the always pick-up series games (fracnhises like sports) while ignoring genuinely goodpro-games. an examply of this is i went 2 go buy shin megami tensei: persona 3 yesterday nd bam - none left, never bothered to re-stock - the game hasn't even been released in europe but we're out of stock. also they like to charge top dollar even though they're the largest gaing company round. i think from now on i'mgonna buy my games at K-Mart cause they are always like $20 cheaper
#5 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
pes 6 if u like soccer, FF7 4 sure if u can get ur hands on a copy, KH2 is abs. brilliant nd God of War 2 looks pretti hot
#6 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -

i haven't played but dude thatz awesome. it adds 2 the whole getting high effect on rock music. nd srsly - wat kinda of rocker r u unless u get high...kurt cobain, any1. jks, jks no but srsly don't do drugs - they're frickin stupid, especially this new thing i found called Jenkem but d/w bout that.

how bad r these after-effects cause i was considerin gettin hero 3 but if i'm gonna wlk in2 walls stuff after everytime i play. i need a good game 2 kill my summer holz with. i jus watched kevjumba bagh the crap out of his dad on youtube which was sum funny man - soz bout all the uneccesary swearin but damn it was good

#7 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
sport games simply don't play on PC. while yes EA puts their game out on PC they've just stop caring about quality knowing they'll get sales simply from having a licensed roster. you notice how the competitors of eA that actually try 2 make a decent game rarely put their stuff out on PC - why, because they don't want their game tarnished. sports just don't work on PC, sport games are a console-only invention AND should remain that way
#8 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
hands down ffx but kh2 nd shin megami rnt 2 far behind
#9 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
my fav would hav 2 be barret from ff7. he was jus such a tank. auron nd vincent valentine we're both pretti kewl but we i don't think we got enough history on them. barret was such a beat though, gun-arms, gun-arms 4 goodness sake
#10 Posted by Sandmaester (50 posts) -
you guyz do realise these price drops happen ALL the time. thatz the one thing guaranteed with technology - wateva u buy 2day will be cheaper and otudated 2morrow. just a fact of life that as gamers we have 2 accept
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