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FF7 to the backyard


i'm busy trying to procrastinate from studying for my science yearly so since gamespot is on my computer(well...der) it's a perfect distraction. anywayz this is gonna be focused on FF7 cause i hav a couple of ff7 stories.

first up back when i was like 7yrs old my bro borrowed this game from a family friend of ours. since i was so small i didn't play as much as i watched my bro play. so i wacthed him playthrough the whole game. the first time i saw the aeon shiva - i hid behind the couch, when aeris died - i crried. being so small a lot of the themes and concept went straight over my head but i still got the main jist of evrything.

for a while i would go into the backyard and pretend to do boss battles by myself in the backyards - RPG style. i.e. i'd take 3 characters represented by household items similar to their weapons. the enemy was generally a tree or fence i feld like damaging at the time. cloud's sword was a cricket bat, barret's gunarm and vincent's gun were tennisballs, cait sith was my teddy bear(which is still on the sde of my bed), cid used a broom and so did sephiroth when i fought him, aeris was me holding a couple of sticks and waving them to summon aeons, for red i literally got on all fours crawled over and bit a tree and4 yuffie i had actual ninja star things(i 4get wat they're called but at the easter show earlier in the yr i had bought a whole ninja showbag). so i'd go outside nd re-create battles nd events from ff7 in my backyard.

then when i did play it i was going fine and all until i got stuck. there was this clock-face boss and the end of the first disc who i couldn't beat. but i couldn't go back and train either cause i had saved at the last poitn be4 the boss battle so after bout 2 weeks of incessant tryin i just gave up, it was impossible.

then my bro returned the game nd i planned 2 borrow it off him 2 finish it one day. but within a month his house got robbed including the ps1 and ff7. i was once again heartbroken - not quite as bad as when aeris died but still very depressed. to this day i haven't played it but this summer holz i'm prob gonna get it off a ffriend nd play it - yeehaw.

nd those r basically alll my remotely ineresting ff7 stories. i have a couple more but i'll save them 4 another time, till then i'm gonna go 2 sleep. ROCK ON and PEACE OUT. lol

Shoryuken Scar

since this is my first blog entry....i think and it'll prob be my last unless i get really bored. i figured i'd tell you my best and probably only good gaming-related story. I was staying at my cousins house for 2wks nd he had this awesome new game called Super Street Fighter 2. And I just (this sounds kinda gay but it isn't) fell in love with Ken Masters - y'know just like Ryu xcept with long, blonde hair. Aanyway his special move was the shoryuken (similar to Kazuya's uppercut in Tekken) where he kinda crouced down, spun towards his character then jumped while simultaneously punchin his opponent. Anywayz later that week we went to the temple (random religious BS, my rents drag me 2) and being the extremely smart 7yr old I was I tried to re-create the move against thin air. Yet still i somehow managed to land on my head and knock myself out. The next thing i remembered was being an ambulance with those sirens ringing then blacking out again. When i came to a couple of hours later, my mum and a doctor were stading over me.

To this day I have the scar on the crown of my head but it'z normally covered by my long hair. Last time someone saw it(Bharat) he said, "What's that cancerous tumour on your head?"And so that was my awesome gaming experience - and is also why you don't let little kids play crazy violent games. *looks the other way*