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Kinect / Adventures

I can't seem to post my review of Kinect Adventures so i'll do it blogging::evil:

While this review should be about the game, at the same time it's of course also a review of the kinect. Of the latter i am extremely thrilled, of the first not too much, although it's a fun ride for the family.

Pleasantly and excitingly surprised about the easy set up of my Kinect, I am entering the new world of motion control.

The first time i am navigating menu's with my hand, i can't help but think about the movie Minority Report. How cool is this? What possibilities lies ahead?

It works better than i expected, so i am pretty amazed, and can't stop smiling.

After a short set up, the kinect can even recognize me. Hello erikjwillems! Haha, this is crzay SF stuff! Welcome to the 21st century.

Then i can jump into the game, and start riding down the river. I am surprised about the lack of lag. WHen i bend my knee, my avatar does so. Almost all my crazy stances it mirrors, which is a pretty cool feat.

Jumping up and down the river and steering by tilting my body left and right is fun, and i am excited mainly for the superb novelty of this. But it get's a little old pretty fast, being the hardcore gamer i am.

It's kiddy/family stuff, and once i have my girlfriend jump in, it's hilarious fun.
Even my 3 year old, short daughter it recognizes well, and of we go.

The best part is the photographs you are shown afterwards, taken at points where you jump or have to make crazy stances.
Of course after a while i am abusing this system to make crazy faces, or lifting my gf in the air during the photo shoot moments.

Were it not for the fluent and slick way the kinect works, this game would be a 4. Becasue of the novelty and the family fun, it's just enough.

As for the Kinect: i am a believer: the future holds great promise, so i can't wait to be a Jedi or Ninja. What about Kung Fu lessons, huh?

From now on there will be two gaming experiences: via kinect, and via controller.

Or what about Garret the Thief in Kinect?

Woohoo. Kid in a candy store

old love never dies

Saints Row 2 is in da house!

No, i'm not the hip hop type. But i had to say that after playing SR2 now for HOURS on end, with only one main mission behind me.

Now i remember why i loved the first game so much!

The endless tweaking of cars. The activities, running around causing endless mayhem.

Yeah, the graphics are not much better, but who gives a BEEP! This is what gaming is about. FUN FUN FUN!

Haha and i can even run around in ladies underwear! HAHAHA WHO WOULDN"T WANT THAT HUH? ;)

And then: Christine is here again!!! (Stpehen King's one..). I love that the Hollywood car is back in there again!!! Paint it red, with white stripes and fins, and there she is! It had that strange attraction to me from the first time i laid my eyes on her. ;)

I loved GTA IV, but this game... I love for other reasons, and i think i love this game more.

Tonight's the night!

I have been reading reviews of Saints Row 2 now the whole week. I have been watching gameplay vids, trailers, screenshots. Reading interviews. Anxiously awaiting the realease of SR2 in euope, like a little kid that can't sleep the night before chjristmas: PRESENST!

And my o my, are the reviews good. Mindless mayhem, S%*Tloads of stuff to do (my favorite), and lot's of customisation.

I still remember having a fantastic time with SR1: mainly customizing my cars. (you got to keep an endless supply in your garage, which rocked)

I remember i liked the graphics at that time! I really did. I think it was the best sandbox game ever in that respect.

And I can't help but thinking SR2 is a step backwwards in that rrespect. The environments seem so... empty... bland... I betcha it's because i 've been playing GTA IV so long.

Shame, but i guess that dissapointment will wear off, once i play the game for several hours.

Within half a day i'll know more.

Rediculous review of Mercenaries 2 on Gamespot

Since i am not allowed to review a game yet (i haven't got a high anough rank here), i'll use this platform to speak:

MERCENARIES 2 is a HIGHLY original, incredibly fun game to play, in beautiful surroundings.

Yes, it has bugs - that won't affect gameplay at all.

Yes, the AI is **** - but it won't keep the enemy AI from kicking my ass if i don't play by the rules of the game: i.e.: learn how to use the appropriate air / tank /copter strike at right time, at the right place. Learn how to upgrade. And then have some true destruction fun that can't be seen in any other game.

Yes, the graphics are not on par with the current state of affairs in next gen land - so who give's a *&^*&^??The graphics are still great, also taking into account what mayhem you can cause to the landscape, and that the framerate is still tops.

This game (and i am sorry to say this, because i would have LOVED to love AC) beats Assassins Creed in pure gameplay fun. RIding a chopper in Mercs 2 is more fun than in GTA IV, since it's faster, and makes the best noise a chopper should make. Also flying a heli in MErcs 2 is more fun: it's more gamey (easy) in it's controls, and you get to BLOW STUFF UP more, thus it's more fun.

Twice i almost stopped playing this game:

First time: i could finish the BIG FOOT race through the mines, becasue i was blown up all the time. Until i figured out that, before a checkpoint, i could actually kill all the enemies further on, and they didn't respawn (as long as i didn't get killed doing it, so all in one same game). This was all during the mission. Never have i seen such a thing possible in a game. It made me SMILE BIGTIME.

Second time: i got frustrated that i couldn't keep playing my usual gamestyle: run in a fight, hijack a tank, and use it to blow up the enemy. There were too many enemy tanks blowing me up further on in the game. So i needed to learn the ropes: AIRSTRIKES. And man, are they effective.

It's the first time in ages a game forced me to think, experiment, and ENJOY.

It should get a 9 for this. For gameplay, PURE SANDBOX enjoyment, graphics, SOUND and LAUGHS.

Honestly, after bitterly throwing away the CRAP game FORCE UNLEASHED (GREAT GRAPHICS, but OVERHYPED, AND BLOODY SHORT!!!!!), this is a welcome, MORE than welcome game, and reminds me of pure videogame fun of old.

But in a newer jacket. Not the latest fashion, but that jacket, that's a bit rugged, but will always fit you best.