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Dead Space: Finding the Peng treasure and its achievement

There's always Peng

Image:Theres always peng.jpg

The Peng Treasure is only accessible in Chapter 11 of the game. It can be found and picked up by Telekinesis in a dividing lane between two entry lanes in the hangar bay. It is located on the floor between the two large walkways. It is a tiny gold trophy of a person. You will need to use Telekinesis in order to get the treasure. If you obtain The Peng Treasure then you will unlock an Xbox 360 achievement called "There's Always Peng", worth 15 Gamerscore. If you are playing on the PS3 version of the game, then you will unlock a Bronze Trophy. The Peng item can be sold in a store for 30,000 (all platforms) credits, making it the most valuable treasure in the game (5,000 credits above a Diamond Semiconductor).

It is suggested through in game posters that Peng may have referred to a form of erotic entertainment featuring an attractive woman which the Statue is modeled after. Also, the one of Dead Space's Object Artists is named Wang Peng. Its in-game description is the same as the achievement name: "There's Always Peng!"

Did you know?

Star Fox Adventures:

Star Fox Adventures was originally slated for release on the Nintendo 64 under the title "Dinosaur Planet." Originally, Krystal was to play the protagonist, the adopted child of a wizard-like character by the name of Randorn. Another character was named Sabre, who resembled Fox, and who befriends a young triceratops named Tricky (Possibly a reference to the Triceratops Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing). It was developed by Rare, then a second-party developer for Nintendo, and appeared a few times at E3 and other such events. When it was noted by Miyamoto that Sabre was similar to Fox and that they needed a new Star Fox title anyway, Dinosaur Planet was scrapped and changed to a Star Fox title, while still keeping many of the same elements (Prince Tricky, Dinosaur Planet, etc., though of course without the previously made plotline).

It is believed by some that beta cartridges of the original Dinosaur Planet still exist, but there is no evidence to support this. When Nick Burton, the lead engineer on the project, was contacted recently in early 2008, he commented that it was not his place to discuss the matter, and that Nintendo would take it further if they so pleased.

No one has seen or heard of Dinoasur Planet since.

Star Fox: Assault:

Star Fox: Assault was critically theleast accepted addition to the series. It an average score of 71% on Game Rankings. Some complaints were aimed at the control scheme during on-foot portions; IGN worded the complaint as "ground missions suffering from sloppy control". GameSpot noted that the multiplayer portion of the game has little lasting value, an annoyance that IGN felt as well. IGN went on to say the design was too simplistic. However, IGN noted that being able to switch between the Arwing and Landmaster at will was a "welcome addition". In Electronic Gaming Monthly, two of the reviewers gave it a 8.0 out of 10. Kevin Gifford said that "the game is aimed less at the Mario club and more toward the hardcore crowd". EGM also noted that Assault had an epic feel, helped by a great soundtrack.

The game has sold well enough for it to be included in Nintendo's Player's Choice line in North America, which also includes Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures.


My Favorite 5

These are my most favorite games so far:


-Star Fox Adventures

-Star Fox Assault

-Metroid Prime 1

-Metroid Prime 2


-Metroid Prime 3

Metroid & Me

Hi there, my name is Samus_Aran_96, at least, my GameSpot username. I'm a very big fan of the Metroid series, I started collecting them since I was 5. My last game to date is Metroid Prime 3, my friend gave it to me on my birthday on April.

I'm also a HUGE fan of Samus Aran, so I've collected every of her games available, check them out.8)

My game stats:

- Metroid -> Metroid Fusion: All 3 saves beaten 100%/Hard Mode/Beaten < 1hrs. :D

- Metroid Prime -> Metroid Prime 2: All 3 saves beaten 100%/Hard Mode/NES Metroid Beaten. :D

- Metroid Prime 3: 15 Friends in roster/All saves beaten Hypermode difficulty/100%. :D

Game guides available when Metroid: Other M is out.;)

See ya.