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Thinking about getting Borderlands!

I'm actually considering buying a full-price video game, Borderlands. From the reviews I have read it sounds like a great hybrid between a shooter and an RPG. Since these are my two favorite genres of games, I'm really hoping Borderlands stands up to all the hype behind it. The videos of the game-play that have been provided really appeal to me.

What I'm most excited about is the tremendous amounts of looting opportunities. It is a pretty rewarding experience, when you are looking for that one item, and then all of a sudden it drops! Another part of the game I am looking forward to the 4-player co-op. I am not the biggest co-op gamer, especially over live, because itis verydifficult to for me to find people I get along with and can play with. However, hopefully the drop-in, drop-out, feature allows me to just have fun at my pace, and I don't necessarily have to make a time line for when I can play.

I am a little worried about the game becoming repititious, but I'm thinking that the multiplayer aspects of the game will take care of that worry. In the end the only way I can be sure if I like it is to play it. I usually refuse to spend $60 on a video game, but this one might be an exception. Hopefully this doesn't come back and bite me in the butt!