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Moving on in academics

So, I finished up my master's degree this past summer, and I decided to just keep going. This summer I'm going to start working on my doctorate in educational leadership. I figured since I'm young, and I don't have a lot of responsibilities this would be the best time to get started. Hopefully the degree will open up some more career paths. I love teaching where I'm at right now, and I'm not sure if I want to do anything else. Who knows though!

An educational leadership degree will allow me to possibly work in college or take the administrative route. Being a principal would be really nice, but my favorite part of teaching is working with students in the classroom. Taking on a principal role would really limit my chances for classroom work.


I am now officially a Master of Science! It definitely feels good to get this MS done with. What is really nice is that I get an immediate $6,000 raise because of it!

Master's Thesis

Well, I just turned in my first draft of my master's thesis. Although I know it will be given back for improvement, it still feels good to get the brunt of the writing done with!

I'm working on the effects of particular educational techniques on tests and quizzes. I know that this doesn't have anything to do with video games, I just wanted to write about it haha!

Teacher of the Month

Well, just recently I was told that I was voted as the teacher of the month. I thought this was a really great honor, especially since this is only my third month working in the district. The reward is determined bywhichever staff memberreceives the most votes from students during the last day of the month.

I just wanted to post this in my GS blog simply because I use video games a lot to connectto my students, and it gives me something to relate the material with as well.

First experiences with Borderlands

Alright, so I was coming home from work on October 20th, and I decided not buy Borderlands. I just couldn't make myself spend $60. However, as my wonderful wife came home she said that she had a surprise for me and lo and behold, I have myself a brand new copy of Borderlands!

I've been playing now for two days, and all I can say is that I'm enjoying myself. The gameplay mechanics are fairly spot on, and the gunplay is great fun. The variety of guns is intriguing though. I seem to be somewhat jaded by all the different weapons I pick up through my time in the game. I feel as though I am receiving to many guns some times. This causes an uneventful stop in the action, because once I reach the max number of stored equipment, I must go and sell my surplus of useless weaponry. I understand that this happens in most RPG games, but this is much more prevalent in this game. This normally wouldn't be a big problem. However, the game resets all the enemies in the area only after a short amount of time. So, there was an instance as I was returning from a vendor all the enemies I had just killed returned. This was not a big deal, but I could definitely get sick of doing this over and over.

Overall, for the first couple days I am thoroughly happy with the game. I have yet to try multiplayer, and I am eager to try it out. I am just waiting for my levels to increase a bit. I am a bit skeptical on how the multiplayer will work. I'm not sure if it would be beneficial to do basic questing with a partner, but I guess I do not know. Hopefully this game does not turn into a bunch of people looking for partners to fight the bosses.

Thinking about getting Borderlands!

I'm actually considering buying a full-price video game, Borderlands. From the reviews I have read it sounds like a great hybrid between a shooter and an RPG. Since these are my two favorite genres of games, I'm really hoping Borderlands stands up to all the hype behind it. The videos of the game-play that have been provided really appeal to me.

What I'm most excited about is the tremendous amounts of looting opportunities. It is a pretty rewarding experience, when you are looking for that one item, and then all of a sudden it drops! Another part of the game I am looking forward to the 4-player co-op. I am not the biggest co-op gamer, especially over live, because itis verydifficult to for me to find people I get along with and can play with. However, hopefully the drop-in, drop-out, feature allows me to just have fun at my pace, and I don't necessarily have to make a time line for when I can play.

I am a little worried about the game becoming repititious, but I'm thinking that the multiplayer aspects of the game will take care of that worry. In the end the only way I can be sure if I like it is to play it. I usually refuse to spend $60 on a video game, but this one might be an exception. Hopefully this doesn't come back and bite me in the butt!

Use the economic struggles to your advantage!


Now is the time to buy stocks!

With the United States economy in shambles, this in essence puts the stock market on sale!

GameStop recently reported on the "bloodying" of the stock market. With this, it really shows that video game companies are really taking a hit! These are three examples that are stated within that article:


$16.62 (Sept. 9) - $11.95 (Oct. 9) = $4.67 monthly drop (-28%)

Electronic Arts

$44.21 (Sept. 9) - $27.80 (Oct. 9) = $16.41 monthly drop (-37%)

Stock price on Oct. 9, 2007 = $59.94 =$32.14 year-on-year drop (-54%)


$13.83 (Sept. 9) - (Oct. 9) $8.34 = $5.49 monthly drop (-39%)

Stock price on Oct. 9, 2007 = $26.78 = $18.44 YOY drop (-68%)

This shows the big hit that the video game companies are taking. On the surface this sounds awful. However, on the contrary, this is a time for the public to start buying up some of these "depression" proof stocks!

I will take EA for instance, on September 9, their stock price was $44.21, on October 9, the price dropped to $27.80. So look at it this way; this stock is now on sale. I know it is hard, but if you can scramble some money together, now is the time to buy!

If you can put together $500 and start buying EA stocks today, at $27.80, you could almost buy 18 shares. Not a big number, but you can still make a substantial amount of money off of just 18 shares. Now this is the hardest part, wait it out, and have faith in this country. THE STOCKS WILL RISE AGAIN! Let's say the EA stock rises to its September worth of $44.21. And with that you own 18 of their shares:

18 X $44.21 = $795.78-This is a $295.78 profit

Now if the stock price rises higher than the September worth lets say to $50

18 X $50 = $900-This is a $400 profit

The trick is to have faith in the United States economy. My personal opinion is that the stocks will rise substantially in the coming times. The country is in for a major change in the next few months, with a new president coming in, so I am guessing that foreign countries will gain more faith in the economy as well. This will bring in more revenue and allow for the stock market to regain its composure again. I say use this time to our advantage, I'm 23, a public school teacher and a football coach, I don't have a lot of cash to spend, but I am pretty sure I can get together $500, roughly 8 video games, to invest with! And if you are putting money into the US economy not only are you helping the country, you may also reap some of the benefits of your "patriotism!"