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Rebooting A Game Franchise

Devil May Cry

Maintaining a gaming franchise is a tricky thing for publishers.Publishers need to do an awful lot of thinking when establishing or evolving a gaming franchise.There are various aspects to think about when you are actually thinking about establishing a gaming franchise.Everything from a delightful concept to good graphics is necessary to actually hold a gaming franchise firm on the ground after it's release.More than anything,the 21st century brought competition in the game developing world unlike anything witnessed before.The gaming industry has evolved, and so have the games.

Assassin's Creed 3

Thats the exact same reason why saying the word assassin brings to your mind Ubisoft's two most famous franchises, Assassin's Creed and to some, Prince of Persia. What comes to your mind when I say a good sandbox game? Yes indeed, the Rockstar's and Rockstar North's various creations the most prominent of which is the GTA franchise. When I talk about the simulation and racing genre, you'll most probably think about Electronic Art's Sims and the Need For Speed franchise respectively. Why does the word JRPG always bring back feelings of nostalgia for some? It was because for some, JRPGs were their childhood friends. The legacy of JRPGs will always remain because quite a large portion of our gaming community once believed that nothing could beat the feeling of playing a JRPG while sipping some good hot cocoa and being all coiled up in a blanket. You know why I'm mentioning all this? It's because each of these games have done something in the gaming industry that is still unmatchable and worth chatting over at a local diner. I'm mentioning them because they each have done something in their sphere that each and every one of us know about or have themselves witnessed.But this isn't Alice's Wonderland, many other gaming franchises struggle for years with the sole intention of trying to make a positive impression of themselves on the gaming community's mind.

 That said,I'm not going to bore you with the same old Wikipedia facts about game rebooting.Let's try with a more realistic look at things.

So why does a game need a reboot at the very first place?The reasons I'm presenting you here are more realistic than almost anything you'll find on the internet on the subject.

1.)    When a game actually needs to modernize and rise above a previous thought-process related to it.A good example I can give you is of Capcom,the publisher of Devil May Cry.Now lets stop looking at the financial aspect of the Devil May Cry reboot and actually look at a reasonable reason for the reboot.

The Westernized Dante

My theory about the Devil May Cry reboot jazz is this- Capcom,being a Japanese game publishing company,realized that most of it's target audience lived in North America and Europe.The games were getting along just fine but what Capcom seriously needed was a shift in gravity.With a Devil May Cry reboot,Capcom basically changed it's stronghold from Asia to North America and Europe.To put it in a sentence, Capcom fulfilled it's basic purpose of a Devil May Cry reboot which was to westernize the game.Now that Capcom has the base made for a modern franchise,you can expect a lot more from Capcom in the coming days.

2.)    We often see changes in game developing studios and game publishing companies.Not all of the studios and companies have the same mentality and idealogy.All of them have different strategies towards succeeding in the gaming market.What you'll find more and more in the coming years is change in game developing and publishing studios.Since almost no two studios are like-minded while developing a game,you'll find that the game developing studios would rather like to start a gaming franchise back from scratch rather than keep milking it.We will definitely be seeing a lot more of this in the future and you might as well expect some similar announcements coming about one of the sold THQ properties in the near future.


3.)    When you've basically made a cow out of your gaming franchise by milking it far more than you should have,you know its about time to start back from scratch again.After all,not every game relates its characters with something as stupid in creation as uDraw(Exactly!!!Im talking about the Animus).We've actually seen that rebooting a gaming franchise is the best thing to do after milking a franchise for too long.The Tomb Raider and Medal Of Honor reboots were proof that even the fanboys want to see a reboot if they realize that the gaming franchise has been milked more than enough.At the rate at which we are seeing game sequels,we can expect to see a lot more milking of gaming franchises until they are finally rebooted and spared of their surviving grace.

Tomb Raider

So that pretty much sums things up out here.The basic purpose of my article was to give you a more realistic inside into why a game is actually rebooted rather than filling your mind with more of the same trash and misconceptions about game rebooting.Being a big-time fan of a game is one thing,but actually realizing what's best for that gaming franchise is yet another thing altogether. 

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