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Pokemon:My Childhood Buddy


I still remember the day I began my journey into the vast universe of Pokémon. I was 9 and had just got my first handheld console: the Nintendo DS. My main reason for the purchase of the DS was Mario, but a year after being exposed to Pokémon,I realized that my favourite game franchise had changed. After spending a year with Mario,I finally bought my first Pokémon game,the platinum enhanced-version of Pokémon: Diamond And Pearl.I didn't realize at the time that with the purchase,things would never be the same again.

I had completed the game with great pleasure and there was no looking back.My 2007 and 2008 holiday season went exploring countless other Pokémon games.I didn't just play Pokémon,I lived Pokémon.

I spread the Pokémon fever throughout my school.I remember atleast five of my classmates buying a Nintendo DS after getting the fever.We used to talk about Pokémon throughout recess.But that was only the beggining.Very soon,one of my classmate showed all of us a trading card game of Pokémon.Next thing we knew,everyone spent their recess and between-class time(some even within-class time.Don't stare at me like that!!!) playing the trading card game.Even though the trading cards were eventually banned in the school,the fever wasn't destined to stop just yet.

Along the way,my Pokémon game-collection kept growing.Titles found their way from my wishlist to my game-collection quicker than they do nowdays(how good we are at crying our way to a purchase when we are young). Titles like Pokémon Dash,Pokémon Ranger,Pokémon Ranger:Shadows of Almia,Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon Trozei kept my love for Pokémon intact.

Pokemon Ranger:Shadows of Almia

The Pokémon fever just kept growing.I also spent a lot of money satisfying my merchandise needs.I had countless Pokémon t-shirts and wristbands.

In 2010, I bought my PS3.With it,I dedicated less time on Pokémon games and more on other gaming titles like Call of Duty.By this time,I had also started dedicating a lot of time on playing tournaments with my Counter Strike 1.6 clan.

I left Counter Strike 1.6 only a year later and bought myself the Nintendo 3DS with hope of switching my major attention to the various exclusive-franchises that Nintendo had to offer including my forgotten friend Pokémon.

Pokemon On The 3DS

But it was not to be due to two reasons.First of all,I continued to devote most of my time with my PS3.Secondly,any attempts by me to continue on the Pokémon venture didn't give good results.I bought the Pokémon Rumble Blast and the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:Gates To Infinity but I was unable to relate with my past Pokémon purchases.There were hundreds of new characters,there were changes in gameplay and playing a Pokémon game didn't feel the same.So I continued to devote time to my PS3 and I rarely bought and played a Pokémon game.

I tried to watch the TV series of Pokémon but I left that too after a month or two.I switched to other games and almost completely forgot about my childhood buddy.

So that's the tale of my childhood buddy.We occasionally meet nowdays since he's changed a lot since the school days.I really do miss the countless hours of gaming that I spent with Pokémon.All I'd want from the developers is to make the entire franchise more simpler.I'll be trying PokéPark 2:Wonders Beyond sometime this year.I do hope that we can be good friends again.Because the fact is,I never quite grew out of Pokémon.