Eventful Plans For The Next 30 Days

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Well I must admit that I was very happy with the positive response I got for my first Awesome-User-Blogs inclusive blog.I mean,getting almost 135 comments really got me into thinking and wondering what more could I do.And thats what the next 30 days are going to be all about.You'll be witnessing things on Gamespot like never before.So let me give you an insight on how I plan to achieve that.

1.)First of all, Im going to be starting something called a 'Publishing Company Comparison' blog.I've already tried that with EA vs. Ubisoft but I barely received recognition for the blog that time since it was published during my initial stages on Gamespot.So basically,it's going to be a two-part blog and with a definite conclusion unlike other comparison blogs that leave you with something like - 'If you want X then Y is surely better.But if youre looking for A than surely B is better.'You can take it from me that in the two blogs I'll be assessing everything from the past,present to the future even criticizing various decisions.The following are the comparisons that I'm willing to do.Please choose one of the below and post it in the comments section.The one with the highest votes will be undertaken.The poll closes on 14th June.


Options ---

-EA vs. Activision

-2K vs. Activison

-Activision vs. Ubisoft

-2K vs. EA

-Square Enix vs. 2K

-Sega vs. Konami

2.)I've something very exciting planned for Gamespot.It is a new initiative called GSBC.Sadly,all I can provide you with right now are the initials.I've been putting a lot of work into it so none of you will be dissapointed by it.Secondly,if anyone of you can guess what the full form of GSBC is,your vote in the 'Publishing Company Comparison' poll will equal to five votes of other people.Not only that,you'll be playing a big role on how the GSBC initiative rolls out.But that's only to the person who can guess the full form first.So yes,keep guessing and you might as well crack it.


3.)Last of all,I'd like to tell all of you how excited I am with the E3 approaching.I've something real special planned for E3 too.I'll be giving you all random tasks or blog-posting-jobs related to the E3.Whoever I feel has participated most actively             will get something real special.I'll be posting more about this later.But don't expect too much since it is the first giveaway I'll be undertaking.But yes,you can take it from me that the level of interactivity will be brilliant.So yes,do participate in it when I provide the necessary details.

So that's it guys.Hope I've just made the month of June and the first 10 days of July exciting enough for you.I don't know  how things turn out,but this is my first try at doing something completely new.Something that's never been done on Gamespot before.Looking forward to interacting with you more in the coming days.Cheers!