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My dog is an idiot

Well I bought Nintendogs. I got a black Dachshund. And guess what. He is an idiot! Well he might be an confirmed athlet. He always catches the disc and never makes mistakes at the agility. But tell him to shake and he'll beg, tell him to sit and he'll jump, and tell him to beg and he'll spin. The worst part of it is that, when he starts spinning he never stops! I have to tease him with food to make this idiot stop. Well we are stick together until I can buy a new dog. But I still can't believe I bought the dumbest dog ever! -.-

Baten Kaitos Union is born

I finally founded the Baten Kaitos Union by recruiting a few fans. So the Union is very young and it's my first experience as a union leader. Hopefully we'll find many more fans and not ending inactive.

If you are interested or simply curious, please come have a look! :)

It's official, I'll buy a PSP and a GameCube!

It has been a while since a first thought about getting a PSP, the graffics are awesome and will perfectly complete with my NDS.

But about the GC is completely a different story. All happenned just tonight while I was reading a news about the new Zelda. This game looks the most amazing ever made, they even speak about 70 hours of game! Furthermore I was upset that I couldn't get Resident Evil 4 on PS2 (or not before a while anyway). That already gave me two sufficient excuses to get this "under-appreciated" console. ^^

Now playing...

I'm now playing mostly Golden Sun even though I recently bought the DS. Unfortunatly Wario (Ware) and (Super) Mario didn't convince me enough to keep playing them. So ironicaly I'm back with my old GBA games on my new DS...