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My Sixth Post ( BlueXephos & Dragon Tattoos )

My Sixth Post ( BlueXephos & Dragon Tattoos )

Hi there to all those Minecrafters, just wanted to give a shout outBlueXephos. They do some great Minecraft videos and are incredibly funny. I would recommend them to anyone with a bit of a geeky sense of humour ( you know who yous are!).

Another book recommendation for anyone who likes their thrillers. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series is a really gripping series of books written by the late Stieg Larsson. Telling the story of a young socially dysfunctional women and a very socially functional journalist, this Swedish book series is a real "must read." The first book has already been adapted to film in Sweden and there is also an American remake scheduled for release sometime this year with Daniel Craig playing the lead role.Quick Link to the Wiki page

Over and out,

My Fifth Post (A Film Review)

My Fifth Post (a film review)

Hi there all you silver surfers, thought I would post a film review I wrote a while back, just to add to my film recommendations. It's "The Road" a really good film but not for the faint of heart.
Here it is:

The Road, from director John Hillcoat is the recent adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's best selling novel of the same name. It tells the story of a man and his son's survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Road is based in a familiar premise, the end of the world. It explores ideas such as how and why we survive in such a world.

From the get go, this movie begins it's heart breaking, yet also heartwarming story. The performances of both Mortensen and Smit-McPhee are astounding, both clearly evoking emotion in both their audience and themselves. An example of how powerful these performances are would be the fact that in the cinema I was viewing the film one woman actually started crying half way into the film and had to leave. Both of these actors tears affected the audience in a very powerful way but also their laughter evoked great emotion in myself. The scene where the man and boy bathe in the pool at the bottom off the waterfall was one of the most heartwarming moments I have seen. Yet this see was also heart breaking considering the fact that such a bleak and grey looking scene can still be heartwarming in the dying world they are living in. Also the boys constant need to "be one of the good guys" shows a naivety and innocence that one would think would be completely lost in this grim world.

Not only should the performances of the actors be applauded but also the amazing job director John Hillcoat has done. He paints a very grim, bleak and grey picture of this world which is exactly what is required in the movie. The grey landscape throughout the film shows how sick this world really is and damaged beyond repair. Although not all is bleak, attention should be brought to the director's ability to create a sense of hope in the film. A scene with a small beetle flying into the grey clouds above is a perfect example, showing that there is still life in this world.

Although there is a nagging feeling that Hillcoat has only really filmed the book rather that made it into a moviethis does not hinder this film in any way as the original source material is a masterpiece of modern fiction. The Road is an incredibly intimate and emotional movie and one that deserves to be widely recognized.


Thanks for reading.

With my deepest gratitude,


My fourth Post (a pointless post)

My Fourth Post ( a pointless post)

Hi there all you big fat forty year olds sitting in front of your computer screens eating nachos dipped in cheese, I just thought I'd write a post about how much I'm enjoying this blogging right now. It's actually quite fun to just put your thoughts out there. Even though I know that nobody is actually reading them I'm still enjoying myself. You never know I might even get a couple followers after a little while.

With regards,

My Third Post (brought to you by my geeky side)

My Third Post (brought to you by my geeky side)

Hi everyone out there in the world wide web, I'm going to start a regular post just listing the films that I'm watching, games that I'm playing and books that I am reading at this time. I'm also going to let yous know what I think of them, whether I think they are worth checking out or whether to drive on past them with out even a glance behind you.

Firstly, right now I'm playing Test Drive Unlimited 2. It's a pretty good game, although I find that the races are too easy and It can get a little bit repetitive. But there is a wealth of content to be had. This is also a really great looking game, with beautiful island vistas and great looking cars. There is just one thing that has irritated me about this game. The developers had the nerve to release DLC for the game on the day it was sold. In my opinion that is a disgrace and should never be allowed. They have basically just held back a part of the game which they can then sell again. But regardless of this I would recommend this game to anyone who likes racing and exploring.

Next, I'll deal with the book I'm reading right now. It's called "The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan. It's actually a very interesting book once you get into it. Although I would wholly suggest you stick with it (for at least the first 5 or 6 chapters) even if you aren't enjoying it. I'd describe it as a faster paced Lord of the Rings. I would actually go as far to say that it is better than the Lord of the Rings so far. This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone interested in fantasy/adventure.

Lastly I'll let you know what I thought of the Last film I watched, "The Social Network." This film is the story of the set up ofFacebookand the ensuing lawsuits it caused etc. I found it to be very dialogue driven Which I can understand would put many people off but I personally loved it. It gives great insight into the startup of one of the most popular websites in the world. I would only Recommend this to those who can enjoy a film even if there's a lot of talking and very little action, a good film but no for everyone.

Yours Faithfully,


My Second Post

My Second Post

Hi there internets, this is my second post. Yes if anyone is paying attention out there (haha I lol) this post is actually being published just minutes after the previous one. The reasons being are that I wanted my first post to just be a sort of introduction. It was more a little bit experimentation rather than actual "blogging", whatever that is…

Anyway, I thought it would be best to start from the start with this blogging and so I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I bet you're wondering how I came up with my name "colater" , well actually it's a pretty boring story. You see all I did was opened my "Little Oxford Dictionary" and opened it at a random page. Finding the word "collate" I removed an L and added and R. So there we go, that's never going to be a mystery.

Yours truly,

My first post

My First Post

Hi there, this is my first post on tumblr. To be perfectly honest I had never heard of this website until a little game called Minecraft came along. Minecraft is a independent game about mining and building ( fancy that huh? ). If you're interested in it givewww.minecraft.neta look, it may not look like much at first glance but if you give it a chance you'll be hooked trust me. Anyway this post isnt really about Minecraft it's about how I found tumblr. Well actually the creator of Minecraft, Notch has a great blog ( and guess what he uses to blog? So now I find myself taking a headfirst dive into the world of blogging. Wish me luck.

Yours sincerely,

Lost, a journey (hopefully) worth it's destination.

Well… I've got to confess. I'm not really into this whole blogging thing. My earlier attempts have been all too few and all too random. You see I've never really had the motivation do such a thing as a blog. But today is special, today I have motivation, today I find myself contemplating "Lost".

Lost. The American TV show following the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island. First Broadcast on September 22nd 2004, Lost has garnered wide spread Love and also hate. Loved for it's exciting characters --who lives off-island were shown to us through Flashbacks – and it's constantly evolving storyline, Cliff-hanger galore one might say; Hated for it's confusing stories, it's evolution into something completely different that what it began as and also not to forget, it's tendency to kill off those characters that seem to be on the brink of explaining and answering all those questions that we found ourselves constantly asking.

There are many well loved and well hated characters throughout the history of Lost; From Jack the "do-good" doctor, Locke the hunter, kate the "woman on the run" , Sawyer "the dashing rogue", Hurley " The comic relief", Ben "the manipulative ****" even down to some more obscure and short lived characters, the highly explosive Doctor Artz (forgive the pun) and the incredibly grounded Nikki and Paulo(oh I did it again!). There can be no argument opposing the fact that all these characters have very interesting, gripping stories to their lives and it is these great characters that have kept viewers gripped for the 6 seasons( 121 episodes) that this show has lasted for.

Lost has really left it's mark on the world, affecting people throughout. From the 18.6 million viewers who watched the pilot episode to the 51 awards that the television show has received to date. There have been internet viral campaigns, mass websites set up in it's honor and to catalogue the massive amounts of detail given to each episode, action figures of the main characters, tie in novels, board games, video games, jigsaws… This is a show which almost everyone in reach of modern communication technology has heard of.

Although this is not some mindless soap opera or repetitive crime drama, Lost is a television show which has dealt with good, evil, mythology, death, life and thousands of other issues. From the constantly recurring elements of Black and White and Good versus Evil it has tapped into those childlike responses we have to the "goody" and the "baddy" while constantly keeping us guessing to who actually is good and who is bad.

With the Finale of this show finally approaching, many fans are letting out sighs of relief and others cries of anguish. Although not all have stuck with Lost to the end, some felt disillusioned with it's constant cliff hangers, and creation of new questions while still not answering those that have been nagging at us for what would seem like an eternity. They have left. I will not judge them here, I can see why the would do such a thing but in my opinion this television show is just something that you had to stick with until the end, even if the storyline, answers and issues that will be dealt with at the end will appear completely different to that which Lost began as.

And in the end while the phenomenon that is Lost is finally coming to an end, many of those who have followed this great television show to the end find ourselves contemplating. What will I do now? Now that the most gripping, interesting television show I have watched for years is gone? I don't have the answer. I don't even know if we are going to cheer or boo this upcoming Finale. Although I can say one thing. It's been one hell of a ride and I have enjoyed every second, minute, episode and season of it.


The question; Why? A question that has plagued our race for years, decades or even centuries. Not the question of "where?" or "When" but a question that many have tried to but none know the answer of.

To look in a dictionary you will find that the word "why" means " for what cause of reason, on which account." One of the key words i would take from that explanation is the word "cause" for the question why? asks our motives for what we do. whatever it is we do throughout our lives we have motives; whether it being when we kill because of love or hate, when we steal due to jealousy or greed or even when we simply go for a walk in the park because we want to.

Yes, perhaps those words love, hate, jealousy, greed and want all describe our motives yet at no point do they explain themselves. Why do we love? Why do we hate? Perhaps a man of reason would tell you that it is the brain that causes those feelings or some such explanation. Whereas a man of faith would perhaps give the explanation that everything is happening for a reason and we are all part of a bigger picture. Yet in all honesty and something that neither would care to agree with me on is that they do not know why we do these things in our life.

Although many would argue to me that the question i should be asking is not "why?" but "what?" or more accurately; "what is the meaning of life?" Don't make the assumption that at any time i claim to know the answer to this question! For it is one that we will never know living or dead.

In the past few would have the nerve to ask such questions; afraid of persecution from those that were happy do believe that "a big man in the sky did it." Yet in this modern world that we live in the majority of us know better; there is no "big man in the sky." The sky that our aircraft and even spacecraft fly about freely with no interference for giant fallign coffee cups or stomping feet. Mankind has now even gone further; sending satellites into space with both honorable and other perhaps more distasteful motives.

And so it becomes apparent that the only man in the sky these days is the multinational corporations and corrupt governments watching our every move. Nowadays we are our own judges. Some would argue that this is the cause of many of the problems of today's world and that we NEED a "big man in the sky" to watch over and judge our lives.

With technology advancing at astronomical speeds, and everyday more ways being found for us to live longer, live easier and live faster you would think that the big questions that have plagued man for years would have been answered by now. Yet, no progress has been made here. Some would say that in this aspect we are still living in the dark ages.

Perhaps you have noticed that throughout this piece of writing i have actually asked many, many questions yet given few if any answers.Yet i believe that there is only one real answer to the questions i have asked throughout. So in conclusion i ask you my reader, in perhaps a lighter, but at no point inconsequential tone: Why not?

Do you play your wii ?

Hi there ! Something has been bothering me for the past few months; i don't play my wii ! i like it and all but something just seems to be missing... some say its the graphics... some say its the lack of triple A titles(I would agree with this)...

I'm not the only one who doesn't play the wii. My auntie bought a wii not too long after the launch of them and has only played it a few times. My friends who own wii's never seem to talk about them or any new games being released for them. The only games me and my friends have enjoyed and discussed on the wii so far are Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil 4 (not including wii sports). Super Mario galaxy was good because it was innovative and had impressive graphics and level design. We enjoyed Resident Evil 4 as for most of us it was the first resident evil game we had played, and it was fun had a decent story to it and also had impressive graphics. I believe that these two games have shown that the wii does not lack the power to create triple A games and has a lot of potential to do so...

Perhaps it is my own fault that i don't play my wii... I also own a Xbox 360 and devote most of my time to playing it. Also maybe my auntie and uncle are too old to enjoy their wii on a regular basis. Perhaps I am just biased towards my 360 and microsoft... which brings me to another point; I did play my wii regularly at one point, during which time i pretty much only played Resident Evil 4, but this was only because my 360 was be repaired at the time...

I only bought my wii as at the time it was the console you had to have! Now i am not too sure... Am i just a microsoft fan boy ? Do i know what i'm talking about ? you tell me...

Please leave comments, thanks for reading !

Also please leave titles of games i should try to get me playing my wii !!!