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O.K. so that got fixed, but now the only button there is the follow button. How do I add games? Move it from my following list? The original problem was basically replaced with the same problem.

With the recent changes, the Add to List button in search results is the primary way to add games to a list (collection, wishlist, now playing).
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We've definitely heard your feedback and we have changes to the GameSpot follow and add to list buttons coming any day now to simplify and clarify how this works.

Following games is now a core part of the new GameSpot Fuse (see What is GameSpot Fuse? post) and we're making following games a lot simpler. But the new GameSpot Fuse does not include collections or wishlists at this time, so the "Add to List" button will stay on the search results page, so you can still search for games to add to your collection.

And since following games and adding them to a list are very separate activities, we'll turn off the automatic following of games in the Add to List popup when this rolls out.

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We've made major changes to how games are followed with the rollout of GameSpot Fuse. See it at and read the What is GameSpot Fuse? post for an overview.

With GameSpot Fuse, we think we're making following games much more useful, but there's much more to do and we have discussed ways to follow broader topics than just a single specific game. As it stands today, GameSpot Fuse does make it a lot easier to find and follow games quickly.

There are changes to game lists and following that will be visible on the main GameSpot site any day now.

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Thanks for reporting.

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We're tracking two bugs related to how the free-game-only lists are generated and whether games without pricing data display "free" on the game summary page (they shouldn't). Hopefully we'll have this ironed out in next few days.

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This should be cleared up when we roll out some site changes related to mobile games next week.

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There's now a fix in QA for this. Should be fixed tomorrow.

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Good catch. The schedule on the site is correct, and the events are actually June 2.
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Have you tried the light theme? There's a toggle in the upper right of every page.