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Skipping Paper Mario 3DS for Tales of the Abyss.

You can find it for a reasonable price now, and it's not too rare (used to sell for £40 used on eBay, now you can find for £30 new).

I've wanted to get it for a while, recently I played some Mario 3D Land and remembered how much I liked my 3DS, so I want something I can keep playing for weeks (maybe months).

I read it's quite old school, but that won't bother me as Ihaven't played a JRPG in a while. I don't know man, there is something nice about playing a JRPG on a handheld.

Halo 4? NOPE! Sh*tbox 360 strikes again...

Man, I was (am?) hyped for Halo 4, but being mainly a PC gamer I hadn't played my 360 in months. So I turned it on today to get the new update and whatnot, ready for Halo 4 next week. :cool:

The update freezes, unwilling to turn it off after 50 minutes I contact Xbox Support Chat, long story short: turning off frozen console during update didn't brick my console, however trying to update still gave me problems, in the end after trying a few useless troubleshooting steps I have no warranty left and she tried to sell me a $100 repair. I'm not feeling that. This is my second 360 already, a second console I paid full price for. :evil:

So I can't connect online with updates being mandatory to connect to XBL, and Halo 4... not sure if I will get it day one without being able to access the majority of the content or put it to full use: Forge (why would I use it?), multiplayer duh, Spartan Ops... I didn't just want a 8 - 10 hour campaign, I wanted the full package. :(

And searching online brings up things about modded console, my console is 100% clean, only possible thing could be that it uses the power supply from my older 360 but I don't know whether it does and that was never a problem updating before.

Black Ops 2 PC this November, really? How disappointing. What a piece of sh*t console hardware. :cry:

I'm sorry Vita, I won't be there at launch!

So I've been hyping Vita, and it's a great piece of tech, but with the recent Steam sales it reminded me of all the games I still have yet to play, and the amazing games coming next year. So I have decided to hold out and NOT get a Vita at launch as it has no real killer apps for me, just a few good looking games I could probably enjoy.

I am still excited for it and will probably get it next year, unless Nintendo announce Pokemon for 3DS before I buy Vita.

WAS level 30 - I'm officially an uncle - Nintendo $uX!

L evel 30 now for a few days without losing points, I think it's safe enough to say I am level 30. 8)

Update, I am now level 29 again at 56%. Yay.

A nd yeah, I'm officially an uncle (next year will be a Godfather), my older bro had a little girl. So cute, 2 weeks old now. :oops:

Eat, sleep, poop. Such a innocent life eh? Right now I eat, sleep, poop... but also game in between. :twisted: And soon will be going to Portugal for a month. So when I don't post you will know why :P

T his week with all the Nintendo / Xenoblade localisation BS I was left let down by Nintendo in general. Yeah I'm in Europe (UK) so I will be enjoying Xenoblade whenever they decide to release it this year, but the localisation of their games just seems random. EU getting these games, but some times NA gets games or usually early, then EU at best will get them late. :?

What's worse is that the Xenoblade/LS/PT case is all first party IP's. Come on Nintendo, saying they want the core gamer back for the Wii U, send us a good message then; the people who kept the Gamecube alive as it struggled through last gen. It's all about the profit now, no risks as far as localising games. All they have to do is a TV ad, slap Nintendo across it, and blam it will do pretty well. I am still not convinced by the Wii U, or the hardcore promise... it needs more than 3rd party multiplats which will come out first on 360/PS3/PC, and my PC looks like it will be more powerful than the Wii U if rumours are true. Nintendo's view of the core seems to be "bro" gamers... no. Core gamers like a variety of games and Nintendo needs to cater to them and not be so random as far as the games the system gets. :roll:

C urrently playing Bad Company 2 on PC. More enjoyable than console version, though I am still looking for games which show PC gamers are better than console gamers at FPS's... maybe I'm just that good because I haven't seen much 8)

Can't wait for BF3 now, I get like 50fps on BC2 so I doubt it will have any problems running BF3. Biggest surprise this week was Batman Arkham City gameplay video, wow, surpassed my expectations. I didn't give AA a chance after the demo which I thought was OK but didn't see what was special about it. Cheap enough, also will max out PC version. Also... Zelda SS = GOTY on GS :P

OK that's about it. Thanks for not caring :P Oh, and happy 4th of July to Americans.

Gaming rig / Pokemon White / update

So recently I've just been testing out my rig, I tried the Crysis demo, finally installed FRAPS so I can show you guys a screenshot:

That is Crysis (vanilla) demo, on very high gets about 25 to 30fps. On high it looks almost as good, hard to tell much of a difference but the game runs at about 30 to 40fps.

What I noticed is that the game is jaggy, those screens are 8x AA, I can kind of understand it has many trees and leaves which would be hard to keep so smooth.

I can't use it much because I don't have a desk, I'm going to switch rooms with my brother but he wants to paint it, hopefully he will get that tomorrow and by next week I will move rooms and buy a desk when I do. So right now it's hooked up to my TV.

Installed DirectX 11, Steam, downloading the free game Alien Swarm. 8)

Pokemon time. I am loving this game, defnitely one of my favourites, all Pokemon being new is so fresh, at first I didn't like the new 3D graphics (the way it was used), but it grows on you.

My team:

Serperior lvl40 ... Zebstrika lvl38 ... Cof-agr-igus lvl35 ... Vanillish lvl35

Cof-agr-igus is censored for some reason. Man, some of these Pokemon are ugly. I will look past Cof-agr-igus because he is a Ghost Pokemon, but Vanillish is just stupid looking. Ice cream, really!?

Gaming rig is built!

Woo! Hardest part was insalling Windows 7 as it wouldn't install using the CD.

The case was bigger than expected but it's got 3 fans one one the red light, a huge one at the top, and one at the back. All I need now is a black CD drive :P

Already tried out the Crysis demo, got a good framerate with everything max and whatnot (just to test it out). Resolution was 720p though as my TV's (haven't got a monitor yet for this) resoluion isn't supported (1333x768 or whatever it is).

Crysis graphics aren't as impressive as they were before, but I'm glad my rig can run it well. 8)

I would have posted a screenshot, but I don't a printscreen of the game, then when I pasrted it into paint it was blank.

Gaming rig parts purchased!

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3, AMD 770, AM 1 £47.77
RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR3 PC3-10600 (1333) N 1 £29.10
Case: Coolermaster HAF 922, Black, Mid T 1 £65.79
Graphics card: 1GB XFX HD 5850, PCI-E 2.1 (x16), 4 1 £120.58
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 840, Propus Core, 1 £65.84
PSU: 500W Corsair CMPSU-500CXUK Builder 1 £37.50
HDD: 1TB Western Digital WD10EALS Caviar 1 £40.69

Net Total £407.27
Carriage £13.98
VAT £84.25
Total £505.50

Dat 20% VAT

Noticeable things not bought yet Windows 7 and a CD Drive, also need to get a monitor for this.

I needed a new PC so I am just gonna build a decent rig. Overall I am happy with this set up. My first gaming rig, much more powerful than current gen consoles so it will be where I get all the possible multiplats and whatnot. 8)

Should arrive on Tuesday.

Exciting times. :D

Paying for XBL Gold is annoying.

But PS3 being £230+ still is more annoying. 360 has had the PS3 beat on price for so many years, it makes getting a PS3 hard when I have so many other things/games I want to get. We are on the 6th year of this gen I don't expect to pay over £200 for anything that old.

A year or two ago they cut the manufacturing price by 70% but this has not been reflected in the PS3 Slim price. 360 has been under £200 for almost 4 years now, whether it be the Core console or not, it makes it hard to get a PS3 when the price difference is so big. I got a 60GB 360 in 2009 for around £160 with Mass Effect.

I hope the next price drop is a significant one.

I paid over £200 for a PS2 in 2001, when it was still new.

So yeah, paying for XBL Gold makes me think "damn, I really don't want to pay for this" but then I only have a 360 and Wii, no gaming rig or PS3, so if I wnat a good online experience I need to game on the 360. I am trapped. Sony need to cut the price big!

Europe were awesome!

Europe the band. Went to their concert last night with some friends, I don't listen to a lot of Rock music but I did listen to Europe when I was younger (I had their Wings of Tomorrow album 8)). They are doing a UK tour at the moment I believe, last night they were at the O2 in Shepherds Bush, London.

These guys were awesome, the sound was blazing. Finished off with Final Countdown which was the highlight of the night of course, this isn't my video because mine is not as good quality and sound (phone):


Anyway, hopefully my Dragon Quest 6 import arrives soon. Then I'll be getting Pokemon B/W. Dragon Age 2. It's gonna be a busy month. :P

Selling COD BO makes gaming feel better.

So recently I sold my copy of COD BO, it just got old fast, I played it so much, and it got frustrating (before you start no I didn't suck, positive K/D and win ratio).

When I wasn't playing it I was thinking what good weapon combos, and because I started getting bored of it I started playing by doing crazy things and weapon combos just to have fun. I play a lot of SnD and it keeps putting you into losing games, half done games, no option to search for games not in progress, you could spend 15 minutes in the menu before finding a good game. The COD points system sucks IMO, you don't have to use weapons to unlock stuff, anyone can buy any attachment or camo. You can't have noob tube and scope, extended mags and rapid fire, silencer on LMG's, just made some of the weapons useless and not fun to use.

But for some reason I kept going back for more, and didn't play other games (Donkey Kong and Just Cause 2 half done). Now that I have sold it, my gaming experience is a lot better. I am going to complete Donkey Kong, and Just Cause 2 is a lot of crazy fun. I can't believe I stopped playing those because of COD; no more putting up with frustrating games.

I know I could have just stopped playing COD, and I tried that... it worked for a week as I enjoyed other games (Metroid Prime 3 and Donkey Kong) but it's there, so I eventually popped it in. Only selling it has cleared my mind.

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