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Just purchased a pretty big order.

Just thought I'd post a quick blog to talk about my excitement over a purchase I just made. I've been thinking of getting into adding maybe $150 or so to my game collection everytime I get paid. I seem to be able to fill in a lot of holes in by doing this through amazon.

So here is the purchase I just made:

1.) Unreal Tournament for PS2- This is something that I used to own on both ps2 and OSX and a game that I have been having a major hankering to play again, lately.

2.) Tekken 3 for ps1- Filling up the last hole in my tekken collection aside from the tekken hybrid game out right now but that game looks a little lack luster to me, will probably pick it up after tekken tag 2 is out and it gets super cheap.

3.) Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in time for Ps3- Haven't played any of these games yet and would like to get into it.

4.) Metal gear solid 4 for the ps3- I got this for 10 bucks not sure how it's going for so cheap but I figured I'd grab it.

5-6.) Twisted Metal 3 and 4 for the Ps1- Still need 2 but I'm waiting for a better price on it.

7.) Dante's Inferno for the ps3- A game I was interested in at the time it came out but haven't seen on shelves.

8.) Bayonetta for the ps3- Same as dante's inferno was interested and haven't seen it around.

9.) Grand theft auto: vice city stories for the ps2- Filling in my only grand theft auto gap not counting expansions.

10.) Dues Ex: The conspiracy for the ps2- Never played this before but want to go back and take a look after playing HR

11.) Little big planet (game of the year edition) for ps3- Never played it but I wanted a platformer and it was cheap.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty dang good haul for under $200 and I'll be checking my mail excitedly for the next week and a half or so, LOL!