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SakuraxXxNaruto Blog

:( Grounded.....

i said i was going to be on, but i cant because im grounded... for breaking curfew.

im not sure when i'll be back, hopefully b4 the end of january

darn New Year's Eve parties:P


Back in Action!!

Geuss What?!

- my computer broke:P

- which is y i wasnt on for a while...

But wait there's more..

- I got a new laptop so now i can be on again!!:D

um thats it really, i hope u guys a great Chritmas:)

2nd Blog and Pics now that i can post them:P

i love this color:P

im finally out of school... tomro and i have no work over the break

we're having parties its gonna be awesome:D

Check this out:

i got two banners but i dont know which to use, so i'll alternate every week

here they are: made by DimitriFan1:D

and this one:

made by Soraheart:D

Because i absolutely adore both of them, i'll keep switcing:P

Last thing:

heres some anime that i watch




(just started watiching this showyesterday) Lucky Star


ok thats it... now go away:P

My First Blog:D

Yay, its my first blog. I dont really know what to say but i love being on GameSpot, its so fun.:D

I dont know what else to do really, any suggestions?:P