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My new Xbox

After a great E3 with a lot of great hardware and games, Titanfall,The Division and 25 more;). I have just Pre-Ordered Xbox One BF4 Bundle. YES i know the hate, but i  still see Xbox One as a better console in the long run and it has a clearly better Line-up i the first year. I will properly get the PS4 sometime later on, as i did with PS3.

Far Cry 3

Playing Far Cry 3 right now(released today in EU), and holy s#@t its good, its like Skyrim with guns and with a little bit of Just Cause 2 put together.

Many thanks to Ubisoft Montreal:D

Good luck

Good luck to all gamers and all the other people on the east coast during Sandy.

Stay safe

Medal Of Honor

Maybe its time for EA to reboot the reboot of Medal Of Honor.

Reviews of this game is really giving EA a pounding in the a#%.

Battlefield 3 Maps

We have to wait to June, 4 months til there will be new Maps to BF3. Since EA got there claws:twisted:in DICE it has been downhill for DICE.

June !! Come on, What a joke:evil:

Falling in love

I love you Skyrim.

A game like Skyrim is the big reason why i in the advanced age of 35 ;) stil can get excited about a game, like as a 13 year old girl to a Bieber concert.

So thanks to Todd Howard and the rest of the team at Bethesda for another big epic game. How get to work on Fallout 4 :P

A big milestone

Today(Thursday), i crossed a big milestone in my gaming life. I reached 100.000 xbox 360 achievements points/score.

It was good old Agent 47 in Blood Money, who took me over the edge.

I celebrated the big day with a Twix, a Sprite and a cigarette. PARTY !!:P