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Dear Gamespot

I'm not making long and content filled blogs anymore. you don't seem to like them or comment them :'( SO, I will make a dozen meaningless blogs without any effort, throughout my time here. that is all.

Another SailorHiiragi Blog: entertaining randomness


Ok so like, it's been really long since I wrote a Blog so here I go. first off I wanna thank this guy for the blog banner. feel like having your banner displayed on my next blog? hit me up with something and if I like it, I'll use it ;D


I don't have much to blog about so I'll just fill up this blank space with my thoughts, rants, opinions no one cares about, my life, my e-life, and more random isht. also, there will be babes ( nah, there wont be. cause a babe posting a babe on her blog is weird. but wait! I'm totally weird, so deal with it! ) enjoy!


There's been loads of confusion regarding my gender here on gamespot, and that's to be expected since I e-pranked the picture thread with a photo of an asian girl, but after coming clean and posting an actual picture of myself, I figured that'd be enough-- I was wrong :P looks like there's quite a few sceptics out there so if you're one, add me on MSN, and I'll use my headset for you. :)

Since I'm an artist, I'm open for commissions. if you're interested, I have a gig on if you don't know what that is, google it. :P if you do, and want me to transform your likeness into a comic book inspired super hero or villain, I can do so for JUST $5! ( that's just $3.92 after tax and fees ) so get ordering!

I tried for the first time last week. I find it really entertaining to tell someone to have sex with their mother and end chat right after. I actually came across a few cool people on that site, but what I'm really looking forward to is having a hilarious conversation with someone and having it posted on aka the holy grail of the internet.

I'm gonna be promo-ing people on my blogs from now on, so if you want to be featured in my next blog, I can do so, I will even write a fake paragraph on how cool of a person you are. ( not really, I'll just put your username, a link to your profile and your avatar, that's all you get for free. ) here's an example:


I'm on level 5 and I didn't realize it up until I started writing this blog :P so that's cool. I thought leveling up here was gonna be a lot tougher but I'm glad I was wrong. because what level you are on your gaming forum profile says a lot about who you are in actual life. ( biggest load of BS right there ).

Also, the mods are after me. I haven't been here THAT long and I've already recieved a lot of warnings and a 2-day suspension! WTH!


So it's been chaotic and depressing as it always is :P my brother's laptop came down with a virus-- so bad I had to use the REBOOT CD, which wasn't able to wipe the hard drive clean because it kept giving me an error. turns out that error was result of a defective hard drive. so, I go to best buy, the geek gives me another compatable hard drive and that seemed to do the trick. I'm lucky it was just a hard drive problem and not a processer, BIOS or mother board problem as the geek suggested.

That makes me wonder... are geeks who work at best buy actually jerks?

After spending about 10 hours trying to fix THAT, I had to tend to some commission orders I been putting off for days ( yes, I'm a freelance-artist ), and now I've got work piled up and I hate that. -_- so I'll be busy with that for the next few days and not so active on gamespot. speaking of gamespot, this site is slowly becoming a daily habit for me >_> I have enough habits, I really can't afford another. to late for THAT I guess.

"The good old days..."

So summer's leaving us, sadly and I haven't even gone skinny dipping ( yet ). not only that, but I haven't gone to the anual 4th of July fair held in my community :( seemingly, this summer I haven't done anything fun. which is ironic because last summer was a blast for me. I sure hope your summer was more eventful then mine. :P

"Beauty is pain!"

I've been on a diet, trying to loose the ol' winter weight. and I've succeeded. I'm now 135lbs. however, my goal is 125lbs, mainly because I'm short ( 5, 2" ). everyone I know calls me shrimp, shorty, midget, dwarf... the strange thing is that I come from a family of giants... genetic defect much? :P

Just a week or so ago, I dreamt what I believe to be a gift. I dreamt a best-seller. which means everything to me since I've had writers block ( yes, I'm also a freelance-writer ) since the longest time. maybe about a half a year to be accurate for you. so that's really exciting-- for me.

"Think about this guy the next time you use profanity in your household."

I've been researching the Slavic Mythology ( for inspirational purposes ) and I was amazed to learn about the Domovoi. if you're not afraid of ghosts, I dare you to read up on the Domovoi's story yourself. ;)


"Oh Daniel, marry me!"

The Woman In Black starring Daniel Radcliffe looks very exciting. I really hope this is the film that proves to us that he's no typecasted child star. I think he's a decent actor and I really can't wait to see what else he can bring to the screen, besides what we've already been exposed to with Harry Potter. another movie I'm dying to see is Captain America, I hear from everyone I know that it is indeed a must see and is "the best comic-turn-movie ever". LOL.

"Not hentai the game at all. not at all."

Some video games that I think are over-exposed are this Catherine game. I think it's hentai the video game honestly. I'm looking forward MORE, to the new Zelda heading our way, I might just purchase that in the near future since I was totally hooked to Twilight Princess when that came out.

I'm noticing how crap filled the rpg's are becoming these days. I personally think the rpg fans have been deprived of a real rpg and haven't seen a good one since Final Fantasy X. the only game publisher/developer I can depend on these days is Rockstar. they honestly have yet failed us. with hits like L.A.Noir and GTA4 I don't see how they CAN.

can't say the same for Square-Enix however, sure Lightning ( the female version of Cloud ) is cool and the game recieved pretty ratings, but personally, it's all smoke and mirrors and they're milking the crap out of each Final Fantasy title these days. dare I say it? they've become too main stream.

"Capcom must get off by violating it's fans."

A game I'm both dreading and dying over is DMC the pre-prequel, reboot, sequel... ( capcom, make up your damn mind! ) they teased the hell out of us with the revealing of a skinny, drug addicted looking dante, with BROWN HAIR. they have yet informed us about any upcoming news regarding the next relase date of another teaser, and all that crap. personally I know the game is gonna suck donkey privates, but it pains me because capcom just wont let the series be, they keep making more installments in the series and the story becomes more and more confusing and makes less sense each time they try to re-write their wrongs! they're just giving us more questions, and haven't answered any! so frustrating. :( they should have stopped after the first installment if you ask me >_>.

I totally deserve an award because I can rap the first verse of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass". I'm so awesome, I know.


1. how have you spent your summer?

2. what movies are you currently excited about?

3. which game are you most excited about?

4. which game is over-exposed iyo?

5. can you rap? if so, what can you rap?

6. if you were a girl, would you do Daniel Radcliffe? ( just kidding, don't answer that. well if you want too, go ahead. )

7. are you going to order my gig on

8. I'll kill you if you don't. ( but that's not even a question! )

9. what's the most nastiest thing you ever found laying around?

10. what's the best invention known to mankind? ( lube jk )

11. what's your favorite popular meme?

11 1/2. if your girlfriend was a zombie, would you shoot her?

12. how scary is the Domovoi?

-0 1/2. I have no more questions. Ask me one!


OK that's the end. here's a babe I'd make out with: ( girl crush )

"Mundus has DAMN good taste."

SailorHiiragi Intro Blog...ey.

hey everyone, I'm new here :3 you could call me Hiiragi, I'm 19 years old, female, I live in the USA and I'm a total geek/nerd. ( I consider HTML a pass time ) '-' lol. I love video games, anime, manga, cosplay, writing, tv, movies, music of all sorts but mainly rock and trance. other then that I'm pretty friendly, I have msn for the interested, and I will be posting more entertaining blogs in the future so stick around and add me if you like :) in the mean time, here are some of my favorites! Favorite games: 1.Devil May Cry ( PS2 ) 2.Final Fantasy X ( PS2 ) 3.Xenosaga episode one: Der Wille Zur Macht ( PS2 ) 4.Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 ( PS2 ) 5.Silent Hill 3 ( PS2 ) 6.Grand Turismo 3: Aspec ( PS2 ) 7.Grand Thief Auto 3 ( PS2 ) 8.Soul Calibur 2 ( GC ) Favorite anime: 1.Cowboy Bebop 2.Spirited Away 3.Yu-Gi-Oh! 4.Sailor Moon 5.Jigoku Shoujo 6.Death Note 'till next time, sons of sparda ;) peace. -SH