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I'm playing through Pikmin 2 right now. Thought I'd try it out to make sure that I actually like Pikmin before buying 3. And of course, I fell in love with the game. :)
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I think metroid needs to be Nintendos' fps that is not only as amazing as any of the prime games, but has a great online with 8-12 person matches, with limited modes similar to kz3 war zone mode. I would love another great 2d metroid, but Nintendo would crush all other systems with prime 4 with online coop and Tdm.da_chub
No no no. It should never become a FPS. It can stay an FPA but changing it to FPS would take away anything Metroid-y about it. It's all about being alone on a planet and discovery. People wanted multiplayer and when Retro threw it into Prime 2, people complained about it. Metroid has to be kept a single player game because that's what helps creates the atmosphere of the games. (feeling of isolation)
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anyone else find Super Metroid buggy?dobzilian
I haven't run into anything yet. I've just started Maridia so I'm a good chunk through. I'm currently playing Super Metroid, but have been thinking of picking up Super Mario Bros. 2. Kind of kicking myself for not getting it when it was through Club Nintendo. I also have Super Mario World that I'm slowly working through too.
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I was thinking of eventually picking up a Wii U but first I have some questions. Is it possible to transfer Wii saves to the Wii U without the actual Wii? For example, I have the saves on an SD card and was thinking of selling the Wii? And how do you get your Virtual Console games on the Wii U from the Wii? Is it the same process as transferring the saves over? Thanks.
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Have you tried using Nero?JasonDarksavior
No I haven't. That's one where it was getting great reviews from websites but bad ones from users. Particularly 12 Platinum. I was thinking of going ahead with that one anyways and giving it a try myself. Is there a version that you have used?
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Hello all, I'm looking for a program that will burn home videos to Blu Ray. The only problem I'm having is, that every program I Google that has good reviews from websites will have terrible reviews from users. So, I've come to you all asking, what program(s) you use? I'm just looking for one that's reliable. I don't care about cost as long as it does it's job. I don't think I'll be doing a lot of editing but who knows, so if it had that, it would be a bonus. Thanks in advance.
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This...any many other reasons, is why I don't do PC gaming. Too many games being modded and too many ways for a game to glitch or screw up. Console gaming is so much more simplistic and you don't have to worry about gun mods and whatnot in multiplayer. My opinion. :)

There's cache problems on consoles too. I remember them quite well with Oblivion on the 360. But like you said consoles are more simplistic and pick up and go.
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Steam ID: Sadistic Grunt I've been playing a lot of single player games lately but I have been wanting to join a community or have some friends to play multiplayer games with. I'm interested in playing quite a few games. Send me a friend request or message me for some games you may want to play. Please tell me you're from Gamespot in the message. Thank you.
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I just finished playing the demo and loved it. But before I go ahead with the buy I was wondering how long the single player is approximately, is there many boss fights and how difficult can they be and is there any more difficulty levels than "No-Sweat" and "Normal"? Thanks.