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Risen from Darkness

Hello my friends who still read my blogs ^_^

I have been extremely inactive on this site, and I really want to return but I can never quite find the time. I even missed my long-anticipated Metal Gear Rising review...But it's all for the best.

Over the last two years I have turned my life into garbage. I completley lost sight of my morals and did alot of things I regret. I lost myself. I never really mentioned it until now, but I am everyday now filled with regret and a obsessive strive to make my life right. That is what I promised myself July 2012, that I would change the person I was, into someone I'm proud to be.

I'm happy to say that on May 22, 2013, that dream may finally come true.

I don't want to get into detail on what exactly I have done to make me regret so much...But I am more than glad to tell you all how far I've risen above my old ways. Okay well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but hey, this is just how I feel about actually doing something I'm proud of.

I used to have disregard for the law, telling myself the things I was doing "were not that bad". But then I finally came to relize what a corrupt person it had made me, and I swore myself to change. And for the most part, I've stuck to it.

However, I have one final challange to overcome before I can be fully redeemed and proud of myself- The 9th grade finals. As it stands right now, I'm making all B's. I'm just very nervous that these tests will make-or-break me in terms of my grades. So perhaps I can be all self-centered and sit around and tell you guys to cheer me on? Well actually that sounds quite nice xD. But in all seriousness guys, wish me luck. Passing this year means the world to me..

I've also said this atleast 37 billion times but...I do intend on being much more active on Gamespot in the near future, but right now I have much more important tasks to acomplish. Also I really should do my Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review soon since I'm like two months late 0_0

But more importantly, I should really really get back to studying for my permit test tommorow!

Anyway guys, wish me luck!

And Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man :)

LBP Vita........

Hello everyone....

I got LBP Vita yesterday, and I just wanna say one short thing.

Everyone, please buy a Vita, this game is sooooooo gooooooddd....

anyway that'll be all.

Stay Healthy!


PlayStation Vita: The Sinking Ship

The PlayStation Vita, you know what it is. That amazing bit of hardware that was going to change portable gaming forever. Playstation 3 graphics, Remote-Play compatible, a decent launch price of 249.99$, Cross-Platform play, SIXAXIS motion control, duel cameras, and oh-so-much more. It sounded perfect, it was incredible.

It was a load of crap.

I picked up my Playstation Vita at launch, and already i get my first sign of dissapointment. I coulden't even afford to pick up a game for the darn thing due to THE 30$ MEMORY CARD, ON TOP OF A ALREADY 250$ HANDHELD. But that was ok, i guess. I took the thing home and was highly impressed. The touch screen was beautifull and worked like a charm, to date the best touch screen i've ever used. I got a expensive, i mean, awesome (No I mean expensive) 8 gigabite memory card, so I can hold a decent amount of stuff. I was impressed with the thing, but since I coulden't afford a game at the time, I just used it as a camera for awhile.

Finally, I pick up Uncharted. Pretty decent game, terrible plot. But regardless was a nice little demo of what the Vita was powerfull enough to play. I mean seriously, Golden Abyss is comparable to Drake's Fourtune on the PS3 in terms of graphics and overall feel of gameplay.

Still dosen't mean this thing is worth it.

One big selling point for alot of people, me personally, was it's compatibility with Remote-Play, a feature missing from the PSP. (Even though you can Youtube it and it CLEARLY worked on PSP.) Anyway, say you got a 3G vita. You would pretty much have a portable PS3. Sounds awesome right? Wrong. Sony lied, you can't remote play your games.

(Jump to 0:35 in this video)

Sony released this ad for the Vita CLEARLY saying and showing that Killzone 3 would be playable, and pretty much uses Killzone 3 as the example as to, all PS3 games will be compatible.

Not even Killzone 3 is compatible.

Another thing that really makes me sick, is they even had a stage show that featured Killzone 3, showing "how powerfull" it was, even though Remote-Play is just streaming, therefore It dosen't mean anything about it's power, just it's internet connection. And let's not forget the fact they're actually showing the game running on Vita, yet they still won't let you play. Worse yet, the Vita CAN play it, but Sony locked out the feature.

As you can see, Skyrim is clearly working on the Vita, but people actually have to Homebrew their Vitas in order to do this, and most people probably don't want to pay nearly 300$ just to hack the crap out of it... Anyway, I called sony about this whole little thing.

They claim that in a few months, (I called them back in April) Some PS3 games in special-marked boxes will be Remote-Play compatible. This, of course, is likley a huge load of bull. But, It's the offical word.

Next up is pricing.

The chargers are 30$.

Need I say more? The Chargers ARE 30$. Now granted, a charger is packed with the system, but if something ever happens to it, well, a replacement is 30$. And well.. 30$ memory cards.

Did I mention the 32 gig memory cards ARE 100$!!? And what's up with charging 50$ for half theese games?...

I could go on, and on man.

As of recent, because of the low amount of games, and the low amount in my wallet, the only use i really get out of my Vita is Skype, Youtube, A camera, and As an MP3 player. Now this is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that pretty much every portable device with an internet connection these days also does this. And of course, for a lower price.

These are just a few things about the Vita I don't like, and I may touch up on the topic again. But what are your thoughts. What do you think about Sony's newest handheld?


Hey 'errybody.

Here is the deal.

I'm going to *attempt* to make a comeback on gamespot. Considering I used to be a fairly active blogger and reviwer, and since my Peace Walker review was featured on *I think it was called*, I wanted to come back.

Now, I'm "coming back" because my last lenghty blog got no readers. (It's been removed since) So I diden't have much drive to keep on blogging. But i've decided, I'm gonna keep blogging. The question is, does anyone care?

Well, I certainly guess we will see about that.

My blogs are probably going to be less about my personal life from now on, you may not expect much but i'll be trying my darndest to get some good interesting stuff out there for all my buds to read. Also maybe video reviews? All really depends on if anyone actually cares, haha.

Anyways, I, Is, Back, Everybooudy.


Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man :D

Just got my hands on the Playstation Vita!

Yo, My homedogs.

So, just went to my local Gamestop, and FINALLY got Skyrim, and a little something else..

They had a playable Vita there!

I just wanna tell everyone that this thing is awesome. The extra nub-stick-thing is a sweet new addition, The visuals are absolutley amazing, the animations and what not are exact equal to PS3, has a nice touch screen, just..Please, please everyone. PLEASE get a Vita!


Thank you, sirs.

Anywhoooo dawgs.

Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man ;)

I've asked this a million times before..but..

Am I ugly?

I know i've posted this before, but latley ive been really stressed just because one thing keeps going through my head... I feel like I look like a turd :(

Ill be posting a pic of myself in a sec, and you guys can tell me what you think..

Er, thanks?



Time to end the blog..

Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man :)


Yo everyone!

Ive been gone from Gamespot for awhile now, so i thought i would just post and keep my friends updated about my life..if you guys care lol..

Well i've been talking to my beautiful girlfriend Danielle alot recently ;) i actually stayed up from 9 PM til 7 AM talking to her one night in july :D, and she's everything to i havent cared much for Gamespot recently lol.. And uh..All trouble from last school year has been dealt new man hehe :D..

Also, does anyone have a Star Wars Galaxies account their not using? ill PM you for details if you have one..

anyway, hehe back to texting Danielle! seeya everyone lool.

Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man:) (Jonathan + Danielle Forever

Havent blogged in months..

Hey everybody, who still reads my blogs...

Er if you do read my blogs.. than you might wonder why i havent blogged in awhile..

well..i dunoo things have been rough latley..meh ill post about it later...


Stay Healthy!

Sackboy_man :) Jonathan+Danielle forever :D

Ghost, of, SPARTA!

Hello everyone!!

Okay, so hopefully you've been following my blogs latley. Or you just won't get this one.. i guess...

Anyway, i FINALLY got God of War: Ghost of Sparta yesterday... and beat the whole story mode in one sitting....... Oh well. It was about an hour longer than Chains of Olympus. But Deimos diden't actully have enough to do with the game if you ask me. I mean, he shows up for about 20 mins, and *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* dies. Ugh. dissapointing..

Anyway, also... the game did In fact come with.........

The Deimos Skin for God of War III!!!!


My brother got the game too, which means...

I have a extra code!

So if anyone has anything to trade for the code.. Of course if there's anyone who wants it, just let me know!! :D But remember, the code expires Novermber 2 of next year!!

Anyway, i guess i'll write my Ghost of Sparta review now..

Stay Healthy!!

Sackboy_man :)