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5 years on Gamespot

I remember 5 years ago today I happened across this site. It became my go to site for news and reviews. What made it getter than most of the gaming sites was the commuity and site ineraction.

Things have changed in the five years I have been here but it is still the same great community.

5 years later this is still my go to gaming site for news and reviews. Thanks Gamespot and keep up the good work.

My Results from the Pepsi Rockband promotion.

So the Pepsi Rockband promotion is over. I made out pretty well off from it.

I entered 365 caps. I won 269 "songs" for a total of $538.00 in Wii points. I put about 4 points into a chance to win an xbox console.. the rest went into a chance to win a song. July 28 was the first cap I lost on. I am guessing as more people began to learn about it more songs were being won.I assume this is what happened as they ran out of Wii points about three times during the promotion. I would play early in the morning at a chance to win some of the 5000 daily songs. Aug 26 and 28th I was on a win streak winning 50 songs without a loss.

Most of my caps came from people at work.. Dispatchers and a lot from my local hospital staff. I would buy pepsi's from a vending machine during work which only cost a dollar.. a dollar for a pepsi and 2 dollars in Wii points.. not a bad deal.

The 200000 point limit on the Shop Channel meant I had to gift a lot of games and get some I normally would not buy. I have since learned that I have until Sept. 30 to redeem my code for points. I have 200 dollars in wii points now and around 70 dollars in codes to redeem for points. I have until Dec. to redeem the codes on the Wii shop channel.. Hopefully some good stuff comes out between now and dec. as I have 70 dollars to spend before then or I lose it. Come Jan I should still be sitting on 200 dollars in Wii points.

In July news broke about the promtion on some websites.. this is when I finally started losing. I had already made a couple hundred in Wii points so I tried to let the some gamespot members know about it... unfortunatly I was modded for advertising and spamming. So I waited until the promotion was over to mention it again on here.

Hopefully this promotion returns next summer. $538.00 in free games and D/L content cant be beat.

Free Nintendo Wii points

For those of you who don't know.. Pepsi has a rock band promtion going on right now which you can win a free downloadable track for Rock band. Under the yellow caps is a code you enter at a chance to win among other things a free song on Rock band. They are giving 5000 songs a day away. After you play your cap at a chance for a song and win it will prompt you to pick your song on the website. Now with the Wii there is no way to tie what song you choose on the site to the game, so you are instead given another code in which to redeem the song. This code is entered the same as a Wii points card, which will redeem 200 points, the cost of a Rock Band song.

I have yet to lose on a code entered for a song. I have been having people at work give me thier pepsi caps and have entered over 150 caps. I have made over $300 in Wii points in the last month and a half. Not sure how many others have picked up on it. Last week they ran out of Wii points and I could not get a "song". The site said they were in the process of buying more Wii codes. They are since back up and running.

The promotion has another 47 days left as of this blog post. This means pepsi will shortly stop making the yellow caps, and what is left in the stores is all she wrote.

Get some caps and give it a try.

It's a boy!!

My wife and I gave birth to our frist child yesterday.. We had a boy.. Connor. 8 pounds 6 ounces.

Now the fun begins I guess for better or worse. She already told me she does not want me letting him play video games too much.. I guess we will both have to sneak to the basement to play.

Me being a police officer and her being a teacher.. he is screwed.. cant get away with anything at or outside of school.

pointless threads

Ever since I joined this site.. the number of pointless threads has bothered me. Just today I saw the how often do you sneeze, and what did you wear today,, what are you wearing tomorrow threads.

What is the point of these. Too often I see what is in your game console, what is your fav. color, ect.

I dont know if it is because the average age on this site is young, or if people are just trying to bump up post count for some odd reason,, as if at 10000 posts you get a toaster or something. Everyday I have to scroll past these worthless threads to find one worth reading.

I would be much happier if these pointless threads were deleted. The worst part is the number of replies to these threads which means they seem to be popular. I just don't get it.

Nintendo products and support - release delays

I have been a Nintendo fan since the NES and have stuck faithfully with the system since. The only other console I have bought was a PS1 and that was for FF7. I never got the gamecube as there was a time I got into PC gaming.

over the years Nintendo has released consoles with promises of extra's. Most of the time they come through, though by the time they are released, the console in on the downward slope of it's existence. Does anyone remember the slot added to the undernearth of the N64. This was said to be for added content, and was supposed to be a CD. It ended up never being used. By the time the memory expansion was released the console was over 3 years old and Gamecube was well into development.

With the Wii. We were promised channels and support. A year into the release and we had a Wii vote channel. It took a year and a half to release the Nintendo channel and to start releasing Wii Ware games. Since then we have Wii vote, Mii channel, and thats about it. There has been only one demo released. There is a lack of channels and releases for the VC. There are thousands of games that can be released.

Things like the mouse, balance board, super scope, running pad, ect. are released with little support. Like I also said,, when things are released it is years after launch and when the system is on it's last lap.

I hope with the next console the features announced for the system will be shorly released after launch and not years.

about me

Just got back into console when I bought a Wii. Used to play Dark Age of Camelot where I started the Fallen Souls guild. Fallen Souls is now an online gaming guild of real life friends and friends met through gaming. Web site for Fallen Souls is...

30 years old. and a police officer living in NYS.