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Im Back! sort of

hello peoples. I am writing this blog to inform you that I will start coming here again, The temptation to come back was too strong! As much as I would love to be as active as the early days I am just not that interested in Gamespot. Which means I will still go on here, but just not as much.

While I was away, I finally got a stable internet connection for my ps3 :D My psn name is PuRe92, so if you could add me it would be appreciated, its alot easier than to have me add all of you guys. You will see me playing MGS4, GTA4 and Fifa 08 as their the only games I have online right now. Im also looking to buy COD4 because I hear the online is great. Anyone got other suggestions as to a good Online game?


Leaving Gamespot Indefinately.

I have decided to leave gamespot Indefinitely. What does that mean? well it means I probably will be back, but not for a while. Expect me back when the next major game(imo) comes out(probably Starcraft 2) Until then, bye!

Finished MGS4

I finished Metal Gear Solid 4. My total playing time was around 16 hours. It is now my second favourite game ever, behind Brood War of course:P The whole experience was amazing. I do think the end could have been better, they should have just ended it when (dont click on the spoiler until you have finished the game!) [spoiler] They should have made it so snake did shoot himself and it would have ended there [/spoiler] It would have been more thrilling. But i didn't expect that person to pop up at the end! Anyway its an outstanding game worthy of a ten. Ill be playing it again FO SHO!


Hi peoples. I have not been on gamespot for longer than a few seconds these past 2 weeks because my internet limit was maxed so it was at snail pace. I tried loading the page but I always gave up and exited. But today it reseted so im happy. About a week ago my HDMI cable came in the mail. I'm very glad that I bought it because the difference in the graphics is astonishing. When i was playing Fifa 08 it was like a whole new game. So Mysterious Minds I highly recommend you buy one ;) But my one said its specifically made for the ps3 so it might be a problem, not sure. MGS4 came in the mail today as well. I'm a bit cheesed off because I ordered it one day after the HDMI cable so I received it about a week after :( But I still love Play Asia :D I have not opened the pack yet because I had to go to work. But now im back, im just doing this blog and after that I will be off to play! Im sorry again for not commenting on your blogs due to the internet being capped and stuff. So if you have a new blog that i have not commented on just say so and I shall do the rest :) PS: ive also dont some re jigging of my friends. Seems like ive ended up with 93 friends. Since i dont get 93 comments thats not right lol, so i have to fix it up some later time.

Getting back to business

Hey guys. I am finally back to my normal ways. Starcraft doesn't interest me as much so Gamespot is getting a little more time now:D

Oblivion is getting heaps of playing time, I am very addicted :( But the game is awesome. I love joining the different guilds and factions. I am apart of the Fighters Guild, Theives Guild, the Blades and the Dark Brotherhood.

In the real world, I ordered a HDMI cable from Play Asia a few days ago, the total price was around $8. cheap as chips :D

I also ordered a little something I call MGS4. I cant wait to get my hands on it!

And sorry for not commenting on your blogs. I should be able to over the next couple of days. And I have not forgotten that I have to re shuffle my friends list, its just a case of when i can be bothered :P.

You sunk my battleship

Hey guys. You may have noticed I havn't been online for a while. I have moved house and my exams are half way through, but thats not whats been keeping me off the computer(It should but I hate studying).

Well now in our new temporary house we are a bit short on space so we can only hook up one computer. Since I have 4 brothers who are all older than me they get to use the computer the most, so you get the idea.

I would spend more time on Gamespot but other things are more important ( starcraft being one of them)

Since I dont have that much time on the computer anymore, I have decided to buy some games. Fifa 08 which the money came out of my brothers pocket ^^. And Oblivion GOTY edition. I picked that one up for $49 at EB games, my friend found it buried under stacks of other games, luckily he did because I was about to buy the normal edition for $60.

Being a ps3 owner I cannot wait for MGS4. Im probobly going to order it off Play Asia. Its about $30 cheaper if i get it from there rather than EB or any other store.

Busy Busy Busy!

Hey guys. Im really busy with thigns at the moment. I have exams this week and I just finished moving house. Im sorry for not commenting on your blogs and posting in my unions. And I wont be deleting my friends who didnt comment right now because of teh busyness.!

Comment here or you'll be deleted from my friends list....

I am starting to have some trouble commenting all my friends blogs due to having a little more friends now. Im going to leave this blog on for 5 days, if you have not commented, i will remove you from my friends list. If your a regular on my blog and have not commented I will leave you on their obviously.

Onto other things now, I drove for the first time yesterday. It was very fun, but i had a little trouble as you do when trying things for the first time. I couldn't really smoothly accelerate, my head was going all over the place. But im sure ill get better.