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SIG creation!!! **BEST ONE I"VE MADE**

here is a new sig that i made on my time off. i was playing around with photoshop and I discovered some new skills. i think it is my best creation ever. rate it please


ps: i'm thinking about changing the text to say S_A_D_U_1 and reposition it

Time for a break i guess?

well ithink i'm going to take a break from the good ol' gamespot for a little while. i have been gone for the past two days already so i guess i will continue. i just need to relax for a while and not think about stuff to much anymore its driving me crazy. mabey i can start up with some graphics designing or something. or mabey i will make some banners and sigs and tags to have when i come back i've been reading some tutorials that are really helpfull. and i'm helping one of my friends with some programing right now too so that is what is taking up most of my time but its SO worth it. sorry i can't tell you what i'm doing its very top secret. and i could probably get in trouble. well anyway i'll cya around the good ol' glitcspot soon enough i may be one for a few minutes to check my mail every once in a while though lol

12th in state competition!

I just founs out that my bowling team got 12th in the YABC state competition, which is freakin sweet!!! cuz i think there was about 200 teams total. anyway we get a certificate of some sort and a 20 dollar scolarship. which will do absolutly no good at all lol. thats about it cya around.

Another Week of Bowling 2nd place

well i'm done with bowling for this week. our team only won 2/4 games on monday it was a rough night i did ok i only got a 623 series. but we are still in second place so thats good. the only thing is, the only way we are going to catch up to first place is if we bowl against them and beat them. we've beat them 3/4 before but we have'nt bowled them in a while so they keep beating everyone else and winning all four games EVERY TIME!!! we should play them soon though so we can beat them and take the lead. oh yea tonight we won all 4 it was pretty good for us except that the first place team did also. there was a tie for first and a tie for second. we in the tie for second. the records were:

our team... 16 -12

second place team ... 16- 12

and the two tied for first... 18- 10

so now it is:

1st.... 22-10

us... 20-12

3rd... 18-14

4th... 16-18

so if we beat the first place team we will be in first woohoo

thats all for this week but  i'll keep you all updated

another 600... not posting!

I had bowling leagues today again. i have them every monday and tuesday. all summer. anyway i bowled a 601 series (three games) which is the same thing that i bowled at state. we lost the last game by 8 pins but that ok because we are noe in secind place on the tuesday night leagues. we won the first game by 43 and the second by a whopping 130 pins. its kinda bad for them when they do bad and we do good at the same time. we got a new bowler on our team cause the other one broke his ankle being stupid but thats ok too. he bowled a 660 series and has a 216 average which is the best out there so far. and the other bowler that we had only had a 143 average so we got quite an upgrade. well i'll fill you all in next week with the new updates and i'll cya around the good 'ol glitchspot... i mean gamespot