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Wow its been long!

Wow gamespot has changed an aweful lot since I have been gone. I wonder if any of my old friends are even on the website and active? Well anyway Im just stopping in to see whats going on in all of the unions I used to love and be a huge part of. I will be active time to time just to check in and see how things are. But man...this website just isnt what it used to be, and if any of my old firends are still out there I would love to hear back from you.


Im Back in Action!

I have decided to finally return from Gamespot after my very long absence.  I am excited to return to my unions and hopefully once again lead the Star Wars Experience Union back to the glory days. 


Gears of War!

Wow..... I just bought GOW the other day and let me tell you, I can't put it down.  This game is already one of the greatest games I have ever played and Im not even half way through.  Look forward to my review of this wonderful game.

Computer Problems

I am having cimputer trouble again, and I will not be on as much.  I am sure this problem is temporary but until it is fixed I am going to need the staff of the SWexU step up.  I know this is sudden, but I will not be able to get on as much. 

Lego Star Wars 2

I just got Lego Star Wars 2 and I must say it is pretty sick.  I really like it.  I am looking forward to writing the review.