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Probably the most ironic and awkward moment involving gaming in my life.

Hello, recently i have purchased Mass Effect 2 so my friend could get Borderlands (on its own it was $40 and you could buy 2 games for $60 and he only had $30) i wasnt so keen on getting a new game buy out of all the games i could choose from it was probably the best. So now for the last 3 days i have 20 non-stop hours playing it to its finale. Of course as every gamer would know in Mass Effect you can have romantic scenes with your crew to get an acheviment ( it was restricted 13 so i didnt expect it to be explicid). So i was just going to go to the finale mission when Miranda (A crew member) offers to have a romantic relationship with you. At the time i was thinking how ironic it would be if one of my parents walked down the stairs and saw the romantic relations. DUN DUN DUN! my dad walked down the stairs and i quickly switched off the Tv while my dad asked if he could play Cod with me. I stalled him by starting a conversation about a new heater we had got and he finally left. By the time i turned the tv back on it was giving me an talk option with the illusive man. While i bet the game that day the 3 characters i hoped would live died.



Thane Krios


Games im looking forward to in 2012


its not that well know but its a shooting game with dinosaurs and it has an colorful feel to it not to mention the creative art design and guns.

Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninjas with lots of gore? who wouldent like it the multiplayer looks fast pased and lots of variety and the variety in character design looks awesome.

Bioshock infinate

First of all its a good fresh story like a city of phycos floating that being said sounds interesting to me not to mention the graphics.

Metro Last Light

not only did i like the first game but this on looks to continue it wellwith good stealth moment,great mutent fights and full on rampage.

Prey 2

not only is the trailer badass but the theory of a humon bounty hunter on an alien planet seems so interesting not to mention the cool devices and the deputy badge.

Were is the halo series going now?

Halo 4 is coming out and apparently its part of a triloghy(theres going to be a halo 5 and 6) and could someone kind of explain what was the planet Master Chief was heading towards in the trailer?.My friend thinks it has alot to do with the forerunners. The cutscenes for Halo CE Remake helped a little but still. Just wondering how long did it take you to finish Halo ce on legendary? it took me and my friend 3 or 4 days but we are still looking for the terminals and skulls(PS it was raining alot we had nothing else to do)...


free icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made some icons i am not using if you want to use them be my guest and if you want me to make you a specilized one (eg master cheif,baird,cole train) just ask. If these icons have been useful to you or you are going to use plese state in comments

B Carmine 80x80

B Carmine 84x84

Helghast 80x80

Helghast 84x84

Metro 80x80

Metro 84x84

Noir 80x80

Noir 84x84

metro 2033

I have just finished meto 2033 and it has made me think why are games like this so unpopular?

The graphics are great the story is compelling and the sound is .. well ok. I keep hearing CALL OF DUTY! HALO REACH! when great games like metro go unnoticed and i certanly deserves lots of attention. Its the first of its kind and the graphics compare to cod and how is it unnoticed. There is a range of enimes and even more to find. It made me Laugh and it somtimes scared me and it was good fun to get the achevments but sadley its totally unrewarded. The only things bad was it was short and could have added more parts from the book. Im getting exited for Metro last light and i hope it is great compared to 2033.If you dont have it i highly suggest you get it unless your a little screamish.

repetitive shooting games

Shooting games have been getting repetitive and thats the part i hate saying. People with either agree that new shooting shooting games are usually over rated because of games coming out with the same theme. And the others are going to disagree because they are major fans of WW2 shooters. Shooters like Medal of honor and Call of duty have rights to that theme because they have done it for a long time but others that try to impersonate those games are having a hard time. Games like Halo, Bulletstorm,Red Faction,Brink and Metro have there own theme which is better than any WW2 shooter i know. Game makers must figure out eventually that Call of duty is not going to be over taken because everybody who brought black ops loves it for good reason and it should not be replaced by a failed shooter.

Red Ring of DEATH!?!

I have now got the red ring 3 or 4 times since i got my xbox and thats around 1 or 2 years.Luckily they were not major and i just moved them around and it started working.Im getting sick of the red ring and frankly not even suprised comparing to my friend who has had his xbox since it came out not not getting the red ring.

If you want to know how to try to save your xbox from the red ring make it stand on its side and make sure there is no dust in the vents and untangle the cords.

New Manga to read? Help

Hello i have almost finished Death note Manga and was wondering and i am wondering which manga to get next. It has to be Around 4-25 Books long and must have some humor in it please help. Oh and it would be even better if you knew it was in New Zealand (The small Country next to Australia) but it does not matter much. If you comment a suggestion Thank you ;)

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