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3DS is what they say and some.

Part 2 of 2. So I left from the mall and went strait to my friends house to try the 3DS out with him. So he opens the box takes everything out of it, them he gets to the 3DS and pulls it out of the protector it's in and blinds himself with it. So He covers up the windows and turns the light on so we can see it without blinding ourselves with it. I boot up the 3DS do all the tutorials and settings for it, after all that we test the AR cards first so he pulls out the character cards. The character cards are kinda useless I don't see any reason to use those all they do is show the characters and put them in posies then you can take pictures kinda dumb to me. There's another card that saves the AR cards for me the ? card it has some neat stuff to it like archery where you actually have to move around from the card to shoot the targets, after a few stages you get to the dragon were you have to move around to dodge his attacks and keep on shooting him until he turns black and explodes so that was fun to me. There's another game AR shoot which I don't like and Fishing it's okay, if you get enough play coins you can unlock other things like Archery 2 which is better than the first one. The play coins are used for games to unlock stuff like how I said for the AR cards, you get one for every 100 steps you take and can hold up to 300 at one time. The way you get them is buy putting the 3DS in sleep mode and walking I tried using it while driving it kinds works. There's Mii's on the 3DS like there was for the Wii, the Mii's can be used for games also, there's one game in which you have to find your main Mii buy hiring wander's by using play coins or through Mii plaza. The game it self isn't fun just a waist of time to me at this point they need to add some sort of new features to it. Then there's Face Raiders which I like and is very easy to pick up and play. The objective of the game is to shoot people's faces that you take a picture of. I like it in how you turn and the background in the camera it the background in the game. Whosoever face you take a picture of for that certain stage is the boss each boss has a strategy to take them down and when you do they explode then have a fro on. In general of regular DS games when I play them I don't know if it's because I have the original DS it makes the games for the DS look better, like how im playing Rune Factory 3 it just looks a lot better if not just shiny. There are some things that are unusable to me at this point, because im playing in the 1.00 version and need to get it updated. Samurai Warriors is like Samurai Warriors if you have played any then you know what I mean, there are some things that are different like the friendship events and joining a clan(which you cant just choose), I was hoping to be able to get married to someone like I was able to on Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. Its still a pretty good hack-en slash game, even tho it's a little different, there is a new mission system in the battles that you gain bonuses through in game objectives. The system it self does look a lot better than anything that the DS could do, so in that way it's way better than the DS. The top screen on mine keeps on getting these weird lines. Now for the 3D it's self, when I first turned it on I turned it up all the way and played for 5 minutes and got a bad headache from it. So I turned it down to as low as it would go while still being on to get use to it after playing for 3 hours I finally got use to it. I'm able to play it up to 30% without getting dizzy. The 3D it self is not true 3D, the images in game don't look flat but also don't look like they can reach out to grab you, so to me it's between 2D and true 3D it still looks pretty good to me. On a final note I would recommend to others is wait for that first price drop, there's no real good games right now anyway.


Hey I was wondering if you consider this spam, I was sent an warning for this.!count


I picked up Halo:ODST last week. I pre-ordered it three days before it came so I could get SGT Johnson, well you have to get on xbox live to get him long story short I can't get on xbox live were I live anyways, I like the game it's a nice change of pace to play as somebody besides John(MC). The new VISR is pretty cool I like the VR feel it has to it. They added the Engineers finally, and the characters are pretty cool, the story is nice. One of the best things is the new firefight mode.The second disc contained all of the halo 3 multiplayer maps.The game price should of been $50 instead of $60.

You know

You know when you wake up and your arms are asleep and you try to move your arms around and punch your self or poke your eye, that happened to me this morning and it hurt.


I had a weird dream last night. I jumped of a cliff and hit the ground, broke all my bones. I couldn't move or scream I could barley breath. Then a Man walked over to me and asked me if I needed any help, I couldn't reply to him. The Man walked away. I could feel the pain, my skin felt like it was burning. The Man came back and he was carrying something looked like a shovel, and in one swoop the Man brought the shovel down. I woke up drenched in sweat.


It's been a while since I last posted a blog, anyway im 19 today, getting old fast. I hd a great party met some people that I haven't heard from in a while...not much else. I bought Madden 10, I can't stand all those bugs in it I pull the stupid stick and guess what, THE STUPID GAME FREEZES I get a crappy kick of and the other team(Detroit) takes it all the way back and wins anyway its the best in the series.


Well I start college next Thursday,can't wait for it to start, and if your wandering what im going to college for its a degree in Criminal Justice.


I just bought me a copy of WOW, I hope it's gonna be fun, and I'm leaving for a trip to Florida tomorrow, hope nothing bad happens on my way there.

My puppy

Well if my cat wasn't enough now my puppy got hit by a car and we didn't find out till ten minutes ago, we found him with fire ants all over him, we don't know if he's gonna make it.
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