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Okay, so it was 2 weeks.

Not going to keep to a schedule with blog posts... If I want to post a blog, I will, and that's how I'll go about it. New avatar FTW (Imperial Guards are such buzzkills). ANYWAY, I have been feeling relaxed for the past week, and it seems the only thing that entices me to play video games is Minecraft. :D

I'd like to ask a favor from you, Gamespot. Any fellow music makers out there wanna help and gimme advice on how I'm doing? Here's a link to my music:

And even if you aren't a musician, I'd still like any feedback you may have. Although, I would like constructive criticism only, thank you.


I'm sick :( Had an awesome Christmas, and an even better new year. All set aside, I'm trying to tie myself down to making more music. I'm currently *working* on two songs, but I'm trying to make my own sound. I have been trying since April, when I first started with Sony Acid Pro. Rather than listening to other's music and trying to see if what they make is my style, I'm going to produce something I want to make. Back to the drawing board, from scratch.

So like...

Another year come to pass. Seems I now am going to bookmark you, Gamespot. I feel like i've been ignoring you :(

Well, i'll conform to my last posts, and give a list of things that have happened throughout last year:

(gotta love the list, amirite?)

1. New games on Steam :D

2. Starting to make music on Ableton, I have a soundcloud here:

3. Lemme just say this first, Minecraft has made a huge impact on my gaming life, jussayin. So, in light of that, I went to MineCon. 'Nuff said.

4. Met C418, and deadmau5 (C418 is an amazing person, but deadmau5 is eh... less than okay in person, let's just say that.

5. Met Jeb. He's also an awesome person.

6. I am making a point to getting a license and a job :P (I'm 17, ffs)

7. I am going to make a point of having weekly (maybe) blog entries. It'll be nice to, you know, sum up a week.

Sorry again Gamespot, somehow, every year at this time of year, you remind me to check on you, so, here's to another year of life :)

Another year since my last update...

So, seems everything has been awesome last year and during the summer. So far I enjoy sophmore year too.


1. Got Red Dead Redemption

2. Bass Guitar

3. Some skill on it

4. Life Experiences...

It was a long ass year this past year... woah that sounded wierd. Seems I might as well get to level 5 on here :D

:O Woah man...

Dang... haven't been on here in a LONG time! I was sitting around all bored then thought, "Game spot, wut". So, some updates since my last post:

1. Got a new (epic) comp,

2. Got a new video card along with it (man, i've been moving up since the craptop),

3. Got Far Cry 2, Assassin's Creed, Left 4 Dead 2, and the UT pack,

4. Got some pro skill in Garry's Mod :D

5. Freshman year.

Yep, it's been too long Game spot. I'm truly sorry fr not visiting in a while. :c

I got l4d!!!!!!!!

Thats right,I got Left 4 Dead.

The best game i've had so far! I really hope I get xbox live son so I can go online with my homeskillets!!!!!

Agh my computer kisses ass.

Ok people. I get a "new" computer :evil:. My parents said that, but I look at the date it was made, and it was 2007. Ok, it's 2009 now people! I would much rather have an Intel Core Duo processor than a Intel Pentium who knows what the freak it is.