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Why am I posting on here

I dont know, um, Im in Aiken now, had a job at SRS for like 1.5 years now work at Weyerhaeuser messing with trees, have a son now with another one on the way. One class left to graduate with my BS Geology. Insane superamount of life change in last 3 years. Thats all I have to say, typing is hard.

All kinds of Craziness!

Ok, again, a long time since posting on the blog, but whatever, I can do what I want b/c I'm the grandmasta papa long-stroke.

First off, the wife was very nice and allowed me to build a dream machine, PC rig. I went all out and bought a EVGA GeForce GTX 280 SSC and a very nice Intel Core 2 Duo 8500 with a ASUS Rampage Formula MOBO, 4 gigs of OCZ heatpipe/heatsink DD2 1600, a Mushkin 800 watt PSU and the brand new Creative X-Fi Fatality PCI-express sound card. I loaded up my copy of Vista Ultimate that I've had laying around here for a year because I was afraid to load it on my previous rig. I swore I would regret loading Vista on this super gaming rig, but so far its been great. I really had never worked with Vista much until now and really dreaded having to eventually make the change, but I have to say that I love the new Aeroglass GUI and all the little tiny changes too. It doesnt bog down or take a load of performance away from games either. I know this because I am currently running Crysis at 1600 x 1050 maxed out and the frame rates are totally fine. I love this new computer so much, its soo tricked out and glows like an alien ship due to all the damn LEDs on it.

O, forgot to mention I maxed out and changed out ALL the case fans to the great AeroCool Turbine extreme 120mm fans. They push loads of air at low RPM and are very quiet, very coool.

Lol, I'm moving to Aiken to, wife got a very good job at the Savannah River Site SRS doing geology work. So I have to commute 120 miles round trip 3 days a wekk this comming semester but I'm not really dreading it for some reason. More time to listen to all my music I guess.

Off to play some more Crysis before I have to pack up this PC and move it to the new Place.

Gaming Break

I have been taking a break from PC Gaming ever since getting back from Costa Rica. I've racked up quite a pile of debt because of trip costs and things I just feel I need/want and can't wait for. I never use to be careless with credit cards like this before until now. I think the real reason behind it is b/c my wife Ashley is graduating from college and there is a very good chance she will land a nice job sometime soon. I'm banking on that to pay off debt, she is too I think. It all still makes me feel really guilty and stupid, especially in this bad economy. So, I'm probably not going to have any real money to buy computer parts for a long while.

Maybe by Christmas 2008 I will be able to do a nice PC overhaul. The graphics card prices are becoming stupid expensive though. By constantly increasing prices on those, they are slowly alienating people from PC Gaming which doesnt need that at all. Even before they got so expensive it was the main complaint people had about PC Gaming, it's just too expensive for the average joe. Hopefully when I graduate and get a real job, I will be able to spend more on this stuff, because right now its all going strait on the credit cards.

Long time no bloggin

Hm, having posted in a long while. Guess I better say a few things, well Im playing Hellgate London right now. I like the game alot, and just beat the game on normal mode last night. I really hope the game is continually improved, it has soo muchpromise. Other than that, I got a new job at the Department of Natural Resources and I love it. I make my own hours and handle my own work, no taking orders from an annoying uneducated boss. Almost all the big guys here have PHDs so, Im around other intelligent persons. This will be my first christmas since I've had jobs, that Im not slaving in retail. God, I **** hate retail and will never return to it! So Im having a good holiday this year. And O, it finally rained crazy tonight, the first time in .... a very long time, rain makes me happy :)

Im in gaming limbo

I dont know what game to play, I'm getting a little burnt out on Supreme Commander and STALKER and I cant really go out and buy something else right now. What to do, Im going crazy, I hate when I get into these gaming limbo periods, so much wasted time jumping from one game to another trying to figure out what I'm looking for. GAA!

OMG! monies

I just realized Silent Hunter 4 has already been released and I didn't even know about it, whats wrong with me?  God, there are too many frigin games I want to buy right now, I just bought Supreme Commander not to long ago and now I have to buy SH4, CC3 and ArmA is not to far away.  Im probably gonna have to "sneak-buy" those games, noone must know the extent of my gaming.

Quit WOW, playing Supreme Commander

I quit WOW a little bit back, I hate ganking..... I hate people, especially people 15 and under, ******* kids, I thought I was so smart then too, they know nothing, and should shut the **** up, and whats up with that retarded hair that all of them are wearing these days, the long wavy hair, I dont even know how to describe it. Ok enough of that, on to games.

I'm playing supreme commander right now, but only single player skirmish, I dont really want to play online, for some reason it just doesnt appeal to me. If I were playing with friends I know I guess it would be different, o well. Alot of games are comming out soon that I want on release day. STALKER shadow of chernobyl, just released, gonna wait for a good patch before buying, its a shame it took so long to be released, 1.5 - 2 years ago it would have been the bomb diggedy. Command and Conquer 3 is out soon, looks good, prob will end up getting it. ArmA, looks great, the reviews have been shaky, I hope to God they patch it up before its US release, I'm in great need of another OFP like experience.  Crysis is looking awesome, cant wait for this game, I hope it runs fine on my system, its high end, but this game is gonna be one of those that make everyone with a high end system think they have **** then they go spend $1500 more on upgrades for one game. O, well its the life of a hardcore PC gamer.


Havent posted in a long while now but just wanted to recap whats happened since November.  Well living on my own is cool. I have no money for my computer and/or games, although I still have a load of games that are fun. Civ 4, Rome: Total War, Galactic Civ II et al. I hope I can upgrade my computer sometime this year, I want to get the Elder Scrolls Oblivion really bad, but the graphics in that game are insane like Morrowind was.  Well I'm currently playing Galactic Civ II, which is pretty fun and addicting but still needs some ironing that is still underway by the great devs at Stardock.  Cant wait for the next patch for that game, its gonna add alot of goodies.  In my non-gaming life, school sucks, too many papers.

Got Married, got Civ4

Marriage is cool but there is a little less time for gaming. Well finaly got Civ4. Pre patch the game wasnt really a huge improvment over Civ3, some bugs scattered about and the 3D engine isnt very pretty compared to many other games out today. After the 1.09 patch came out it fixed a couple of bugs and sped up loading times. I'm having fun with it a little more now. Still playing Rome Total War too, same campaign I've been on for a few months now I think. In that game my empire is like a steamrolller now. Well, got to get some gaming in before I have to do something else.

Too much school & Gettin Married

Too much school, things, must play games. Getting married this weekend and have way to much school stuff to do. Just bombed my minerology test. I'm still thinking about getting Civ 4 but havent yet, its on sale at Best Buy so I'll probably buy it this week. Still fighting my Civil War in Rome Total War. I've taken Rome and only two enemy cities remain. O, been looking at X3: Reunion more too, should have been released yesterday, but Best Buy probably wont get it for a month knowing their PC game reputation. Its gotten mixed reviews from its Europe release but it will probably be patched into goodness. Well, gonna go mess around and be bored.
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