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I've never sold a console before... Until today.

I've never been someone who enjoys selling stuff, or getting rid of it, but today I just had to sell one of my consoles.

Unsurprisingly, it was my Wii.

I got one about a week after the launch date, and all was good for a while, with me playing wii sports a ton. I also got red steel and Zelda: TP, both of which were just terrible to me. Wii sports was the only Wii game I could play over and over again. Even then, it got boring after about a month.

Time went on and there were very few games I wanted for the console. It spent most of it's time being a gamecube, until No more Heroes came out. That game was a fantastic game, if a bit repetitive, but still remains my favourite wii game to this day. More time went on, and the Wii was being used as a gamecube again. I picked up Super Mario Galaxy a good while after it launched, and it was good fun for a while, but I've never been a fan of the 3D Mario games, so I stopped playing it a little bit into it. After this. the Wii was packed up and stored in my cupboard, only ever being taken out to play Gamecube games every now and then.

A few months ago, I noticed that the Wii had some very good games on its virtual console. I'm really mad for retro games, so I would have loved to have tried this out, but after buying a LAN adaptor, the console just refused to go online. I spent countless hours trying to find out what the hell was wrong with it, and I tried countless solutions to fix it, but to no avail. In the end, I put it down to the adaptor being a no name cheap one. I bought an official Nintendo one a few days later, and the problem still persisted. I spent ages trying to fix it, but in the end I gave up, and the Wii was put back into the cupbpoard again. A little while after that I got two new games, one which was moderately enjoyable, but nothing spectacular. Again the Wii was back in the cupboard, until yesterday.

On my way home from college a couple of days ago, I passed a gamestation shop and noticed a sign in their window. It said they were desperately seeking Nintendo Wii's and would pay £120 in cash for one of them. I didn't think too much of it at the time, but I got to thinking about it a little later, and was considering going through with it. I asked my friend for his opinion on it, and he basically said to me: "You've barely played your Wii, and you probably won't play it much in the future. It'd be best to sell it." I agreed with him, and I'd heard rumours of a price drop coming soon, so I might not get another deal like this again, and if I ever wanted a Wii again, I could buy one at the end of the generation for cheap.

So yeah, I sold my Wii today, and got £120 which can be used when I go away for a week in a couple of weeks. It fel kinda weird at the time, but I doubt I'll regret selling it.

On a brighter note, I played Halo: ODST today and it's really good. I had absolutely no interest in this game at all, but it still has that addicting gameplay that the others have, so I pre ordered it. I haven't played my 360 in ages, not since Fable 2, so this will be a good chance to play it again. I might even get Xbox Live back.

Why are so many people on this site intolerant when it comes to music tastes?

First let me start by saying music is my life (Cliche as hell... I know) but it's true. I never did very well in school, but I made a point to do my best when it came to music class. I did well and managed to get a top grade which allowed me to go to college to study music. Again I made a point to do well in this course and so I passed it and got into a higher music class, of which I just had my induction day today and start properly on Monday.

One thing that I really liked about my first year in college was the musical diversity among my classmates. So many people having so many musical tastes. Because of this, the subject was always interesting, but one thing I really liked about the people is that they were all very tolerant of other peoples music tastes. These people were all very serious about music and instead of hating something they hadn't heard, they would be interested in it. There were a few that weren't quite as tolerant as others, but the vast majority of the class were very cool about it. I learned so much from this. I never really hated on music much anyway, but my mind was fairly closed when it came to other genres of music. I didn't hate on them, but I didnt care about them. as the year went on, I started listening to more and more music to a point where I say I have no musical taste nowadays because I can listen to pretty much anything and enjoy it.

The point of this blog is more of a rant about how annoyed the people of these forums make me when it comes to musical taste. So much bashing and hateful comments about other people music tastes, and just bashing of artists in general. I came from that thread where Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy was arrested. The comments in there irritated me so much that I had to write this blog post. It wasn't that the TC referred to him as a rock Legend that got me, it was the hateful ignorant comments made by people calling him "untalented" and other people bashing him. I'm all for opinions, but when people start hating, it annoys me. call him untalented if you want, but your standards of talent must be pretty high if you think a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer is untalented. Sure his songs aren't that technical - the older ones aren't, but newer ones are much more so, but that shouldn't matter. Music is a way of expressing ones self and sometimes simpler songs can express much more than songs that are too technical. I feel this way myself. When I write music, I could go and make a song that is technical, but sometimes I feel like I'm writing a song that is technical for the sake of technical, I feel like I have to prove to people that I can write this stuff, but sometimes choose not to. I find that simpler songs for me can just say much more sometimes. If I'm writing a song to go along with a story, then it will definitely be more progressive, but if I'm writing about my feelings, then I'll keep it short a simple. I'm sure plenty of musicians feel the same.

Ugh.. I've rambled way too much and haven't even gotten to the main reason I blogged this. All of this got me to thinking back a few years when my mind was very closed musically and the only bands I listened to were Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and others like them. I used to get a lot of crap here from other users about how my taste in music was. I used to get insulted a lot aswell. This affected me a lot, to a point where I stay as far away from threads about music as possible. Even outside of the internet like during my induction day today, I was asked to say my fabourite band infront of my new class, and I said it was Green Day. I kept thinking the class would judge my musical ability based on my favourite band. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't.

One thing I really hate about when I write blog posts is that I ramble too much, to a point where I completely forget what the hell I'm talking about. Either way, I needed to get this off my chest. I guess I just hate it when people insult bands because they dislike their music. There are many bands I wouldn't listen to, but I'd never insult them or make ignorant comments about them unless they were genuinely bad people. It's just sad to come from college where people are so tolerant to here, where people are the opposite.

Keep in mind I'm not talking about everybody here, I've just noticed a lot of them over the years.

Also, Please don't think this blog post is condescending or anything, because it's definitely not intended to be that way.

One thing about certain games I find extremely flawed...

Often when playing certain games, mainly JRPG's, there's a design decision that angers me to no end. I'm talking about having to continue from the last saved game whenever there's a game over. I'm pretty sure anyone who has played a JRPG has has this happen to them. There's nothing worse than playing a game for a few hours, then dying and having to start from your last saved game. If a game has plenty of save points close to each other, then this isn't much of a problem, but one game I'm playing right now is just so bad for this. The game is called Persona 3, and yes, I have just had a game over, and yes, I am extremely annoyed.

In persona 3, one of the things you have to do to progress in the game is to climb a seemingly endless tower called "Tartarus". You go from floor to floor in this tower fighting enemies and opening chests until you reach a checkpoint. Once this checkpoint has been reached, the player can return to the bottom floor to heal, save or go about school life until they are ready to reach the next checkpoint. The player can also use a teleporter to return to a previous checkpoint or bottom floor, however, they lose any progress they've made from the previous checkpoint, and if the player has just climbed 15 floors, then the last thing they want to do is do it again.

I was having fun playing Persona 3. I had just reached a very powerful boss who quickly wiped out my team, and so I figured my team needed some training. I returned to level 49 of the tower and started going from floor to floor levelling my characters. After 2 or so hours, my team have levelled up a good bit, and have lost some of their SP (MP), So I decide that one more battle should before I return to the bottom floor, save, heal and then take on the boss. I smack the enemy about a bit, and the fight goes pretty well. It's 3 lions with a ball and chain around one of their legs. They're pretty easy to beat, and I defeat two of them, so their is only one left. I get him down to so little HP that their is nothing left on his bar of health. It had to be around 1 or 2 HP, when he unleashes this insane move called "Strike" something, which wipes out my entire F****** team!! 2 hours of training, only to be wiped out by some damn lion. Persona 3 has an absolutely horrible difficulty. Enemies aren't too difficult, though it's easy to take a good beating by them.

An even more annoying thing about this game is that you get a game over if the main character dies in battle. Now, their is four characters in battle, and team members die all the time, and can be revived, but for some really, really stupid reason, the main character dying gets a game over. Why the hell can't I just revive him?! It's far too easy for the main character to die. All it takes is some unlucky battle with a powerful enemy or a battle where everything goes for him.

I've had plenty of bad experiences with this in Persona 3. So much so, that I'm considering if I ever want to play it again. I've been playing for about 15 hours, and I've died about 10 times. Each time has been really bad, and just made me so mad, because I'd lost an hour or so, but this one has just annoyed me so much, and I know that if I continue playing, then I'll have to do those two hours of training again, and that as I prgress through this "70+" hour game, that it's going to happen a lot more. I'm just letting the games cinamatic before the menu repeat as I write this.

Like I said, a lot of JRPG's have this way of playing. It might have been alright back in the early days of gaming, but why on earth does exist in 2009? Do the developers not realise how afwul it is to put this in their game? Surely gamers all across the world have had an unlucky incident similair to mine happen. There are a good few games nowadays that have removed this. I just recently finished "The world ends with you" and it had a feature where I could continue if I died in battle without going to the last save point. Final Fantasy 12 aswell, I believe, and RE4.

I just think it's something that should have died a long time ago. It wasn't so bad back when I was younger, as I had plenty of time to game, and it didn't phase me as much as it does now that I'm older and have little time to game. The fact that I'm questioning whether I want to continue playing the game should be enough to tell developers that it's not a very good design choice. It's a shame I think this way, because Persona 3 is a damn fine game, that is so good in nearly every area, but If I stop playing then the developer has just lost a sale on Persona 4 which comes out here next month.

Cool stuff...

I just got back from town where I got the new Cure album. I've been listening to it a lot, and it's a lot better than I thought it would be. It's very guitar-heavy, but that's not really a bad thing. It really allows Porl to shine, it's good to have him back. You can definitely notice.

I'm in desperate need of a blog post, but it would take forever to say all I want to say, so I'll leave it for another day, and instead talk about some recent stuff.

I went to a gamers night at a blockbuster near me on Thursday night. I wasn't really interested, but my best friend, Josh said he'd go with me, so we did.It started at 10:30 and lasted until 12:30.

I had a blast!

It was really fun. They had Rockband set up for the Wii, and me and Josh were playing with some of the employees there. We even entered a guitar Hero competition for a £30 gift voucher. The rules were to play Cult fo Personality on expert, and whoever got the best score won (duh...) Two people went before us, but they couldn't finish the song, so the difficulty was bumped down to hard (you could play expert if you wanted to, much better chance of winning that way) Josh went ahead and played first, acheiving a score of around 170,000. I went second. I have a real problem of playing infront of other people, so I expected to play horribly, but I ended up with a score of 210,649, pretty good. Btw, we both played on hard.

We wandered around the shop for a while, checking out some games and movies while watching people play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We'd decided that if one of us won we'd split the prize. After watching some more people play, we were pretty confident that we'd won, but unfortunately someone else did. I didn't see him play, so I have no idea what his score was.

Fable 2, Far cry 2 and Dead Space were all going on sale at midnight. I intended to buy Fable 2 at some point, but was waiting as Fallout 3 comes out on Friday, and I don't like having too many games to play. Despite trying not to, I bought Fable 2. It was right there infront of me, and I couldn't resist! :cry: It was my first midnight launch ever, and somehow getting a game about 10 mins after release feels really nice. I totally don't regret it. It's a brilliant game!

Enough of that.

Fallout 3 is my most anticipated title since MGS4, but unfortunately it's got me in a bit of a mess. Normally I just get whichever version of a multiplat game is best, and in this case it seems to be the 360 version. The only problem is that it's really affecting my OCD. I can't help but feel that I should get the PS3 version. Normally this isn't a big deal, as multiplats tend to be fairly similair, but according to GS, the PS3 version is "shockingly inferior" The review only mentions graphical issues, but still... I want to get the 360 version, but I feel I have to get the PS3 one. I've already got the PS3 one pre-ordered, so I might just stick with it.

We'll see...

All your boss are belong to us...

So, i finally completed MGS4 on the boss extreme. It took me a whopping 36 hours 59 minutes! That's twice the length of my first playthrough!

The Boss extreme was definitely a fun experience. I've tried to finish all the other MGS' on the extreme difficulty, but i've never been able to. They're just too damn hard, and this one was no exception! It took me about 3 hours just to meet up with the MK.2, and about an hour trying to get past the first few guards. The amount of enemies going around makes the game far more challenging. Add to that the lack of ammo and items, increased strength of enemies, extreme lack of Drebin points, and the fact that enemies are generally far more aggressive when hunting you down. Staying out of sight is hard enough, but when you're spotted, expect to die in about 3 bullets. Stealth is the only way through it.

I actually spent a good amount of time just sitting around. Either staying out of sight, or waiting for my health to recover. You can hold a lot less items in extreme, so health items need to be saved for when there is no place to hide, or boss battles. Speaking of boss battles, i decided to take all the bosses out by non-lethal means and collect their figurines.

Collecting all the boss figures unlocks the solar gun when you complete the game. I got it, and tested it out. It's pretty cool. Shooting an enemy knocks them out and makes them drop an item. The gun fires really fast, so you'll see items flying everywhere.

The gun is from another Hideo Kojima game called Boktai.

So, there you go! I've finished what i consider to be one of the best games ever made (if not the best) on the hardest difficulty. There are still a ton of things i need to unlock, so i'll be playing through it for a 4th time pretty soon!

Yes, i know how bad the title is.:P

This may sound really nerdy...

I got the shock of my life when i found out that Siren: Blood Curse is now available on PSN. I've been interested in this game for a long, long time, and playing the demo a few weeks back made me want the game really bad. The game never had a release date, but it's here now. Major surprise!

I should be happy, right?

I'm happy, however, i just got back from town where i bought a DS lite and some games... Now i can't afford Siren.:cry:

Had i know it was coming out today, i might have held back on the game i bought.

I could buy it, but i've already spent too much today, and i really don't want to spend any more.

Can i hold out? Or will i get so annoyed that i just buy it anyway?

We'll see...

PS: I might post pics of my new DS later on tonight if i can find out how:P

An update on life...

Ok, so it's 9:00am and i haven't slept. I've messed up my body clock pretty badly. For the last few weeks i've been sleeping all day, staying up all night. I was gonna write this blog post soon anyway, so i figure i may aswell do it while i have nothing to do.

My last proper blog post was all the way back in December:o


Anyway, i'll try and start from there.

It really doesn't feel like long ago, but it was a whopping 7 months! I usually remember times by what game i was playing, and/or what music i was listening to. Anyway, i was listening to Genesis, and i was playing Mass Effect. A game which seemed so promising, but turned out to be very dissapointing. I was really excited for christmas, though i had no idea what i wanted. The days were getting shorter, which i always enjoy.

I eventually decided that i wanted guitar hero 3. Funnily enough by playing the demo... With an ordinary Xbox 360 controller! Either way i got Guitar hero 3 for christmas and all was well.

When it comes to christmas, i always find myself looking forward to the presents, but it's always the times i spend with my family that i take away with me.

Skip to Februay. Nothing excited happened in January :P

February the 25th is the day of my birthday, and at this point i was very interested in getting a PS3. Actually i'd wanted one since launch, but raising money without a job isn't easy:P I asked my mum if i could go halfies' with her, meaning i'd pay her half and she'd pay the rest. She was fine with it and said she would.

So, we went out and bought the PS3 on my birthday. The only problem was that i'd ordered an HDTV before christmas and it STILL hadn't arrived, so i had to play it for a few days in SD-def until my HDTV arrived.

I bought the PS3 with Uncharted: Drakes fortune, and my best friend bought me Resistance: Fall of man.

I'd been trying to get a part-time job since summer of last year. I applied for about 7 different places and got nothing. I actually only heard back from one of them, but they told me i didn't get the job. However, it was in March that i finally got one. My mums friend had heard about how i was having a hard time finding a job, so he offered me one. I work in a laundromatte called Silver City Cleaners. I still work there to this day.

I can't really remember much about April ,other than the fact my exams were just round the corner, and i couldn't be any less prepared. My entire 6th year at school was a failure. I only had three classes, and they were: English. I rarely showed up for this class, as my teacher was never there, and when she was, i hated her. Stupid, i know.

Graphic communication: I always took this class as all my friends did. I wasn't the least bit interested in it, and in all the three years i took it, i never came closing to passing an exam.

Music: The only class i was interested in. I studied really hard and even took extra lessons, which is unusual for me. I tried really hard to succeed, but i'm still not sure if i passed or not. I joined and Intermediate 2 class, despite not knowing the first thing about music, and in order to even be able to understand the very basics, i had to learn so much stuff from earlier classes. About 90% of the stuff i learned in that class was from me buying books, and doing a lot of research on the internet. Add to that i had a very nice and funny teacher, who unfortunately was'nt very good. Also, i was in a class full of higher students, who were top priority.

So, yeah, i often didn't show up for school when i had English or Graph. Comm. It even got so bad that i was told i had a 55% attendance ratio and was in danger of being kicked out of school.

There is a reason for this, though. Over the past 2 years, i'd become progressively more shy. I've always been fairly shy and anti-social, but it was getting worse, and I'd realised how out of hand it had gotten. I never spoke to anyone, except my friends, and even then, i couldn't open up about my feelings or anything. I couldn't even say a word to those i don't know, or even those i do know, but am just no friends with. I couldn't ask for help at school, or even move out of my seat. I couldn't listen to my ipod at school, either. I couldn't speak with anyone over the phone, especially those who i didn't know. The whole "social anxiety" thing first came to my attention in a topic in OT. Someone made a topic asking if anyone had it, and then went on to describe what it was and such. I realised that i was experiencing pretty much everything described in that thread.

I've had what i now know as OCD for as long as i can remember, though i've never questioned it. I always thought it was normal until another thread appeared in OT. After reading through the thread and, again, finding out i'm experiencing almost identical symptons, i decided to research these two disorders online... A lot.

After some research, i decided that i should go see the nurse at school, and after a long time of saying i would - i finally did. At first we discussed these problems i was having, but soon it turned into what can only bee described as therapy sessions. I couldn't speak seriously about my feelings to anyone but her. I would go to her whenever i felt like i needed to talk, and i'd end up spending hours there.

After speaking to her for the first time, she told me to tell my family and friends, to which i didn't want to, but realised i had to. I still couldn't talk to them fully, and hated it hen they wanted to have a good conversation with me.


I think this will do for now. I don't expect anyone to read this, but i feel it helps to write these things down. I'll go into detail about my OCD symptoms, and continue this blog post later. There is still a ton to write about.

I feel kinda weird..

I just had the story of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl ruined for me by some **** on the STALKER forums, and i have no desire to play the game anymore... funny. I was in love with the game yesterday, but now i just don't feel like playing it anymore.

Let's hope i don't feel the same tomorrow.

Man, i haven't used this blog half as much as i hoped i would, nor have i written any of the reviews i said i would. I promise i will soon enough. I have tons of things to write about, like: Leaving school, starting college, finding out i have OCD, my social anxieties, my new games, my new pc, and just a general update on my life.

I always have thoughts in my head that i just want to write down. It always helps to write these thoughts down, and just to get things off my chest. I never really feel comfortable explaining them to people, or more like, to people i know, (my friend probably hates this) but i'll explain a lot in my next blog post.

One thing that really annoys me.... (not about Jeff)

This blog post has nothing to do with jeff or Eidos:P

It's about GTAIV and Microsoft. I'm really annoyed that MS has payed for exclusive downloadable content. Now to a lot of people this may sound like a good thing and considering i'll be getting the 360 version i should be happy too right? Wrong. It really feels like the people who are buying the ps3 version are getting screwed, i mean i would'nt mind if the ps3 version got it's own exclusive content but no, only the 360 has it.

I've always thought of GTA as a Playstation game, (even though it's out for pc and xbox) i'm sure most people think of GTA as a playstation game, most people bought it for playstation and i'm pretty sure it's boosted the sales of a lot of ps2's, but i could'nt care less about 360 getting it on the same day as i would have just bought the ps3 version.....until MS announced they had paid one hundred million dollars for two seperate downloadable chapters only for xbox 360. This made me mad, it seemed like Rockstar had betrayed the company who has taken them so far aswell as the fans who only had a ps3 and were desparetely wanting to play this game...but of course, money talks...

As i mentioned earlier i will be getting the 360 version though it will feel wierd playing it on anything that's not a playstation console. For all i know the chapters could be a single mission or 10 missions but expect them to cost a fair bit. I really think Sony should do what MS did and get some exclusive content of their own kind of like what soul calibur 2 did, though i wish exclusive content on a multiplatform game did'nt happen at all.

Could this be the start of a multiplatform exclusive content war? I seriously hope not.

On a brighter note i'm really enjoying Mass Effect and it'll be the first of many games i review when i finish it.

Your answer is in there, just stare down the barrell...

Well the New Coheed & Cambria album came out today, it's titled "Good Apollo, I'm burning star IV, Volume 2: No world for Tomorrow." A long title, but a really cool one. I dont own the album but my best friend (Arch_angel21) does. Whenever there is an album we both want, he buys it because he enjoys having a collection and just lets me rip the cd to my pc. For some reason the band uploaded the whole album to their myspace a few days before release but we decided to not listen and just wait for the album to be released. He was lucky as he got the album a day early, not sure why, he just asked if they were getting it and the guy gave it to him from under the desk. Anyway i've been listening to it and like all the other coheed albums it's nothing short of epic, especially the last 5 songs which all share the same name "The End Complete" with a subtitle for each.

While i'm on the topic of music, i recently got into Genesis, which for those not in the know are a British progressive rock group who later moved on to write pop music, creating a number of hits throughout the 80's and 90's. The band formed in 1967 with future successful solo musician peter Gabriel singing, Tony Banks on keyboards, Anthony Phillips on guitar, Mike Rutherford playing Bass and Guitar, while Chris stewart was on drums. I havent even listened to their first album and am not really intrested in it that much as it has been labled as christian rock (i'm not hating on christian rock), i'll listen to it some day but i'm much more intrested in their future albums. Skip ahead a year and they've replaced a few members and their second album "Trespass" is released, the albums has some great songs, noticably "Visions of Angels" and the legendary 9 minute song "The knife" which starts off with some funky keyboards and guitars that sound like they were taken directly from a videogame, the song then slows down almost becoming completely silent with just Gabriel on flute,it then breaks into a marching drumbeat followed by a guitar solo before ending with the line "some of you are going to die, martyrs of course to the freedom that i will provide." Quite haunting i think. Anyway i'm getting lazy so i'm gonna skip ahead a few years to 1975 where Peter Gabriel leaves the band and the drummer Phil collins takes over singing duties, and as the years went on they slowly changed from prog rock to pop, not that it's a bad thing. The band reunited in 2007 and are playing all the hits they've made over the years.

Moving away from music, i found a rare gem of a game in Gamestation yesterday, i was in town with my best friend and as usual we always take a look in the games shops and i'm always curious as to what gamecube games they have, since they died out long ago there are a lot of games i have missed, anyway i'm browsing the gamecube when Tales of symphonia catches my eye, priced at £22.99 preowned (shops only sell preowned gamecube games) and i really did'nt know what to do, i've been intrested in this game for a while and seeing it priced at £60 brand new ( made me realise i may never see this game in shops again. I decided not to buy it as i just had enough for mass effect and it was'nt until we were walking down the street that i knew i had to buy TOS as it was just to good to pass up and so i did buy it and i absolutely love the game:D

There's always plenty of things i want to write when i think of my blog but i always forget them while i'm writing so that means this blog post has to end now. ;)

EDIT: I mentioned in a blog post that i had left GS for a while but now i'm back and have been since the halo blog post, i just forgot to mention it :P

Also, i think i might start reviewing games, every time i finish a game i sit and think for ages about what i liked about the game and my thoughts on it so i basically review every game i finish but dont write it down so i think now's a good time to start. One more thing, the about me section needs to be changed, i wrote that when i first joined back in 2004 so i'll change it sometime soon.

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