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hey, it's been awhile

how's it going guys, its been almost a year since i wrote a blog, iv'e been playing plenty of games, i got a 360, played gears of war, gears of war 2, left 4 dead, project gotham racing 4, street fighter 4, halo 3, resident evil 5, mass effect, all great games for 360, so how's everyone been ^^

what anime's you currently watching?

just curious :), i finished watching berserk anime, a pretty old one, like around 1995 old, but an awesome story, too bad its only 25 ep, reading manga now tho, i started watching trigun im at ep 5, so far so good, and another im watching is wolf's rain, bout wolfd trying to reach this place called paradise, im on ep 10 on that one so ya, what about you guys?

I beat crisis core.

man, such an awesome game for the psp. like wow, man, =( still upset how it ended with u know, like right at the end especially, when, hes like, so, did you think i was a hero", and went to credits, i luved that part it was a great ending, this game truly deserves 9/10 or even more, for the other ppl that have beaten it. what do u think?

i got brawl!

dam, was hard to find, i went everywhere. but i didnt suspect the flee market! $50 brand new! the games awesome, gotta luv link =D my fav, and meta knight, i only unlocked 1 character tho, captain falcon, and im 6% complete emissary, its awesome game! best game on wii =)...for now

i got a wii!

oh yeah, i got a wii =), there was 3 left, 1 for me, another for my buddy, i wanted to buy brawl, but they were sold out =( boooo, o well, getting it tommorow from somewhere else, wii is actually pretty cool, i like wii sports, with tennis and bowling, it's great, i enjoy it =D

Finished watching claymore

dam, pretty good anime, i really enjoyed it, just like death note (my fav anime ^^) but ya, madhouse rocks, they just make such good animes, well, im hopin there will be a season 2 which is not likely (from what i hear) o well, might as well just read the manga!!

Crisis Core FF7 is awesome!

ya, i got a hacked psp, and the game came out! it's awesome!!!!!! man on psp slim the graphics r amazing, the cg videos....omg im not even gona tell u, gameplay feels good, not the best tho, its pretty solid, bosses r fun to "rape" haha, so ya, if u got a hacked psp u should go get it now, worth the download