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A new blog post, for the first time in months.

Hey everyone, I have not written in on any blog post for months. I'm still here basically, so heres just a small update from what I've gotten in the pass few months:

Playstation 3
Yeap, I picked up my PS3 in February on the eve release day of DMC4. Been great thus far, although the lack of good games which are really worth buying is seriously getting on me. I played DMC4 to death, but it wasn't what I expected it to be. Its not as good as DMC3 was, certainly its still a good game on its own.

After that, I went on to pick up Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I always wanted to play Ninja Gaiden Black back on the Xbox but didn't really had a chance to. For such a game that I've been waiting to play for such a long time, NGS did not live up to my expectations. Granted, it is indeed a pretty damn old game but just ported over to the PS3.

Finally, I have Uncharted. Sprang me a suprise that it is definitely a very good game. Wouldn't say its the best adventure/action game ever, but its definitely the best on the PS3 yet. I know people are going to shoot the game with it being a Gears of War clone but just in a forest-laybrinth-tomb setting. But having played Gears of War, I can clearly say that Uncharted is the better game on the overall. The story is just much more linear with lots of humorous and sarcastic moments where as Gears of War is just downright kill anything that moves.

There you go, I only have 3 games that I have owned thus far on the PS3. Not until 3 days ago actually, where I finally picked up the game I bought the PS3 for; Metal Gear Solid 4. Its a no brainer. This is the game that will make the PS3 what the name Playstation is all about. Of course, I don't expect MGS4 to just tear apart the 360 and Wii all on its own but for people out there still pondering to get a PS3 or not, then this is the time to do it. Fan of MGS or not, theres simply no better game on yet so far on this so called HD generation of gaming.

Playstation Portable

I got my PSP in early April. Because of the fact that I've started to lose interest in games and was actually till the point of wanting to quit gaming for good. I decided to give myself another chance, there I go to get a PSP. I know its years late but it isn't until recently the PSP has got its dose of AAA-material handheld games. The DS already has it, but the PSP.... not until now.

Its a no brainer I immedietely got Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP. I only was a big handheld gamer back on the orignal Gameboy till the pre-Gameboy Color days, only playing Pokemon and whatnot. But since then, I never really paid attention to the handheld market much. While on the verge of quitting games, FFVII: CC changed that for me.

It brought me back to a way of enjoying games again. I know the gameplay is particularly quite shallow, but the story just changes that for me. I'm simply impressed by just how Square-Enix has done it again on an FF title. Indeed other than FFVII, I had quite a truckload of other PSP games which there are some that I have not even touched yet.

Honorable mention is of course God of War: Chains of Olympus, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Tales of Eternia, DBZ Shin Budokai 2 and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Its been quite a "Sony" year for me generally, having bought both the PS3 and PSP and I am currently looking for a Sony Ericsson cell-phone as well. So I guess I'll be getting another Sony product yet again later this year.

Theres quite a few more things I would like to talk about but till next time, thats all I got for now. This may sound like it comes from a Sony fanboy post, but majority of my entire gaming-life came all the way back from the PS1 to till now onto the PS3/PSP, I hope they bounce back soon and start kicking asses as the knig of console gaming again.

Suggestion for new RPG?

So today, I've finally finish Rogue Galaxy. After pumping over 120 hours into it, I've done everything there is to do in the game. Well maybe except getting every single weapon and maxing them all which can't be done because simply there are..... 742 weapons in the game *slaps fore-head*.

So, I've got these few RPGs on my mind right now:

Dragon Quest VIII
Shadow Hearts: From The New World
Tales of the Abyss
Radiata Stories

RPGs that I am aiming to play again:
Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Xenosaga ep.1
Xenosaga ep.2
Xenosaga ep.3
Legend of Dragoon
Final Fantasy IX

Any suggestions? Its quite a list considering the time I have is pretty limited :P
I've tried DQVIII for the first hour or so and it didn't really turn me on. I've heard so much good things about it, but is it really that damn good?

Exams finished... what next?

My exams are finish and finally, I've officially graduated from school life. What a relief :P

So anyway, back to more important things... I'm gonna continue on my RPG mania and concentrate on a plethora of other things which I wasn't able to do due to exams.

The most important however right now is the launch of my website. I've finished almost everything and now in the phase for final touch ups. If everything goes according to my plan, the site should be up by next week.

In case you didn't know, my website is about generic hardcore gaming. I'm planning to take hardcore gaming to a new level. Its gonna be fun, but until then... stay tuned for updates of my site! :D

Major Exams Starts Tommorow

So well... this is it. My major exams will start tomorow November 17th. Yep, its the PS3 launch day in the US indeed and as well in my place here at Malaysia. Of course the Wii coming out 2 days later on as well... Dang! What a nice timing for my exam to show up eh? :o

Well anyway, my exams are gonna last for over 3 weeks. So I won't be on much anymore on GS until then, not to say I won't pop-in around during this time... but you'll most probably see less of me. Anyway, I wish everyone luck to in their seekings for the PS3 and the Wii! :D

P.S My hardcore gaming website is done and it'll be release soon :twisted:

RPG Mania Update!

A couple weeks ago, I gotten quite a few RPGs to play. Well, just last week I picked up .hack GU vol1 and soon again, this week FFXII. That brings to a total of 7 RPGs to play!!!!

Fortunately, I've beaten FFX-2 and gotten 100% completion in 5 days. I also just beat Tales of the Abyss just a few days ago as well, not a completion run though. Somewhat more of a speedrun. Right now, I'm working on Shadow Hearts: FTNW. Pretty good game, but no where near the likes of Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

With all these RPGs, its no wonder why the PS2 rulez!! :P

RPG Mania! So much to play yet so little time!

I've just started to get back into that RPG craze I seem to have forgotten ever since I devoted myself into DMC3. But right now, I have like 5 totally new RPGs which are still sealed up waiting for me to complete them.

2 of them which I bought months ago which are Shadow Hearts: From the New World and FFX-2(yea I know! :lol: ). Then I recently just bought Xenosaga III which I just opened up and played like 20 mins of it. Then I got SMT: Devil Summoner and Tales of the Abyss today! Worst still... FFXII is like 2 weeks away!!

OMG!! So many RPGs, yet so little time to play them!

GS = GlitchSpot

Yes... I'm level 20 now and I'm stuck with the stupid 1%/2% a day experiance bug. I know its bound to come but damn it... they should fix it already!

New profile banner!!

While this is just a 10 minutes work because I was really short on time when I did this, I am quite happy with it. I'll make sure I take a longer time to do a better one next time.
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