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Where'd I go?

Not like I dont have a hundred of these posts lol. I sadly forget about gamespot a lot. I used to come on everyday quite often. But I think WoW did it to me. But what surprises me the most is my Complete Subscription is missing! I never canceled it... I wonder if it just disapeares after a while of not logging in? Well, I don't really have the need for it right now anyway. My UCB was kinda dead anyway. Good concept but no advertising. Catch y'all later. Hopefully sooner rather then later.


This emblem came out of no where...

What does this button do?
Bearers of this emblem managed to complete the Scavenator session of September '07 with some impressive times. Live long and scavenate!

September 07?!? Meh oh well...

Anyway what's up gamespot? Been a long time since my last blog. Haven't had much to say really. Just goin through life day by day. I guess the only big thing that has happened is, as of yesterday I started the Nicoderm patches. It worked fantastically the first day. Today, day two... The craving are there, but I'm not buying. I trashed all my cigarettes for a reason. So I hope I can get through the first 2 weeks. Apparently after that it's a cake walk. I do miss it. I wish I could just casually smoke. Like once every so often. Rather then crave one every 1-2 hours. Nearly 2 days later and I am free of them thus far. Big step for me.

Besides that? Nothing.... Same crap different day. I'd be happy to hear what's going on with all of you though. :)


Level up and some other stuffz

It's funny, looking at my blog posts. They are almost in increments of a month. Looking even further than that it was a post or two a day. I think that's when they were journals and it was fun. Gamespot has changed alot since a couple years ago. This wasn't my first GS account either. Had one in 2000. Forgot the name. And I truely regret this name... SSJ4Justin. So lame lol...

Anyway! I did hit level 26 today. Pretty odd seeing as I am on pretty much every day but the most I do is post like 10 posts and that's it. Oh well, I'm not complaining. Today is another gloomy day. Doesn't look like rain though. Got the best phonecall from my girlfriend last night. We haven't seen much of eachother lately and it's been really hard. For that matter we barely even speak 4 times a week. Didn't hear from her Friday or Saturday. So lastnight as I was closing out my drawer at work, she called just to say goodnight and I love you. Totally turned my crappy day around.

I'm starting to play World of Warcraft a little less. I'm just kind of losing intrest ever since I ran Kara really... I did however pick up Portal. And I have to say it's really fun. I'm only 16% into it. It's really tough though as it progresses. Some of them don't make sense.

Well that's about it. I think I'll head out to work early so I can eat something. Have a good day gamespot!

It's raining!!!

Well... Sprinkling. But it's the water from the sky! And I love it. I know I've made like 2 journal posts about it before... Oh wait now it's "blog". Whatever. I just love the rain and I thought that'd be a good opener.

So anyway! I am finally kind of happy-ish. I got two days off of work with out any phone calls from work or even thinking about it. I loved it, and had a blast! I bought my car yesterday and started it up. It's a beast! It's a 1992 Volkswagen GTI. It's going to be so fun to fix up. I'm rather excited. I also got another job offer for some company that my current work send stuff out to. Starting wage at $13 an hour. I know it's not much but I just got a raise at my current job for $12.10 from $8.77 becoming supervisor and Center Specialist. Oh if you didn't know I work at FedEx Kinkos. So I'm sort of looking into it. I'd definitely get weekends off and solid hours because they run completely different.

Well I think that's about it. It's raining so I think I'll go make some Hamburgers on my grill and chill out in the rain. Bye!

Attention World of Warcraft lovers!

Be it good news or bad news World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is rumored to come out before February of 2008.

Sources say that it will definitely be before then. And even possibly Christmas 2007. For some this is really awesome. The chance to be the new class Death Knight, a level cap of 80, new instances, talent builds, and much more. It's all very exciting. But what most don't realise is; what of the Burning Crusades? It barely came out mid January. Not everyone has done the end game stuff. And more importantly; outlands. Is outlands going to turn into a ghost town when Lich King comes out? That is the bad side of it. To sum it up Lich King will probably be a Christmas release.

Why is it that it's coming out so much sooner than the BC? Well that's simple. For one Blizzard's reputation has sky rocketed since the announcement date of BC. It took about 2 years for BC to be released. Due to the fact that Blizz has grown. So has the staff. Blizzard has more than tripled in size since then. I attended Blizzcon and talked to developers, and personally got to beta test the Lich King. That right there shows you it's not going to take 2 years. They have most of the game done already.

Attending Blizzcon gave me a ton of information about the Lich King as well. If you didn't read the WoW website here it is and even info that it doesn't list.

  • Ofcourse the level cap of 80
  • Inscription the newest skill.
  • Ability to change your hairstyle. And new dances. (whoopee)
  • And ofcourse the Death Knight.

A little bit I got from Blizzcon that I found a bit exciting was talents. The guy started out by saying, "you will never play your character the same". That's because they are doing what they call "talent splits". Talent splits will almost be like fusing two different classes into one. But not as dramatic. What it sounded like is basically you can have lets say a Hunter with some warrior attributes, like prot. To me that sounds exciting. But I doubt they'd go too in depth with it, to where there's a full prot Hunter. That would just be a waste. My guess is (only because they didn't go too far into it) that they will give you a few talents to get a little protection in you. (Again, using prot as an example).

For those that don't know how the whole Death Knight works. Basically it's like this. No, not everyone will be running around with Death Knights the day of the release of Lich King. That's because there will be no level 1 Death Knights ever. Death Knight is obtained from a quest when you reach level 80. Once the quest is complete you receive your Death Knight as a level 55-70 (actual level not stated), with gear to just get you by. So you're able to quest and level. That's how a you will get a Death Knight.

Well that's my little tidbit of info. Most of this info can be found at the wow website. And some of it was courtesy of Blizzcon and some WoW websites. Thank you for reading!


Long Night

Well my usual shift is 3-11 at work. Which is mostly why you dont see me on here at all. I never have time.

Today however just got better. /end sarcasm

Our overnighter called out. And he's the guy I pass off to. So basically I have to stay until they find someone. Well they didn't find anyone. So my 8 hour shift just turned into a 17 hour shift because overnighter works longer. /faintz

Only 8 more hours to go.