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I do love change.

Well boys (and the small amount of girls) it's been almost a full year, and it feels like I'm back where I started. Gamespot. Ah, the hours of time I wasted here, just wanting nothing more than to increase my post count and be the most well known guy on Gamespot. *ahem* we all had delusions of granduer at some point I'm sure. Anyway...

Any clue if Gamespot does name changes? Because the name SSJ100Vegeto strikes me as noobish sounding, and I'm really getting tired of it. My alias is Zeiro now.

On another note, I see Gamespot has had a bit of a revamp in my absence, and I approve wholeheartidly. Makes it look so much better, so much easier to navigate this way I think. Applause for the GS staff. *applause*

How have the people been?

System Wars is getting old.

I'm really getting tired of people always saying one system is better than another. Fanboys/fangirls can be found everywhere now. You can't make a post about another system without someone jumping in and saying "Oh well my system is better! It sold more than yours so yours sucks!" People can't just accept the opinions of others and be done with it. Just because they like Sony, it doesn't mean they're the spawn of the devil and must be converted to the ways of Microsoft or Nintendo.

All of the systems have their strong points, and weak points. People just seem to see all the bad in their least favorite system, and only the good in their favorite. People should make their opinions based on what they like, and just because someone else thinks differently, doesn't mean one is wrong. Opinions are what particular people think of something, one isn't necessarily right and one isn't necessarily wrong.

Where I'm going with this is the fact that I'm one of the few that seem to not be a fanboy. Actually, a while back I was a Nintendo freak, but you can't hail something forever. I'm partial to Microsoft actually, because their system takes what was good with the Xbox, and ups the ante. Nintendo just threw some random new concept out there. It worked, but still it was such a drastic change from what people are used to. Sony has just disappointed me. Their console is great and all, but there are no games to support it. The price was ridiculous at launch, putting people off immediately, and the only decent game at launch was Resistance. It takes more than a few games to sell a console.

So before you're the stuck up fanboy that shouts "Nintendo sucks!" or "Sony sucks!" Think about what you're saying. People don't have to have the same opinion as you, and statements such as that lead to flaming and trolling that just irritates everybody. So if you state your opinion, justify it, don't just throw it out there and complain when people state different views. Accept the opinions of others and let things go.


Well somehow I got another emblem, one I don't know how I got and how it got there. I'm not sure which one it is really o.o


I just got bored enough to open up my old gamespot page. Hooray, its a new low for me. And I couldn't typing **** **** in my **** title because of the **** censoring on this **** site. Gamespot is just too repetitive...nothing new to do.

*sigh* bored...

What to do when you get bored. You could write a novel. You could read a novel. You could burn a novel. Or you could just make a blog post for people who don't really care about it. Anyway maybe I'll do something productive with my life. Anybody else feel like dragging someone into a dark alleyway and beating them with a stick as wide as your arm? No? Okay I guess I'm just weird And haha you just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this and you can't get it back.