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Gamecube and GBA reviews are up!!!

My reviews of Luigis Mansion and Resident Evil are up. The GBA reviews are Harry Potter and Spyro Season of Ice. (sorry I couldn't put links on)

Tomorrow I am going to make no reivews because I have to attend a wedding but on Sunday the reviews are going to be Nintendo DS reviews and Xbox 360 reviews. So don't miss them.

One Year Anniversary on Gamespot!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been officially one year since I joined Gamespot. I have made alot of posts, reviews, and friends. I am also leader of two unions, Chapter of the Controllers Union and Nintendo Planet. I am also officer of 5 unions right now as well. And joined about 26 unions. I have also made alot of friends that also read my reviews that I make. I have almost made 200 reviews this year that I have been on Gamespot. So I would like to thank you all for making my first year on Gamespot so awesome. Thank you very much!