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Well... what had happened was...

Darn Christmas:lol:

I have been really pre-occupied with what else... video games.

Im trying to beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and i got to the last level today.

Plus im trying to get better at Rock Band 2 cuz i can only play easy still:lol:

But anyway in between video games i'll try to slide on GS

btw hope u guys had a good Christmas:D


How long has it been?

ow... 7 months what a hiatus. Honestly, I forgot i even had this account until sometime earlier

today... but w/e. Actually, I havent been doing much of anything else besides school stuff. As of

right now I am making an official comeback (one longer than a week this time). Anyway, I look

forward to seeing you guys around the boards again.:D

Btw, RESPECT Hidan :P

You are now entering... the Hollow Zone.....

OMG hi im back:P

Wow it feels like ive been gone forever... although i have a good reason or do i:o (i do really:P)

I made the Varsity tennis team at my school and ive beev totally busy ever since

I added up the hours and im playing 15 hours of tennis during an entire school week

17 if u count Saturdays. Um so yea i have no time for GS which kinda sucks:(

Plus my grades are a priority to my parents and i dont want to slip up but i did just get a 4.2

last marking period. Oh it gets worse i injured my shoulder this week so i might miss the

official start of the tennis season (we had scrimmages until now) i have 3 games next week and i might have

to sit out:(. But this would give me more GS time:D idk if it will but im not hoping to miss the season.

W/e well i geuss if im online this week you'll know what happens i hope to see u guys around the boards soon


Something Weird...

Ok yesterday there was that 00 level glitch and i was level 15 with 97.23%

i looked this morning and i was level 17! :shock:

im not complaining but it was just pretty weird

ok thats it get lost:P


A blog to end all Blogs (no not really)

Wow its been a while, i can never seem to stay on this site for more than one week

incriments at a time:P. Well while i wasnt here i finally pre-orderded Smash Bros.:D

it only took me forever cuz i procrastinate a lot... Um lets see i realized that the last

time i watched an anime was January 4 (i dont know why i said this its irrelevant...)

Oh, i have tryouts for tennis this friday and ive been practicing everyday for around

3 hours a day. I m confident im gonna make the team, but im shooting for varsity.

As usual in my blogs, there's always something random so here's something random

o if ur in the Gotei 13 union, uve probably seen it and ur gonna hate if u see it again

so this is a Warning... and here it is enoy :twisted:


if ur eyes bleed or u spontaneously combust because of this video I cannot be held


thank you and enjoy ur stay at SS3Hollow's profile;)

Another Addiction:P

Remember a while back i was addicted to battlefield?

okay thats past:P now its Jeanne D'arc. Its a game loosely based

on the historical figure Joan of Arc. I said loosely because it has some fantasy

elements to it. The gameplay is reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics and the story

is really good when it gets rolling.

Here's a vid i found of it with my new favorite song ever:lol:

thats pretty much it, until next time guys;)

Behold My Addiction...

Im pretty sure that you guys noticed that i wasnt here (hopefully:P), well here's the reason:

Battlefield: 2142

Yep, i got this game last Tuesday and havent stopped playing it ... much.

O, and i got Guitar Hero 3 too, so that didnt helped either:P

Unfortunately, i played a bit too much over the weekend (accorfing to my parents) and now they

wont let me play video games during the week.:(

I geuss its kinda good cuz now i be on GS again:D

Later guys

Look! Up in the sky... a blog!

Whats up people? Am i the only one that thinks that GS has been unusually slow these past few days?

Thats beside the point forget that... um this blog has no real purpose and im really doing this cuz im

bored out of my mind right now. If there was a real point i dont know what it would be...

Okay lets see, i got asked to skip junior year so i'd be senior a year early (yay:D)

i dont know if i should, i made my schedule already and its 2 AP(advanced placement) classes,

4 Honors and Gym and English. That doesnt seem fun...

anyway aside from me rambling on about nothing, i have nothing to say... thats why i hate

doing blogs i never remember what i want to say:P

to those of u who read this far... please go to the store and buy a life:lol::P j/k no really

though sorry for taking up yuor time... (or am i?) no i am really

ok later;)

wait! Death Note is cool, i just got manga volumes 5-6 and they were the best by far

now later for real