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Site Up

Well, haven't been around here much lately (school's a nightmare) but I thought I'd stop by to say my new site is up. If you like gaming and you like funny, I'd suggest you give it a shot. If you like it, pass it on, link it(every little helps). - if you like, paste to your profile. It'd to help us out. Thanks :)


New Video Up

Yo guys and gals, I know I've not been on for ages but I've returned and I've brought with me a new vid I spent a while making. If you like FFX, check it out, tell me whatcha think


IS The PS3 Unpopular in Britain?

I noticed that over all last year in my school the PS3 was getting slagged off. Okay, fair enough, the 360 was going strong and the Wii just came out, not to mention the PS3 delay.

HOWEVER, lately I've noticed that very few people I know actually bought a Wii, and those that did say its "okay". Many people have a 360 but most havent played it since Gears of War!

Meanwhile people are now coming up to me and saying "You pre-ordered a PS3?! Woooow! I really want one, but it costs too much. I'm gonna get one when the price drops."

This isn't an isolated incident, this conversation has happened to me about 10 times in the week since I pre-ordered my PS3. Now, if the reaction is like this NOW, what's gonna happen when I go into school and tell people "Hey, PS3 games cost forty pounds, you know"


(Which practically guarantees the 360 will cost more in the long run)

I just thought I'd post this for all the PS3 haters.  I did a survey in my year to see who wanted what console, and over 60% said they'd get a PS3 when the price went down. 10% were going to get one at launch!

It seems to me that among the layman PS3 is considered the best console by far. Not one person in my year has tried to argue that the Wii or 360 is better. I expect the PS3 to sell extremely well next year, or when the price is cut.

I've Pre-Ordered My PS3!

Yes, I finally did it. I've put down £100 and am guaranteed a PS3 on launch day.

My total cost is £550 as I'm getting:

  • A 60G Ps3
  • 2 Controllers
  • A Blu-Ray remote
  • Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man

Not too shabby, eh?

Why do 360 fans always criticise the PS3?

I've noticed that lately. If you look at any story on Gamespot involving the PS3, the majority of people leave a comment like

"Thats dumb, how can it beat X-box live !  PS3 is goin down!


Seriously! Look at the number of PS3'ers commenting on 360 news. Almost none.

Hell, even Microsoft does it! Look at the latest online interview. They say the PS3's online platform is a knock-off of Live. The only way it couldn't be is for the PS3 to be off-line! And they'd moan about that!

Meanwhile Sony hasn't mentioned either the 360 or the Wii at all. No critisism. No snide remarks. I think 360 fans are acting extremely childish. Grow up. No-one cares that you love the 360 more than PS3.

Especially not PS3'ers!