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Well folks, I think we're done here

Hey there, fellow Gamspotters. Bet you haven't heard from me in a while.

I'm just going to come out and say it. The reason why I haven't posted blogs or reviews here in a while is quite simple; I have decided that I'm done with this site. Why you may ask? Well, the biggest reason is because of how horrible this place has become. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get used to this new look or format. Honestly, it's quite terrible. I hate that friend blogs aren't visible on my home page, I hate that new user reviews are pushed to the back with no option to put them in order (from newest to oldest perhaps?) which defeats any purpose of writing reviews here, I hate how all the user reviews are mixed into one page and I hate how they tried so hard to copy Giantbomb's look but failed miserably. I just can't stand this awful update so I'm done.

Also, a lot of users on my friends list have left too, like kbaily and chocolate1325 for example.

Furthermore, this site has been annoying me for quite some time too. The live video streams have almost never worked right, the site is constantly glitch in or breaking down, and the staff never seems to listen to our complaints to make this site a better place.

So yeah, this site no longer interests me and I just can't stand this update. Gamespot has always sucked at updating their site but this one takes the cake. I've spent almost 8 years on this site as of later this month writing blogs and reviews, but maybe it's time to move on. Before I go, I wanted to thank all of my fellow Gamespot friends for commenting on my blogs and checking out my reviews (all 206 of them). You guys made checking this site worth it.

I don't know if I will join another game site but I do spend a lot of time on GameFAQS now. Maybe I'll see ya'll there. Either way, I'm outta here. PEACE!!! :)

Top 10 Games of 2013 part 2 (5-1)

In case you missed it, click here for part 1.

List so far:

10. Castle of Illusion HD

9. The Wolf Among Us Episode I

8. Resogun

7. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

6. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

With all that out of the way, which game is my GOTY? Let's find out:

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5. Bioshock Infinite (360, PS3, PC)

After many delays that went on for about 2 years, Bioshock Infinite was probably my most anticipated game all year. Following in the footsteps of the original Bioshock is no easy task, but Bioshock Infinite manages to be almost as good. Columbia was a fresh and interesting concept after spending two games in Rapture, and the storyline is surprisingly well told with an interesting ending. While clearly not my favorite of the year, Bioshock Infinite still deserves a spot in the top 5.

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4. Pokemon X/Y (3DS)

Ever since Pokemon's popularity exploded in the 90's, I'm sure I'm not the only child who has dreamed of playing a true Pokemon adventure in a 3D environment. Well, 2 months ago, our dream was finally realized with the release of Pokemon X/Y. While it stays true to the Pokemon formula we've played before, the new polygonal models and new additions this game experiments with are more than enough to come back for another helping. Amazing how after 15 years, Pokemon still manages to be fun.

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3. Tomb Raider (360, PS3, PC)

Now this was an unexpected surprise. I don't think anyone knew what to think of a reboot of Tomb Raider, especially after seeing gameplay footage. As it turns out, not only is Tomb Raider one of the best reboots in gaming history, it's also one of (if not the) best in the whole franchise. Their goal was to make Lara Croft more human and I think they did a fantastic job of that. The story itself isn't spectacular, but what it lacks in story it makes up for in character development and of course, gameplay. I can't wait for Tomb Raider 2.

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2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

I just got this game for Christmas a week ago. I was afraid that this would just end up being practically a straight up port of A Link to the Past and offer nothing new, but leave it to Nintendo to outdo themselves and create one of the best Zelda games in the series. The game isn't too challenging but its dungeons feel unique, the new wall painting gimmick surprisingly adds to the enjoyment, and it's just all around fun, maybe even the best game the 3DS has to offer so far. If you don't have ALBW yet, you are truly missing out. I can see why Gamespot would give this GOTY, but there is one game that beats it for me.

*drumroll*......and my choice for Game of the Year for 2013 IS..........

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1. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)

Yeah, it's an obvious choice, but even as someone who has only played, like, two other games in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5 really knocks it out of the park. Nothing is more satisfying then creating terror throughout the large and vast city of Los Santos with some much improved gameplay over its predeccessors. Not to mention the large amount of content this game has; well over 60-70 vehicles, a 30 hour campaign that's actually fun from beginning to end, a city with several different environments (from city, to suburban, desert, forest, highway, mountain, etc.), golf, tennis, racing, multiplayer (with all previously mentioned features) and so much more. Rockstar is one of the few companies I know that makes sure that you are getting your full money's worth and it really shows here. GTAV was a fantastic way to end the 7th generation with a bang, and that is why it is my choice for GOTY.

And that is that. Comment below and let me know what you think, or tell me what you think the GOTY is,

Happy New Year, everybody. See you all in 2014. :)


Top 10 Games of 2013 part 1 (10-6)

With the final year of the 7th generation, which games stood out more? Well. from what I've played, let's take a look (keep in mind I do not own a PS3, Xbox One, WiiU or Vita):

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10. Castle of Illusion HD (360, PS3)

This used to be one of my favorite games when I was a kid back in the Genesis days. When I heard they were remaking it for the Xbox Live Arcade, my inner childhood knew I had to download this right away. While not a 100% remake, it is still faithful to the original and it feels like a new game thanks to brand new level design (while sticking to the themes of the original).

No Caption Provided

9. The Wolf Among Us (360, PS3, PC)

After the Telltales' The Walking Dead ended up being such a huge hit, Telltales moved on to another famous graphic novel; Fables. This graphic novel focuses on famous fables like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. and kind of sets them in a mature noir setting. The game hardly has any gameplay of course, but as a point and click, it succeeds in the areas that it needs to; story and writing, and it does both very well.

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8. Resogun (PS4)

After disappointing exclusives in the PS4's launch lineup (Killzone: Shadow Fall was ok and Knack was mediocre), one downloadable title really stood above the rest; Resogun. This is like a modern take on Defender and other classic space shooters from the arcade. There's hardly any story other than "save the last humans", but Resogun concentrates on straight up fun instead. Difficult, intense, and fun, Resogun is THE reason to own a PS4.

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7. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

I wasn't sure about Dark Moon as I didn't play the first game, and Paper Mario Sticker Star disappointed me a few months before. I decided to grab it anyway, and as it turns out, I was plesently surprised. Thanks to the atmosphere and puzzle solving, I ended up having a lot of fun with this one and it became one of my favorite 3DS games in my library.

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6. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (360, PS3, PC, One, PS4)

After Assassin's Creed III disappointed me, I wasn't going to get Assassin's Creed IV. It didn't help that I was completely bored with the series by this time. However, my cousin kept telling me how great it was and I needed to pick out games for my PS4, so I grabbed it. Now I'm glad it did. As it turns out, not only does AC4 do just about everything better than its predecessor, but it's the best in the series since AC2. Add in the fact that it has a pirate theme built around it and we have ourselves a great action/adventure title and a game that no fan of the series should miss.

Part 2 coming soon.

Top 10 most anticipated games (Merry Christmas)

With the 8th generation here at last, what are the best games in store for the future? Let's find out with my own personal list:

10. Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

While I haven't played every Mario game, I at least have had the honor of playing Yoshi's Island all the way back on the SNES some time ago and loved it. While I'm not trilled with the art style of this one, it still looks fun to play.

9. Super Smash Bros. (WiiU, 3DS)

I don't have a WiiU and don't plan on getting one for quite some time, but I'm stoked that the next Super Smash Bros. is coming to the 3DS. Besides that, it's Super Smash Bros., so it's bound to be great.

8. Titanfall (One, 360, PC)

Call of Duty on steroids.......with some mechs. I'm a little disappointed at the lack of singleplayer, but it still looks like a lot of fun in the multiplayer portion.

7. Fable Anniversary (360)

While the two sequels have disappointed me to the point of giving up on this series (ESPECIALLY 3), the first Fable game shall hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait to play it again in this remake.

6. The Order 1886 (PS4)

I didn't pay much attention to this game until recently, and it sounds like the recipe for a great 3rd person shooter. Plus, we'll be fighting werewolves in the late 19th century, how could that possibly be bad?

5. Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

Being a 360 fanboy throughout this generation, one game series I was jealous of was the Infamous games. I loved 3rd person action games like this where you are pretty much allowed to roam around and do what you want. Second Son looks just as fun, if not more so, and I'm glad I can finally play it on a system I own.

4. Watch Dogs (PS4, PS3, One, 360, PC)

This game has been delayed so many times that I lost a little bit of interest. However, it still looks fantastic so it appears as though I can't stay away. Let's hope all these delays were worth it in the end.

3. South Park: The Stick of Truth (360, PS3, PC)

And yet ANOTHER game that has been delayed way too many times. Still, South Park is one of my favorite shows and an RPG based on it sounds, and looks, awesome. I can't wait to play it, if it ever comes out.

2. Destiny (PS4, PS3, One, 360)

When Bungie left Halo behind, nobody knew what they were capable of. Were they just a one trick pony? Was this franchise holding them back? Well, their next game, Destiny, was finally shown, and everyone was in awe. Everything about this game looks fantastic, from the open world to the gunplay.

1. Metal Gear Solid V (PS4, PS3, One, 360, PC)

As if a new Metal Gear Solid game spanning across all consoles wasn't enough, but open world? Vehicles? Playing as Big Boss one last time? Count me in. Kojima rarely disappoints with this godly series and surely MGS5 will be no exception. It's got all the makings of GOTY material for next year (if it comes out next year).

And there's my list. Have a Merry Christmas, everybody! :)

Playstation 4 impressions

As you are more than likely aware, the 8th generation has finally arrived as of a month ago. I usually don't pre order consoles right away but thanks to a good deal at a while ago, I decided to pre order a Playstation 4. It feels kind of weird going back to the Playstation after spending two generations with the Xbox consoles, but it really caught my eye somehow. The real question is though, was it the right choice?

Keep in mind: I never owned a Playstation 3.

I haven't signed up for PS+ yet so I haven't been able to play online, which is why I was hoping the Playstation 4 could remain free so I only have one service to pay for. In spite of this, the system itself is impressive. I especially love the idea of remote play, especially since I can use my iPad for my friends instead of sharing a screen.

What's more impressive than the hardware is the brand new Dual Shock 4 controller. First off, it's a huge step above the DS3, which I didn't care for due to its crappy R2 and L2 buttons. This controller fixes that problem with more slanted triggers, much closer to that of the Xbox's. I also think the sticks are more comfortable to control as well, making the controller as a whole really convenient to play with. I especially can't wait to see the full potential of the other features it offers like the touch pad, light and sound.

As for the games, I ened up getting 4; one downloaded and the other 3 retail.

Killzone Shadowfall: I heard mixed things about the Killzone franchise. Some fans say it is good enough to be Sony's answer to Halo, and yet some say it is just a generic uninspired shooter. Unfortunately, based on Shadow Fall alone, I would lean a little more towards the latter. I haven't played multiplayer yet and the campaign starts off pretty strong, but the gameplay just makes it seem like they were afraid to take any risks in what is basically a tired genre. One thing I will give it though; it's a good game to start the PS4 on because it takes advantage of most of the controller's features. The touch pad is used to switch the modes on your little robot friend (or the "OWL"), the light represents your health (green means full health, red means little to no health) and picking up audio logs causes the voice to come from your controller. Not to mention the visuals are just downright gorgeous in every regard. Overall, not a bad game, just not worth picking up a console at launch for.

Knack: I must admit, I had hope for Knack in spite of its backlash from the critics. It looked like nice and simple fun, and a platformer is always welcome in this day and age. Sadly, if you were expecting this to be the next Crash Bandicoot, you might want to look elsewhere. Knack is hardly a platformer (seriously, it seems to make more inspiration from God of War than it does retro games) and the gameplay is beyond mediocre. I will say that it does have a nice challenge to it and some amazing Pixar-esque visuals, but the gameplay is repetitive, the story is kind of lame, the levels are linear and boring, and even the one interesting gimmick it has feels like a missed opportunity. It's not horrible, but it's not really good either.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag: Sadly, the best game I played on the PS4 so far is actually a multiplatform/multigen game. In fact, Assassin's Creed 4 is by far the best game in the series since 2, correcting everything that 3 got wrong and even improving on the things that 3 got right (like ship battles). To top it all off, it's pirate themed, how can you go wrong? The story is kind of boring but the rest of the game looks great on a next gen console and it plays as good as an AC game can play.

Resogun: Last but not least, I snagged Resogun from PSN to see what the fuss was about. As it turns out, Resogun lives up to the hype. The game pretty much pays homage to Defender in all its space shooting, side scrolling, human rescuing goodness. The visuals are stunning for a downloadable title and it has a nice style to it, truly feeling like a retro arcade game while keeping a modern look. Challenging, intense and just straight up fun, Resogun is a keeper.

In conclusion, I like the PS4 so far. Well, I like the hardware and potential of it so far. As you can see, there isn't a whole lot to offer for games right now. The two big exclusives aren't worth buying a whole new system for unless you just HAVE to play the next Killzone, and the best game I played on it was available on a console I own. Resogun is great and by far the best exclusive, but that's about it. However, with Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886 and many others on their way, I have faith that the PS4 will be an excellent console within the next year.....there's just no reason to rush out and get one right now.

I hope to review all 4 of these games soon, but I would like to finish up my reviews for Grand Theft Auto V and Pokemon Y first.

200 Reviews!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm still alive and writing reviews here. It took longer than I had hoped but I'm really not digging the new layout of this new site, especially since nobody can see recent blogs right on their profile and the order of my reviews are all messed up.

Anyway, I've been busy writing reviews lately and I finally made it to 200. Check out my latest reviews below:

196: Batman Arkham Asylum

Don't know why the date on this says 2010, I swear I wrote it a month ago.

197: Batman Arkham City

198: Pokemon White

199: Pokemon White 2

200: Grand Theft Auto III

I like to do something special for every 100 reviews, more specifically for a game I REALLY like. This time I chose to review GTA3, one of my favorite games. Hope you enjoy, and thanks to everyone who reads through them every now and again. I hope to review GTA5 and Pokemon Y soon too.

Oh, and PS4 games to. I'll talk about that later.

Debating on leaving this site after my 200th review

First of all, while I do like the look of the new updated site, I absolutely despise the new layout of it. I hate that there appears to be no section that lists my friends' recent blogs, nor do I care for the review sections. As far as I can tell, the only order they're in is how helpful they are, which means anyone writing a review later than everyone else won't even have the chance to have their reviews read, it just doesn't seem fair. You can correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, but from exploring the new site, that's what I concluded.

Secondly, it could just because it's new or maybe it's me, but the site lags more than ever now. I avoid coming here more than ever because of that.

I was just going to go directly to my account on giantbomb, but I noticed upon writing my Batman Arkham Asylum review (which will show up soon, hopefully), that I have written 196 reviews on this site alone. So I guess I won't officially leave until some time after writing 200 reviews say I made it I guess.

Well, until then, see ya next time.

Castle of Illusion HD review; now this is how you do a remake

I used to love this game back on the Sega Genesis.  When I heard it was being remade, I wasn't sure what to think.  I could see it being a potentially faithful remake but I could also see them butchering it and taking out what made the first game great.  Luckily, they didn't do the latter.  While more of a reimagining than a full remake, this game is true to the original while offering a new experience at the same time.  It's not perfect, but it was fun.

Check out my review below to find out more:

Nintendo 2DS: good idea or bad idea?

Recently, Nintendo just released some news about their upcoming "Nintendo 2DS" set to release this October.  Here's a link to the article:

Basically, it's just a new model for the current 3DS, only with the 3DS removed, it no longer folds up and it now costs $130 (as opposed to the 3DS' price of $170).  Instead of worrying about the hinges on the system, this one is a little more flat like a tablet and it still not only still plays 3DS and DS games, but it still has its features.  I guess the main goal of this thing is to reach out to a wider audience thanks to its lower price point.

Well, so far, the fan reaction is mostly negative towards this thing as it has received nothing but hatred across the internet.  People are constantly raging over its design or removed features just to justify the lower price.  So with all this backlash, was this a smart or dumb move by Nintendo?

As for me, I'm kind of mixed.  I can understand what they were doing; not everyone who buys a 3DS cares about the 3D gimmick and it is what it is, a cheaper 3DS for those iffy on the current price.  On the other hand, I'm not so sure about its design.  The new button layout looks especially uncomfortable.  I realize they have more room now but did they have to move all ofthe buttons and stick next to the top screen?  I just can't see myself getting used to that.  Also, in spite of the lower price point, it isn't THAT much lower.  I certainly won't be purchasing this anytime soon and if I have to buy a new 3DS for whatever reason, I'll buy another 3DS or maybe even an XL before this.

While I do see why there is hate for this thing, I think some fans are overracting.  It's not like Nintendo is forcing you to give up your 3DS for it, it's just another option.  I just hope Nintendo doesn't stop production for the 3DS and start only selling the 2DS, now THAT is something to be furious about.

Anyway, thanks Nintendo, but I think I'll just keep my 3DS. :)