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Early Xmas

So I can truly now say that I am having an eary xmas. I got White Knight Chronicles 2, Dark Souls, Battlfield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed: Revelations and I bought a house. Now that everything is paid off and I'm broke as hell. I need to find a job. Happy gaming people.

R.I.P. My PS3

I cannot write in words the anger I feel right now. I am on edge and will snap at anyone who annoys me. Plus as a bonus it costs $200 to fix it AND I lose ALL my files on it. First, I don't have a job. Second, I don't HAVE A JOB OR A PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be a very angry person for the next few years or possibly until I fix or get another PS3. It is the 60GB launch PS3 and I feel like destroying the world or whatever the hell made my PS3 die. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's Happening People?

This year in gaming is going to be ridiculously amazing and I cannot wait for the rest of the amazing games to unfold. Life has its' ups and downs and so far I've been getting mostly the down part of it. I'm really glad that PSN is back up and we can game online again. I was starting to lose it. How many of my GS buddies are still here? Drop by and say hi. I still check up on here once in a while. Until next time friends.

What's New?

I haven't touched this website for months and I have got to say, all the cool people are gone. COMBATSOLDIER, RasenganX, and many more. I've been so busy with life that I barely have the time to breathe. I got FFXIII on launch day and I played it for the first few days and then things picked up and I haven't been able to breathe at all nor even touch one videogame. I will post on here once in a while because I'm not comfortable with easing back in to being a regular. I hope to hear from people soon. It's been a while.

Xbox 360 and Whatever

I just got a 360 on Aug 7/09 and I'm glad I did. Now I'll be able to play Halo 3 and Fable 2 that I've always wanted to. Forget Gears and Gears 2. I hate that game it sucks and you know it. I'm kicking ass on Halo 3 right now and it's fun as hell. I don't know why I got a 360, but for whatever reason I did it will be a reason worth doing for. It's been a while since I posted my last blog and not that it really matters but I'll be gone even longer from the time I write this one because I'll be in Europe, my home land, enjoying my first vacation in over 5-6 years. The second one in my lifetime and I'm only 21. So for all those who got a 360, and want to play, add me and we'll go from there. My Gamertag is in my profile or just add AcidicRegent0. Same as my PS3.

Legend of the Dragoon + Vacation Soon

I have just finally snagged a copy of Legend of the Dragoon for the PS1 and I'm awaiting for its' arrival from Estarland. I have been searching for this title for forever and I regret years ago in around 2001 or so when I first got my first PS2 not buying Legend of the Dragoon because I was so focused on buying FFVII and the other PS1 Final Fantasy games. I remember seeing it as greatest hits in store shelves but I never bought it because I was so damn stupid. I am so damn happy I found a copy and I can't wait to get in there and enjoy this amazing title. Other than that, it has been a while since I posted a blog because I have been busy working and working out and clubbing. This whole ordeal with Combatcsoldier has really hit me hard because without him, this website is just another website and that's all it is. It's just not the same. It won't be fun, it won't be interesting and it definitely won't be no home for gaming news that's for sure. I do however have other ways to keep in contact with him and I'm glad for that, I just hope we find another way to be together other than this stupidity here. Finally, in August I'm going on my long awaited vacation back to my home land of Bosnia where I'm going to see my grandparents and enjoy myself because it will be my second vacation in my life and it has been plenty of years since the first. Most importantly my uncle and aunt will also be there and I get to meet my aunt and 2 cousins for the first time in my life and that will be an important and joyful event, one that I will never forget. Lately everything feels like it has been moving so fast and it's overwhelming but I got over that in a hurry. I got my first car last October, and then I got rid of that and got a newer and way better car this January. I didn't pay a cent for the first one so it's nice. Then I met up with old highschool friends that I have not seen for a few years and we started hanging out again, working out and going out to clubs and stuff and that was a new experience for me. Before this year I have not really hung out with anyone for a few years as I have been alone and it was tough but I stuck strong through it and here I am now with friends and family all over the place. I am glad things turned out this way as I was able to come out way stronger than before and I'm in the best physical shape of my life. I am still pretty fat but I am the strongest that I have ever been and it is only getting better day by day and not even Arnold in his younger days will not be able to catch up to me. I guess everything is going great and once I get back from my vacation I am getting a way better job, one that I will be respected in. The one I have now is lowly and garbage and I am treated like trash but just 2 more damn months, as my vacation is on August 20th, JUST 2 MORE DAMN MONTHS AND I WILL BE FREE OF THIS HELL and off to a better place. How have all of you been doing my friends. It has been a while and I hope you are all doing well. I hope to talk to every one of you again, see you all later.

Birthday, Car Upgrades and More

So I just turned 21 on Saturday the 18th and it feels no different lol, people think that they feel old at that age but it's all in their mind. It was a day like any other except it was a Saturday which is the day I always go out and go "fishing". I didn't really go for it but girls at the club were grinding all over me so it was aite but I wasn't in the mood for some. I got a few numbers but that's just something I never do, I never call lol I just wait for them to call and they always do....... Anyway, I am putting some new performance parts in my truck and it's all about to get sweeter. I got a nice Flowmaster muffler bundle with all new pipings and all that stainless steel stuff making it look even nicer. It'll sound pretty loud but with my special engine sounding even louder than the muffler, I wonder who will win the contest of being the loudest. I'm putting it in on Monday since it takes a day to order the parts and I'll be glad I put it in because the intake is in need of a partner to make my truck even stronger. I'm looking at putting 26" rims on it but not for a while because I'm putting in the performance before the visual upgrades first. Next I'll be researching to put in either a Stage 3 Supercharger or a Stage 3 Turbo in there. I still think Superchargers are better than Turbo because they have the responce of an NA engine and the power of Turbo. On the other hand, Turbo still produces more power but it lags as one of its' functions. Well anyway, enough ranting about the truck. I haven't written a blog here in a long time, last one was around January or so and that was some time ago. I'm also looking into putting a beautiful Pioneer audio system all touch screen and stuff in there but I'm worried since the deck is made to stay in the console. I'm probably going to have to chop the face of the factory deck and glue the buttons on it and then stick it on over the aftermarket deck just so it looks like a piece of crap in case someones' hand decides to slip into my ride, then I'd kill them. I can't wait till August because that's when I'm going on my trip back to my home country Bosnia to visit my grandparents and it's basically a vacation. It'll be really nice and I hope everything goes well until then. Take care everyone. Live on and prosper.

Mr. Sark Playing Killzone 2 + Killzone 2 Trophies

So I'm on my PS3 now and Mr. Sark is playing Killzone 2 and laughing at me. Yes people, THE REAL MR. SARK from X-play. I have him on my friends list and it's no big deal but that's not the point. The whole point of this is that HE FRIGGING HAS KILLZONE 2 AND I'M JEALOUS OF HIM. There are 52 trophies for it and I didn't see that he got any but damn I want to play that game right now. This game is going to be big and I'm just saying that I envy those people who get it almost a month and a half earlier than the release lol. On the other hand, I just bought COD World At War for PS3, Final Fantasy II for PSP and Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories for PS1(this brings back the great old memories and it's still fun as hell). Doesn't seem like there's any good games coming out after Killzone 2 other than Resistance Retribution for PSP so I'll probably pre-order that one next. Game on people.

New Car, Haircut and Gaming

Well, it's final. I just got myself a brand new GMC Sierra, extended cab and all. It's pimped out. I'm so excited that I could spew baby juice all over the place if I had to. I'm shaking with excitement and I can't wait to put my own SS deck in there it'll be so loud that it'll shatter windows all around me. I don't blast my music that loud though. I did just get a haircut though and it's pretty dumb of me to do so but I don't care. I'm practically bald and it's the middle of winter, too damn cold. Not a big deal though, I got my pimped out hats and all that so it's cool. I also was lucky to be able to find Shadow Hearts: From The New World at Blockbuster the other day. That is the only copy of the game that I have seen anywhere for a couple of years now and I'm glad to have picked it up. I started playing a bit and it was pretty fun and interesting. I got into it but right now I need to work my ass of to start paying off my car. I'll put a pic of the bold baldness and ballin' so if anyone wants to check it out they can in my images.