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Just Cause

I was playing Just Cause yesterday,

and i found 2 main ways how to crash the game.

1. When you place smoke for an extraction or heavy drop as soon as he starts to place the smoke push select and the loading screen will come up but never go off.

2. If you are in the stunt position on a car hold down R1 and carry on driving slowy, now push L3.

The picture freezes but the music continues.

SOCOM 1 Mission

One of my hardest missions on SOCOM 1 was Temple At Hoen Kaen which i found hard, but for some reason i find all the others easy.

Like i find rank Lt. Junior Grade hard.

But i found Admiral easy.

New Games

I got new games today.

All brilliant.

Finished MOH Vanguard, Conflict Desert Storm, Conflict Desert Storm 2, Socom, Socom 2, Socom 3, F104,Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Jungle Storm and Rainbow Six 3.

Getting new games today are there any suggestions of what i should buy that is under £25.99.

Socom 3

I reached commander level on Socom 3 and it is actually easy. Everyone else says that it is the hardest thing ever.


Also i hit a hard spot on Socom 1, I keep letting killed on a certain mission. It's so annoying.


I can't seem to find anything for my new game Medal Of Honour Vanguard on Gamespot,

I could really use some help on it.     :)