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Hey, guess what!

If you've been following my previous few blogs, you'll know what is wrong. Look at my username/level on the left. :|

I lost my NDU risk D:

I, SMR-Venom, predicted that The Conduit will score an 8.5 or higher on Gamespot under the HIGH level. I chose the Blog consequence.

I was young and foolish back then...I have no idea what I was thinking D:

I here is the ownage blog >_> Yeah it's pretty late, but I promised so here it is :(

Other than that, I am out of level 28 once again. Let's see how long this lasts :D Anyway, does anyone play Battlefield: Heroes? If so, add and PM me. Player name: Saad1203.

Check out my Commando, with the sexay Cozy Cardigan on 8)

Happy Independence Day + Back to level 28...

Happy independence day everyone! I spent my July 4th in NYC with family :) So you may have noticed I was not active as of late; that was because I got moderated and suspended for 3 days. The level 28 curse lives on. Anyway, my summer is going great. However I haven't been able to see my girlfriend much, so I miss her :( Also, I started swimming laps to stay in shape :o

Well that is it for now, and this was my reaction to the suspension.

7k Posts + 50 Blogs + New Banner, Dawg

So I have made 7,000 posts and 50 blogs in 2 years at Gamespot (my second Gamespot birthday was a few weeks ago, I kind of forgot about it D: ), woot! I decided to change my banner, and keep it simple during the process. So here it is, the NYC skyline, looks beautiful. Also, I have taken 5 out of 6 finals.

English - 96/100

History - 85/100

Math - 86/100

Electrical Engineering - 93/100

Biology - 81/100

Spanish - 81/100

I will update the grades as they come in, so far so good. School is about to end in 4 days, and the past month has been hectic. Getting finals over with is a relief though (Spanish doesn't really count, it is open book :D). In other news, I was doing my semi annual laptop cleanup, runs much better now but defrag took like 7 hours >_>. Also, Firefox Personas is a really good add-on for firefox, I recommend it. It is a numerous amount of skins that are easily changeable.

Firefox > I.E. (Just saying) :D

What's weird is that I have been getting the urge to say "dawg" after everything lately (Blogs, posts, IM's) o_o At least i can control myself in person though :)

Level Up + New Phone!

Okay so finally, I am out of the hell hole that was Level 28. Seriously, I was modded back into level 28 like 4 times >_> Hopefully I can keep leveling up and don't get modded for posting a pic of Travis Touchdown on the toilet :P I am now a Radiant Silvergun :o

In other news, finals are next week, and I am getting pretty stressed out. My electrical engineering final is tomorrow and our teacher really did not specify many things that would be on the test, so I am somewhat freaking out. Lots of stuff to know. The somewhat good part is that there are only 9 days of school left.

Also, I got a new phone!

It's actually pretty good, much better than my last one. Texting is much easier :D

Reasons why E3 was amazing!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Metroid: Other M (Wii)

Alan Wake (PC/360)

Metal Gear Solid: Rising (PC/PS3/360)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

These games make SMR a very happy gamer :D

What are some of your E3 favorites?

No More Heroes 2 + I'm very happy!

So the newest NMH2 trailer has released! (Okay maybe I am a little late :P) It looks amazing! Dual wield M+ Katanas?! Heck yes, bring it on 8)

Okay so apart from game news, I went on my first date every yesterday! I took her to see "Up!" which was an amazing film btw...and then we had lunch and walked home through the worked out perfectly :) And I think she really likes me :oops::oops: (That is why I am really happy) Oh and guys, that yawning and putting your arm over her works pretty well :P

If you are wondering whether or not to, just go see "Up!" right now! Best film of 2009 by FAR! :D

Final-Freaking-ly, I got it!

So I just got my most anticipated game of 2009 yesterday...Punch-Out!! of course! It is so much fun, I am amazed. Also, it is hard and is putting my reflexes to the test. Currently I am on Mr. Sandman in Major Circuit. He is pretty challenging and I can't imagine what TD mode is like :o. Okay well, that's about it for this update :D *goes to fight Sandman for the 70th time*

UPDATE: So I just unlocked TD mode and I lost to Glass Joe like 5 times and Von Kaiser like 3 times >_______> Btw, TD Disco Kid looks groovy. 8)

Anyway, best Wii game of 09 so far IMO, much better than MadWorld (which was the previous champion).

I am loving me some Zeno Clash!

So I recently bit the bullet and purchased Zeno Clash off of steam. Let me tell you, this is an absolutely fantastic game. From the gameplay, to the surreal visuals and even the crazy plot make this a very likeable game. For those of you clueless ones, Zeno Clash is a first person brawler built on the source engine. It is an indie game, and is only $20 on steam, so please support this title.

My God, it has been a long time...

Oh boy, I haven't posted a blog in like, forever. I have been online on Gamespot a lot and posting a lot too, just not making blogs. Anyway, I apologize for not visiting anyone's blog either. So how is everyone? I am doing fine and just waiting for LKS and Punchout!!

Also, summer is almost here! The weather is getting better in New Jersey, it is like 88 degrees outside right now. Time to pull out the shades 8)