I wanna come back here.....

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..... but I know I won't. It's awful but I am so not a blogger. I joined here because of my deep tendancy to become obsessed with tv shows and wound up making so many good friends. But the time my friends has passed and I am not longer an avid tv.commer. I wish it could be different but this blog thing just isn't my style.

But anyway who would like to keep in touch please drop me a private line, leave me a commentand I'll be happy to find a way! I'll try and pop in here over the next couples days to return anyone who contacts me. I have yahoo, I'm on youtube.....I have a livejouranl though to be honest I don't even really know how to work it. I'd love to keep in touch with everyone!

And if I don't hear from you then adios my loves! The times they are a changin!

For Your Entertainment

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"I'm not your babysitter and I'm not your church."

~Adam Lambert Details Mag. (Nov issue)

That right there is the best album cover I've ever seen! His cd (For Your Entertainment, great title!) doesn't drop till Nov. 23rd but in the mean time there's still plenty to enjoy. He attended the This Is It premiere last night with Katy Perry, I bought 2 copies of his Details magazine issue (framed one of course!), he'll be performing his first offical single at the American Music Awards Nov. 22nd and his first video/song Time for Miracles (from the disaster film 2012 soundtrack, not on his debut album) came out a little while back.


But I won't spend this entire blog on only Adam...I mean I could honestly there really isn't much to talk about anyway (or really much need to blog) but I won't.

Tv wise a bunch of stuff is on hiatus (Bones, House, Glee) but only for a small amount of time. I could almost care less about House, it's really starting to lose me and I have no idea why seeing as the old team is back...then again I read spoilers so may I've ruined it for myself.

But Glee!!!!I mean okay I won't say that I love it as much as let's say Queer as Folk or Angel but it is really climbing my list fast. In fact I'm making a habit out of listening to all the tunes on youtube on a regular basis. LeelooDoyle posts every song the show does, including some previews. You all know how I feel about Kurt and this is a clip of his get ready for it duet with Rachel! YES YES YES! I have been dying for Kurt to get a proper solo/duet and they picked a great one. Defying Gravity from Wicked! It's real short but even that small snip sounds fantastical!!! Can't wait to hear the episode version and the full version they'll eventually post online. So psyched!

Heroes is going well, Sylar is in the drivers seat of Matt's body now being as vile as ever. Yet he's also playing what memories are real in funny hats and flannel shirts at the carnival. They've got him in a great place...or places, so many fans are kind of divided whether they want him good evil or some place in the middle so why not go with them all! Good call, much better then the dreaded Slyathan that could have emerged.

*****EDIT****** Oh & I almost forgot, on Castle they had Nathan dress up as Mal for Halloween! And his 'daughter' says something like 'didn't you go as that character like five years ago?' LOVED IT!!! LINK!!!!! All Firefly fans must watch, to funny!


What else? ....also pre-ordered Star Trek dvd. School is good, had to drop a spoon (;)) that I was going to fail but everything else I have A's. Work is fine, dull or whatever but I get a lot of homework done. Yay it's that dull....and....that's really it.

Okay more Adam!

Short I know but I really didn't have a reason to blog. I just sometimes get the old familiar urge so I piece together whatever I'm thinking about at that time....usually Adam. Okay, okay I'm done.


Could you be a companion of death?

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Just for the sake of blogging I'll post a little short one. Nothing real interesting though to be honest. Blurbs about a couple shows. If you like True Blood though read the first one for sure.

-True Blood, Godric will be baaaaack! No word on when or for how many episodes but the spoilers confirm that it will mostly likely be a flashback situation. YES! YES! YES! I mean I'm still holding onto the extreme slim chance that they could come up with some sort of resurrection thing but that would deviate a lot from the books (as I understand it) so I don't think so but I don't read the books so that makes no nevermind to me and as I understand it they are very different in comparison sooo....wishful I know but still. A girl can dream.

-Bones, they almost kissed!!! That was nuts! When the gang in I screamed no really loudly.

-Heroes is going well, I've been reviewing some episodes so if you want to know what I think I really get into it there. As always Sylar is the best and they give him the best stuff which was in danger when Sylathan was born but luickily they corrected that one before it even began so that was a great correction on their part.

-House is...I dunno know kind of losing me. I should feel thrilled that the old team is back. It's everything I wanted since season 3 ended but for some reason I don't know. I mean Fourteen seems to be in the ground, Huddy has mostly been cast aside but still something isn't clicking with me. I'll still watch of course but I was really displeased to hear the Jennifer is leaving permenantly (minus the possibility for guest appearances).

Let's see....gave up on Nip/Tuck, Glee is going well but it is the first season so there's some things I'd alter but they're doing well for a first season, trying to like Castle but some nights I just don't feel like watching it except maybe for Nathan and that's really it. I just thought I'd post a little blog for the heck of it. Just tv talk because I felt like I should blog.


For the underdog in all of us.

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Now that everything is back I've done a few reviews but haven't really felt like blogging. Until tonight. The only new show I began watching this year is Glee and to be honest it was mostly due to the fact that I adore musicals more then I can describe and even though the first handful of episodes had plenty to enjoy it wasn't until tonights episode that I really started to go crazy for it. Not saying it's the best show ever but well...look....these are what I would call my favorite highlights of the first few episodes. Just look and listen, thank me later.

(Click the pic). Beyonce Single Ladies by Mckinley HS football team. Oh yea you read it right! You will lose your mind, I know I did. This may be my second favorite scene the show has ever done.

Beyonce Single Ladies by Kurt. To adorable for words! This is my actual favorite! I love Kurt so much after episodes 3/4, but since the beginning he was my favorite. You can read more about it in my review of the latest episode but I'll keep it short here. I'll just say he could not be more adorable! This may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Amy Winehouse Rehab. This is from the pilot and it may be the most impressive dance number they've done yet.

Queen Somebody To Love. ***FIXED*** The 3 before this were vids with songs, this one is just a song though because this episode hasn't actually aired yet. They release some of the music before hand. Still. Wow.


Figured I'd blog for the heck of it, it's not really a big deal for any of us anymore but whatever. Hey first non-Adam blog in something like 5 months. Don't worry I won't sneak in any of you....yet. ;)


There are centuries of faith and love between us

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"It's a really, really cool thing to be able to show people that you can be yourself, and you should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are and what you're about, and never make apologies for it."

~Adam Lambert

...finally blogging....eh. Not in a real tv.com mood as of late. It's quiet here, somewhat empty, new episodes aren't back yet so there isn't that much to talk about but I haven't blogged in quiet awhile so...

Though not my fault. Back in July my ancient dell finally pooped out for good and eventually bought a new one. Since then just haven't really felt like blogging. Work was finishing now going back to school, plus I need to find a new job but still it's not that I'm more busy it's just this place is not the same and like I said I'm just in a not so into tv.com phase. It happens.

Other things are blocking the view like......

(Not all Adam, don't worry) The new album doesn't drop till November but of course I'm practically having stroke of anticipation, it's also confirmed that Adam has/will be recording a song for the new apocalyptic disaster movie 2012. So yay! I could care less about the movie itself but any Adam tid bits I can come by are FABULOUS!

Speaking of fabulous, tour vid! These are fan shot vid of Adam on tour that I just love, quality is not 100% but it's pretty good considering. I have quite a few favorited on youtube but I'll only include a couple, don't wanna OD you guys. Oh wait to late!

This first one is Adam doing his Bowie Medley, that's right Bowie baby, love it. The second is the same thing but it's much better quality both vid and sound.

Seriously I can not get enough of him! I need AA. Adam-holics Anonymous.


Okay, okay enough I know.

*Little blurb lost my Top 25 character list and to be honest I don't feel like going through the ordeal of putting it back together. It'll take far to long so that'll just have to be one list I don't finish.*

Expanded my dvd collection a bit. Finally bought season 3 of Dawson's Creek (been on my list forever) and the first three seasons of Bones. Super psyched for season 3 of Heroesto get here in a couple weeks! And I have a couple things to pre-order soon Bones season 4, The Tudors season 3 and of course Star Trek.

2009/2010 tv season (don't worry I'll keep it pretty short!): Feeling unsure about this years season. Heroes, well you all know by now how I feel about Sylar/Nathan and I'm just a little worried this volume is going to be making some big mistakes. Impossible to know but I read spoilers and so far I'm not overly impressed with anything and some of the upcoming stories seem...well like big mistakes. Bones looks great though! After last years very uneven season (everything from fantastic episode to bottom of barrel episodes) I think the show is finally taking some momentum with Bones/Booth. Thank god! Don't get me wrong I love that they've never been handled like most every other tv couple is handled (particularly the will they-won't they brand). But after the major sex cop out in the season finale I am so glad they're actually moving forward with them. We clearly probably won't get a resolution till the season 6 finale but as I said they never treat B/B like a traditioonal tv couple so maybe a surprise will be in store?No not a baby, I doubt they'll ever do that. I also heard tha they're finally listening to fan out cry and making the supporting players a little more involved. House looks like it's finally bouncing back after two really weird seasons, more so season 5. I just hope they honestly commit to this House mental institution thing because it's just what the show needs to sort of reinvent itself and feel new again like new seasons should. The Office has plenty to be happy about (JAM wedding and baby) so enough said. However last season of The Office followed suit with Heroes and Bones. Very uneven seasons, back and forth between great and bad episodes so I just really really want this year to be a bit more cohesive. I mean fingers crossed but I'm not an unrealistic fan. I don't expect every season, heck every episode to be oscar worthy I just want things a bit more even this time around.


Speaking of tv True Blood hit a major bounce back for me. I had altogether given up on the show when episode 5 aired and they introduced us to Godric. Jaw hit floor. As a vampire fan since childhood I was totally entranced by him and we only got to see him in one scene in that episode! They finally actually introduced him in episode 7/8 and wow.

Not only did he rival Eric as a fantastic vampire and maybe one of the best characters of the series but he breathed new life into the show in more ways then one. What he brought out in Eric alone would have been enough to make me love him (he gave Eric a lot of great scenes even when Godric himself wasn't actually in them). The final scene between them on the roof brought me to tears, it was so intense and of course sad. Both actors (Alexander and Allan) were great. I adore what they're doing with Eric's character, keeping him teetering on the edge between monster and man as opposed to last season when more then anything he was just an off set to Bill's good guy routine.

But back to Godric I so wish we had a little more time with him considering he's the oldest vampire we have yet to meet and we really only got three episodes with him. I realize that was half the point, to make his death that much sadder and keep a little mystery surrounding his character, life and also history with Eric (a large portion of brining him onto the show was to help flesh out Eric more and help us to get to know him outside of this Sookie/Bill weirdness) but I don't think one or two more episodes would have killed that? If nothing else I sincerely hope they give us flashbacks, they certainly have more then enough time to work with. Now for my favorite Godric scenes.

Why would you be so cruel? (S2, E9)-This is the clip of Godric and Eric's last scene but also Godric's last moments on the show. I must have watched this scene 50 times by now. I had to share it with you guys, for anyone who has jumped from True Blood I suggest you watch episodes 8 and 9. They are so worth it. This scene alone, easily the best six minutes or so that the show has ever done.

I'm here my child (S2, EP 8}- Godric and Eric are reunited. Loved this scene! Short but fantastic. Enough said. :)

Godric is my maker (S2, EP5) - This is the scene where Godric sires Eric. Very Anne Rice, Allan Hyde is enthralling in this scene and they make him look perfect. Animalistic yet surprisingly innocent. The tattoos are a nice touch. Can't describe how perfectly I think they cast Godric as well. Allan's very young and yet he somehow embodied both the innocenct and old soul qualities Godric needed to come off as legit.

There is nothing to say (S2, EP 9)- Godric gets in trouble with Nan and fired as sheriff of area 9. Godric looks so pained throughout this entire scene and the look on Eric's face just about breaks my heart. Alexander and Allan play off one another well in this scene, their conversation feels incrediblely sad even though at that point in the episode it isn't toally clear wasn't happening. When the audience isn't totally up to speed it can be hard to convey the right emotion but they nail it.

I'm actually older then your Jesus (S2, EP 8}- Godric tries to reason with the fellowship of the sun. This scene was shot perfectly. I love how they placed Godric, the fact that it was in a church made it look surreal. Great dialogue.

Now what would that have proven? (S2, EP 8}- Godric and Eric discuss some things.This conversation really summed up Godric. Who knows what kind of vampire he was back in his younger years but he's clearly more like Bill now, enlightened when it comes to humans. Realistic about what vampires are, the last person in the world I ever expected to be Eric's sire.

I have a question for anyone who reads the Sookie Stackhouse novels, obviously they deal with lots of supernatural things/creatures. Do they have resurrections? :D


The number one problem in our country is apathy, but who cares!

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"...role models come in a variety of different forms even in eye makeup, fingernail polish and tight pants. "

~Adam Lambert

Special Adam Video! And you thought I'd stop posting about him didn't you? Not gonna happen so get used to it. :) It's a vid of him singing the great song Beth (click the below pic). Beautiful performance, short but amazing but it's got a little something extra. Some very, very special editing. Perfectly describes what I see every time I look at Adam.


Screw a break, I thought I'd be busier with work then I'm actually turning out to be so I'll just continue on with my character list.

First sorry to everyone whos blogs I haven't commented on. I try and at least read most of them but I'm usually not here long enough to do even that. I do what I can and if I've missed you in a while apologies (I know some people still don't show up on my contacts list and can I just say WTF)! Or hell let me know and I'll try to get to you. It's hard to remember especially with my insane contact list I can't even bring myself to attempt to sort it, way to many people a lot of whom I know aren't here anymore. I try dudes. Anyway back to the list.

17. Jim Halpert/Pam Beesly (The Office)-

Part of the appeal of both characters comes from their couple and pre-couple relationships. I must admit that for awhile watching and waiting for them to get together did have some small appeal but I was pleased when they didn't drag it out for years and years that ultimately went nowhere like so many 'it' couples. When they made it together they were everything I hoped for adorable, true to their individual characters, realistic, clever and surprising. So many fans complain but you can't want them together and not want together at the same time so I say sit back and enjoy the ride. Individually they're great too. Pam has gone through some wonderful development over the years, from the unappreciated receptionist to the not afraid to be honest about what she wants and go for things more confidently sales person. Jim has always been the funniest slacker with just the right amount of sarcastic wit and a whimsical personality. Over the years he's changed somewhat too. From self proclaimed drifting slacker to someone who takes himself a little more seriously, even if he's still a slacker at Dunder Mifflin, taking the reigns of his own life and not quite so self deprecating or self sabotaging as he used to be. They make one great power couple and I was so surprised and happy over their latest development, a JAM bun in the oven. I think it's a great choice by the show for JAM and it has all the elements of making JAM even better.

16. Jack Hodgins/Zach Addy (Bones)-

Hodgepodge and Zaccaroni, I can't pick between them! Hodgins is a conspiracy theorist open minded all around good friend who isn't afraid to jump into something with his entire heart and defend his beliefs. He's a wonderful boyfriend, attentive boyfriend and though he's sometimes a little biased by his own personal beliefs once you're his friend he'll defend that proudly. He's the kind of jump first ask questions later kind of guy except he asks all the questions and demands honest answer. A true unique. I adored his relationship with Angela more then I expected to. Zach is lovable and cute despite himself, despite his youth he mostly certainly thinks in a Spock/Brennan way. Logic, evidence, no jumping to conclusions and he focuses all that in a very clinical way on every aspect of his life. I never thought his intelligence is what made him somewhat awkward and antisocial but how he applied it to life that set him apart from the world. We all know how Zach's story unfolded so need to go into how devastating it was at the time or how utterly joyful it was when the truth was revealed. Unfortunately I feel like neither of the boys get their proper dues or time on the show, they've each had individual story lines but I feel like they're both unappreciated supporting characters particularly in season 3 in Zach's case and season 4 in Jack's. I only hope they correct that problem with Jack while they have the chance.

Keeping it short!


Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you aren't

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"I want to be a role model for maybe that kid that feels he's a little weird or she's a little weird. The kid in school that doesn't quite fit the mold, someone that wants to be different..."

-Adam Lambert

Okay, okay no Adam this time around....except the above picture and quote. Come on there's gotta be a little! Anyways, I'll give you guys a break. More of my Top 25 characters!

21. Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls)-

To not love Luke Danes is sheer blasphemy. He was like a father to Rory, one of the best friends Lorelai Gilmore could've ask for, he could be completely selfless and generous and despite his gruff exterior he really was just a big softy underneath it all. But I like that we didn't know all of that right away. We got to see Luke's soft side occasionally in the beginning but it came out more over the years as he went through different situations (Jess, April, Lorelai). During the last year of the show we didn't quite get our required dose of Luke with Lorelai or otherwise (one of many reasons season 7 was kind of bad) but even then he was always just Luke a good guy trying to do right by everyone even if that means inconveniencing himself. What I also loved about Luke is he felt like a regular guy, someone you could actually know. The larger then life characters and wonderfully fantastic to watch but I think now and then it's nice to see a character that is very special and important in his unextraordinary way.

20. Spike aka William the Bloody (Btvs/Angel)-

Joss has made many characters that have gone down wild roads, ending up in the last place you'd ever expect them to be but when it comes to Buffy I would say that Spike is the best example. He was a down and dirty slayer killer with a mad lady and quite a body count, who could have possibly guessed that someday he would fall for our slayer? In fact there was a time I would have put money against it. But it happened and Spike began to show his true colors, he may have s been evil technically speaking but there was good somewhere in there somehow. Then everything changed again and he became the second member of a very exclusive club, he fought against the demon inside him even when logic said he wasn't capable of such things and won. He got a soul, he saved the world, he moved to Angel. And I adored every second. Spike kept us guessing all through the years and though he lost of lot of who he became when he made the move to Angel I was so pleased they kept his character going for so long considering he was originally slated to be killed off. Instead he fell for Buffy, got a soul, destroyed the Hellmouth, saved the world and became a champion. Like I said he kept us guessing.

19. Winifred "Fred" Burkle (Angel)-

Fred was cute, hyper, nervous and smarter then your average everyday smart person. I thought she was a perfect addition to the cast. For years Angel and co. had been saving damsels in distress it was only a matter of time and totally natural that one would join them one day. She maybe didn't have the occult knowledge to really measure up to Wes but she had a good head on her shoulder, a bigger amount of courage then she realized and she was quirky as hell which I adored. She was Wesley's perfect match in every way you could think of unfortunately that fact seemed to be lost on the show and they only made it together in time for Fred to die. Some say better then nothing but it was still maybe the most unfair relationship, character treatment in the entire Joss-verse. Just the same the time we had with Fred was important, she was good example of how even though the game was immensely dangerous and really not for humans they could still be important players. They wasted a lot of her time on her relationship with Gunn but still...

18. Mark Antony (Rome)-

I can't describe how wonderful James Purefoy is as Mark Antony. He becomes Antony in such a way that you truly believe and feel as though you're watching the genuine article. He brings intense detail and confidence even in some of Anotony's more basic actions and scenes. I particularly enjoy the last few episodes featuring Mark Antony and his time with Cleopatra. They took Antony to a very different place at that point, different aspects of his personality were brought out at the end of the character and yet he was still Antony. This mythical god like character, self serving, totally indulgent and arrogant with one beast of a temper and irrational...but you couldn't help but love him and you didn't even really know why. They really good have painted him as a one dimensional character but The they really did great with him during that second season, working at his different sides up through the end. James and Lyndsey Marshal (Cleopatra) have this wild chemistry that makes them that much more believable as their characters. James last scenes of the series always make me cry, always. He summons up some great emotion that hits you right through the heart. I so wanted to see him again history didn't go that way. I can not believe he is not a more famous actor, he seriously has the chops big time.


Onto randomness!I mentioned last blog the only thing I'm currently watching is Rescue Me(argh summer reruns) but it's turning out to be a great, interesting suprising season. However the most surprising moment was a couple episodes back when one of the main characters had a very coprock moment when he goes under for a surgery. TO HYSTERICAL! See it's a musical number but the ending is still very, very Rescue Me. There was another last night but it's not up yet but the above is probably funnier.

Other then that....end of june/beginning of july is traditionally the worst time for tv addicts. There's very few shows on, spoilers tend to be very scare because most shows are only just beginning filming if that and re-runs dominate so as you imagine I'm not pleased. Makes a girl not want to blog.

Nothing else to mention. Probably be awhile before I post my next blog, weeks. Just taking a little break but I'll still be here and everything just not blogging.


Be who you are those who mind don't matter those who matter don't mind

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"Why can't men have strong feminine sides? Does that make them less of a man? I don't know why our society has such an emphasis on masculinity and femininity-it's really gross. I don't think you're truly sexy until you don't care about that."

-Adam Lambert, Rolling Stone

I can not describe how much I love his outfit, utterly fabulous. Speaking of finally got Adam's Rolling Stone. Great article, as I said before very Adam. Honest, funny and just Adam being himself. Bought 3 copies, framed one. Need I remind everyone I'm obsessed? Don't worry I'll take it easy....this time. I'll just include one video, this is Adam pre-Idol days performing at the Art 4 Life Benefit. You wanna talk about very fabulous, very Adam... just click the pic below (pic actually from the performance, the vid itself was filmed live so it's not the best quality but it's plenty good)!


Taking a breath from all things Adam (HA!) getting back to my countdown thing...but seeing as I am talking about men I adore more then words Zachary Quinto just announced his next project, as-yet-untitled film about the world financial meltdown. And I quote, "I would play a sort of young financial analyst who comes from a rocket science background and applies that knowledge to the financial world." Don't know that project has been cemented but it's interesting none the less. Right countdown....

23. Wash (Firefly)

It's hard to fully appreciate all the Firefly characters because we knew them for such a short amount of time however Wash was the perfect comic relief. On a show that had a character for everyone, covering the complete spectrum (thank you Joss!) of different kinds of people Wash always had a way of lightening every scene, making great jokes and comments and yet he wasn't just the side kick. They gave him things to do, relationships to deal with and he wasn't a push over, never letting the captain pull rank on him. In fact he could be down right feisty when he wanted to be. However he was one of the characters that probably got the least exposure over the run of series so we never really got a the chance to get know him fully and unfortunately that became permanent when he was abruptly and utterly shockingly executed in the Firefly feature film Serenity.

22. Jack Mcphee (Dawson's Creek)

A lot of people discredit Dawson's Creek as nothing more then a teen soap and I will agree that sometimes that's all it was but unlike a lot of other teen soaps of the 90's sometimes it broke the rules and conventions. Jack is exactly that, he was one of the first featured gay character in prime time tv. Which is saying something because this was a show for teens, it was totally unheard of at the time and more importantly it wasn't all Jack was. He was a caring brother, a loyal friend and a wonderfully sweet guy. He actually ended up lasting through the end of the series end long after his sister had jumped ship. They could have introduced him as the gay character to get ratings and then dropped him quicker then he first appeared but they stuck with him and his stories. He had up's, down's and relationships just like the other cast members and was never treated as the token gay character or had all his focus on that one element of his character.


Onto random things. My contacts list is in utter shambles and there are just so many people. I've let it run wild so to anyone whos blogs I'm missing or anything it's just really hard to keep track of it all. Apologies but it's really hard to deal with it.

Seeing as it's summer re-run season the only thing that's currently on is Rescue Me however my interest in this season is totally peaked. Season 4, though plenty good sort of lacked just a little. Season 5 is much better! Need I bring up Garrity's cancer storyline, brilliant. Surprises, weirdness everything I love from Rescue Me and the season is only half in.

So naturally my mind runs wild with speculation about what might come next, namely Mike and Damien. I feel like I am picking up on a vibe, I think I'm probably reading way to much into but just the same I still feel like I'm picking up on something? Anyone else feeling this at all?

And you know if it weren't for everything that happened with Mike in season 3 and the lack of anything about it since I probably wouldn't see anything but it's just....I feel like there's something there and of course I managed to find some other people that suspect something so that only makes me wonder more. And...man I miss all my shows so much, Rescue Me is great but so not enough.


Admit that the waters around you have grown

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***Don't worry it's not all about Adam....just some***


Look at him! WOW! Love it, love it, love it! Haven't had the chance to buy the issue yet (though I've been checking stores since yesterday) it isn't released in my neck of the woods till Friday but I've read some small snip-it's from the article and it is very Adam, very brave and honest as is Adam...actually that's the perfect way to describe it. Very Adam.

Adore him, DUH!The Rolling Stone website has even posted a video of Adam getting his first look at the cover (along with a BTS vid on the photoshoot), they even framed it for him. Which I so plan to do when I get my copy....or copies (I'm getting 3) in two days! Two days!!! They also released scoopage that his album will be out sometime in the fall (He's with 19 and RCA) so double yay!!!! Another little cute Adam clip, he did a cameo on Best Week Evera little while back. Funny! Another thing I love about Adam (amoung the thousands of reasons) is that he is so not afraid to make fun of himself or any given situation he is in.


This isn't all Adam...though new recruits are always welcome. :) I was trying to think of some reason to blog & for no other reason then I had nothing better to do I thought I'd do another little character countdown list...thing. Haven't finished it so I'll only post a little at a time but it gives me an excuse to blog.

Honestly though most of my time on the internet is now spent stalking Adam websites and updates. You guys are witnessing the birth of my latest obsession (those of you who know me know I do that and I get really I'll say focus-y), in case you couldn't tell. Anyway....

Starting slow....over a year since my last character list, that was my top 50 (took way to long!) so I'm going for Top 25. It was so fun to read through my old list and see how things have changed.

Actually it was harder to narrow down then I thought! Bumped a lot of characters that I adore but I'm happy with the final 25 (...and several ties that I just couldn't pick between). Obviously this is the kind of list that fluctuates constantly but as of right now these are my Top 25 Favorite Tv Characters...

25. King Henry VIII (The Tudors)-

When The Tudors first premiered I've got to admit I wasn't immediately into it but somehow I became a fan and I think the biggest part of that is Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his intense, actually bordering on scary when required, performance as Henry Tudor in every episode. Committed and believeable, he is one of those actors who really becomes the character to the point where you forget they aren't actually that person. Before The Tudors I had no idea JRM was capable of such a performance but luckily someone did and they lucked into the perfect Henry. I can't imagine anyone playing him better. Henry can be one monster of a monarch but such were the times I suppose and what with everyone around him pretty much having a alterior motive sometimes I kind of sympathize with him and even his perference for chopping heads.

24. Angel/Angelus (Btvs/Angel)-

Angel was this loveable tortured guy with a big heart, bigger problems and a bigger tendancy to brood. But he had very good reasons. Love troubles again and again, an enemies list like not other and amoung other things facing apocolypse on a regular basis all while struggling with his inner demons, namely Angelus. I must say gun to my head I would probably pick Angelus over Angel. He's twisted and manipulative, disboloical as Cordelia once put it and not to mention frightening (nailing a puppy to a door!). David always seemed to have so much funny playing him plus let's face Angelus was a lot less whiney then Angel what with no tortured humanity holding him down. But you can't have one without the other and that's an important part of both characters through the entire run of the series. Still I never felt like saw quite enough of Angelus, both in his actual appearances and in the sense of his nasty nature, even after he...they got his/their own show.

Where in the world....

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...have I been. Here actually just not blogging...or commenting much...or doing much of anything besides writing one or two reviews and lurking about the forums.

No worries I'm not jumping ship,we all go through phases where we just get a little inactive here plus it's summer tv season. Gag, so most everything is out. Plus I just really haven't felt like blogging. :) But I thought I'd do a random one for the heck of it.


There's no real reason why I've been away but if there were it would have to be this guy....

...DO NOT LAUGH but man oh man if you thought all American Idol contestants were cookie cutter main stream flash in the pan artists who really weren't great vocalists you were wrong. The man is Bowie reincarnated. So in love. :) American Idol I know but just stick with here for a minute.

I'm not going pic spam you but I am going to link some of his music and I expect full participation, take 5 minutes and listen to at least one of his songs or risk my wrath. Not kidding. ;)

Hell just indulge me, I want you guys to see him. The guy rivals Freddy Mercury, I'm talking pipes baby. For the love of god how can you blow past that comment without taking a look? These are my top 5 Adam performances, and an extra.

If nothing else watch number one and you'll see why in the hell I am talking about an American Idol contestant :roll:...

1. Adam Lambert-Born To Be Wild-(You scroll down once and you'll see the streaming vid, JUST DO IT! :)) Personally this is my favorite Adam performance. If you only have the time or patience to watch one go for this. Totally wild, totally epic, those notes at the end! I mean talk about range I feel like glasses should be shattering. And showmanship the guy can perform like no other.

2. Adam Lambert-Crying Aerosmith- Make time for two! The man hits everyone range possible in this song.

3. Adam Lambert-Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin- Have time for three! Some say this was his best performance of the season but they're all wonderful so it' impossible for me to say. However this performance got him a lot of buzz, I believe the term rock god was mentioned. :D

4. Adam Lambert-If I Can't Have You Bee Gees-Slowed down, rocked out, glammed up the man is a freaking power house.

5. Adam Lambert-Black or White Michael Jackson- Adam's first appearance on the "big stage". Wow! Loved him from that moment.I coasted by him looking for House, next thing you know I was watching every week.

(This is the one and only youtube link, for those you of who can't be bothered to scroll down a bit) Adam Lambert performs with KISS- Nearly had a heart attack when this aired. Love, love love the outfit and of course his singing is great as always.


Haters beware I will not tolerate garbage from anyone! Other then that....semester ended, failed one spoon (do we all still get that?). That was my fault though and nothing to cry over. Heroes season 3 dvd doesn't come out till Sept (though I preordered it two months ago). Should have guessed but still that's a long time. But hey at least they released the box art! My other lover....I mean love, Zachary Quinto is front and center!

Squee! Speaking of Zach two things. One, don't know if I mentioned this here or not but saw Star Trek (Twice), god I love Zach in it and the rest of the movie was surprisingly good and really interesting which I found particularly odd because I am no Star Trek fan. I know some details but beyond that I've never had any interest.

Second, have I ever posted this here? Zachary Quinto in Off Centre; Zach plays a bisexual animal activist with a guinea pig named Freedom. Worth the watch, so hysterical. I forget sometimes that Zach can be super funny.

Nothing else to report really...just obsessing over Adam really. I do that. :)

I mean look how cute! And no that is not why I love him go back and listen to his songs! Seriously...I so want you guys to hear him.